Important Astrological Events In October 2020

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Unlike September, when all 9 planets changed their positions which led to a sense of “turbulence”, October promises stability, rationalism, and diplomacy. In this article, I will share with you some of the most important astrological events in October 2020, and give a detailed description of the transits of the planets and recommendations for a harmonious life.

Astrological Events In October 2020

Mercury Retrograde (October 17th – November 4th)

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Mercury will move retrograde, which will affect the areas that this planet is responsible for.

Mercury is responsible for intellectual abilities, communication, receiving and assimilating information, family and business connections, trade relations. Accordingly, we expect a decrease in activity in these areas during the Mercury retrograde period.

Recommendations for this period:

  • focus on completing existing projects;
  • clean your desktop, throw out all unnecessary papers;
  • calm your mind, meditate;
  • restore lost connections and contacts, both in your personal life and in business;
  • do not give up meetings with old friends and acquaintances — these meetings may be important for you in the future;
  • take all the obstacles that arise calmly, without unnecessary disappointments;
  • be prepared for the fact that the number of customers may decrease – don’t stress out about it;
  • think about future plans and start implementing them on November 5th.

During this period, it is NOT recommended:

  • actively conduct business and trade;
  • participate in important negotiations;
  • sign contracts and agreements;
  • arrange a wedding;
  • buying or selling real estate;
  • change jobs;
  • take long trips.

Sun Transit in Libra (October 17th – November 16th)

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Sun in Libra is its weakest position. Libra is a sign of finding compromises and establishing relationships. When Sun transits in Libra, it appears in an unusual and odd position. It can be compared with a king who has to deal with negotiations and establishing relationships. It’s harmful to his (Sun’s/King’s) pride and ego. This is how Sun (king) feels in Libra.

Furthermore, Libra does not like power and superiors. For all those in power, this transit period is going to be difficult.

The weakness of the Sun can manifest itself in uncertainty, lack of enthusiasm, and unwillingness to take responsibility.

People may be dealing with a weakening of the immune system, sadness, and even depression.

To make the Sun stronger, make sure you keep your promises, be punctual, take responsibility, act with enthusiasm, and for the benefit of all.

The Sun in Libra is a great position to get rid of pride and ego. The main lesson we need to learn during this period is humility.

This transit may reduce the tension in relationships caused by selfishness and ambition. This is a good time to find compromises and negotiate. Also, try to spend time more relaxing in beautiful places. It’s good to engage in creativity and art.

Recommendations for this period:

  • create partnerships;
  • invest in friendships, make new acquaintances;
  • communicate with other people;
  • network;
  • be more compassionate, kind, and empathic sensitivity;
  • choose a balanced lifestyle;
  • set personal boundaries.

During this period, it is NOT recommended:

  • tough aggressive actions;
  • the desire to win at any cost, “go over the heads”, do not take into account the opinion of another person, especially when it comes to personal life;
  • manipulate, suppress, and use other people’s resources for your own benefit.

Venus Transit In Virgo (October 23rd – November 17th)

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Virgo is a sign of reason and logic. Venus in Virgo means bringing logic and reason to the affairs of love and creativity. This is a good time to take a good look and analyze your relationship, to bring clarity and order into it. But bright feelings, passion, spontaneity may fade. The same applies to art and creativity.


  • don’t be too serious;
  • be more spontaneous and flexible;
  • enjoy life.

Mars Transit In Pisces (October 4 – November 14)

Planet Mars Image

Mars in its retrograde motion will move from its own sign Aries to Pisces on October 4th. On November 14th, Mars will stop its retrograde motion. Then it will move to its own sign Aries on December 24th. So, Mars will remain in transition in this sign for 81 days.

Mars in Pisces is a friendly, strong position. It gives you enough energy and strength. But this energy may not be effectively directed. You may lack practicality, may not be engaged in the most important things.

Since Mars is retrograde, your results may not be the best.

Mars in Pisces is a peaceful position. However, because of its retrograde motion, there may be more wrong actions, anger, resentment, and destruction.


In this article, I’ve covered the most important astrological events in October 2020. During this month, keep in mind that it is good to use diplomacy, meet new people, maintain old connections, and be aware of the fact that we all live in a society where communication comes to the fore. At the same time, you need to be able to correctly set personal boundaries with people, this will keep the relationship more balanced.

There may be misunderstandings and misrepresentations in the field of communication. Try to double-check all documents and contracts before signing.

There can also be difficulties and delays in the area of finance, so it’s better not to bet on the financial field this month.

October 2020 is a good month for focusing on spiritual development. Sun and Venus will bring us important life lessons. At the same time, the planets responsible for spiritual development – Saturn and Jupiter – are pretty strong. Use this time to improve yourself, become a kinder person, spread unconditional love, and develop compassion towards others.