Pineal Gland Activation: Opening Your Vision to The Spiritual World

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The pineal gland is a small, pine cone-shaped gland located in the brain. In human beings, it is so tiny, almost the size of a rice grain. The pineal gland plays a key role in regulating a healthy sleep pattern. It is also instrumental in the quality of decision-making and perception skills. Pineal gland activation is key if you are looking for optimal psychological function. Besides, the pineal gland can enhance spiritual awareness, wisdom, and perception growth if open and well-functioning.

Why Is the Pineal Gland Spiritually Called The “Third Eye Chakra?”

There are still many mysteries that surround the functioning of the pineal glands. One of the reasons it is called the third eye is its location deep in the brain. It plays a vital role in melatonin secretion and regulating the circadian system. For this reason, it significantly impacts the quality and quantity of sleep you get every night. That is about it in the anatomical world. 

In the spiritual world, the pineal gland is believed to be the bridge between the physical and spiritual worlds. The pineal gland, aka the third eye chakra, is the sixth chakra in the human body. 

It plays a crucial role in the following:

Why Does It Need to Be Open at All Times?

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 The pineal gland is linked to the following functions: 

  • Brain clarity and concentration;
  • Imagination and creativity;
  • Spiritual perception and intuition;
  • Universal connection.

This is a gland of supreme universal connection. In short, if you want to take your spiritual consciousness and awareness to the next level, your pineal gland must be optimally open through pineal gland activation. It would be best if you also cleared your energy to take your perception and universal connection to the next level.

Unblocking the pineal gland is like opening the getaway to your more profound spiritual being.

A blocked third eye is a source of many problems, such as:

  • confusion;
  • uncertainty in your goals and life steps;
  • cynicism;
  • lack of drive and purpose;
  • pessimism.

Your physical eye sees the natural world. However, if you want to open your vision to the spiritual world, your third eye chakra has to be activated.

Practical Ways to Achieve Pineal Gland Activation 

To achieve pineal gland activation, you need to work on opening, balancing, and aligning all seven main chakras. You have to work everything out to ensure the third eye chakra is optimally functioning. However, if you want to establish a solid ground to take your mental health and spirituality to the next level, you can focus on your pineal gland activation.

Here are some ways to activate the pineal gland:

#1: Use essential oils

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Essential oils should be on top of your list if you want to heal or activate your pineal gland. Many essential oils can help you lay solid grounds for spiritual awareness. 

Consider the following essential oils in your healing journey:

  • lemon;
  • sandalwood; 
  • jasmine. 

Mix the essential oil of your choice with a carrier oil. You can then massage the oil directly over your third eye area, which is located parallel to the center of the eyebrows. You could also use these oils in your routine aromatherapy. 

#2: Meditate and chant

The vibrational frequencies and the intention of meditating are sure ways to activate your pineal gland. Visualize a healthy pineal gland, free from any blocks involved with it. You can accompany your meditation with chanting. 

Chanting typically vibrates the nose bone, which directly connects to the pineal gland. The resonation will help stimulate the third eye chakra. Besides, you can build your feelings of gratitude by meditating and chanting

The third eye chakra vibrates at a frequency of 852 Hz. Listening to meditation music on this frequency can help make you more open-minded to view your mind and the world from a different perspective.

#3: Use crystals

All crystals come with strong healing powers and energies. You need to identify the one that promotes pineal gland activation. Gurus of chakra activation recommend using crystals in shades of purple, indigo, and violet. The colors in this palette are intentional in wakening and nurturing your third eye’s functionality. 

You can try the following crystals and gemstones for better third-eye chakra activation:

  • Purple sapphire;
  • Rhodonite;
  • Amethyst; 
  • Sodalite;
  • Purple violet tourmaline.

Use these crystals during your meditation. You can hold them in your palm or position them above the pineal ground. 

#4: Sun gazing

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Sun gazing entails gazing at the sun during dawn and dusk. This form of meditation is known to improve spiritual awareness, connection, and mental clarity and boost energy levels. Remember that the sun possesses extraordinary powers. Gazing at it for a few minutes at dawn and dusk will boost the functioning of your pineal gland. 

Just be careful while at it; follow all the safety precautions to keep your physical eyes safe because you want to open your third eye but keep your two physical eyes healthy.

#5: Supplement your diet

You can take several dietary supplements and foods to open and detoxify your pineal gland. 

We recommend the following additions to your daily diet:

  • honey; 
  • raw cacao;
  • star anise; 
  • coconut oil;
  • Lemon;
  • Goji berries; 
  • Ginseng;
  • Cilantro; 
  • Vitamin D3. 

These are great supplements that will help detoxify your pineal gland. Just find ways to incorporate them into your meals. 

#6: Use pineal gland decalcifiers

The following plants will help you to decalcify your pineal gland and stimulate its activation:

  • Gotu Kola
  • Algae
  • Moringa
  • Mucuna
  • Reishi
  • Blue Lotus
  • Ginkgo
  • Chaga
  • Noni
  • Turmeric
  • Aloe
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How Do You Know if Your Pineal Gland is Open? 

You have to understand that there is no specific time on how long it will take to activate your pineal gland. Just be sure to enjoy the practice and invest your all. It may take days and months, but you will eventually get there with yoga, meditation, deep breathing, and good dietary practices. Do not rush or force anything.

One way to know that your third eye chakra is getting activated is a precise instance of spiritual communication. These may include: 

There will be clear guidance and visions once you activate your pineal gland. Just aim to live by what the visions of the spiritual world communicate to you in each moment.