Third Eye Opening Symptoms Everyone Should Know

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Usually, opening the Third Eye requires a lot of effort and practice. But sometimes its opening happens spontaneously and people may not even know that what they are experiencing is actually Third Eye opening symptoms. In this article, I want to share with you the most common Third Eye opening symptoms. Watch yourself and see if you experience any of them!

What Is the Third Eye?

According to some occult schools, the Third Eye is located inside the skull and has an egg shape. Sometimes it is described as a “Cosmic Egg” and equated to the source of all creation.

It is believed that the Third Eye activation awakens a huge force that can not only transfer you from one world to another but also create your own.

In the Hindu tradition, the Third Eye is the sixth primary chakra or energy center in the body, often referred to as the “gate of the soul”. When the Third Eye is activated, a person’s perception of other realms is enhanced and they are able to receive tremendous knowledge and wisdom.

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The Third Eye provides an opportunity to telepathically communication, see spirits and even receive messages directly from other beings. Unsurprisingly, people with an open the Third Eye are known in some cultures as “prophets”.

Helena Blavatsky, the author of the book “The Secret Doctrine” and the founder of modern theosophy, anatomically correlates the Third Eye and the pineal gland in the brain. According to the Secret Doctrine of Blavatsky, back in the days, all people had an active Third Eye, but over time, it atrophied and decreased. What’s left of it is now known as the pineal gland.

However, according to adherents of the Eastern teachings, the Third Eye can be activated. For a long time, the truth about the opening of the Third Eye was hidden, it was one of the elements of mysticism. However, over time, more and more people became interested in this topic and today the Third Eye is being studied at the academic level, not to mention the experiments in secret laboratories.

To learn more about how to activate your Third Eye read my article “Best Techniques For Your Third Eye Chakra Activation”.

Third Eye Opening Symptoms

There are different kinds of symptoms you may experience when your Third Eye is opening. You may experience them mentally or/and physically. I combined these symptoms in different groups for your convenience.

Mental Symptoms

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  • You have vivid dreams that you remember in detail. When having these dreams you realize in your dream that you’re dreaming.
  • Your creativity is expanding and emphatic and cognitive abilities are growing.
  • Orientation in any, even unfamiliar space increases several times even when your eyes are closed.
  • You can predict certain events happening to you or other people.
  • Your intuition increases and your inner voice never fails.
  • You have the ability to tell what the other person is currently thinking.
  • You can see people’s auras and their colors.

Physical Symptoms

Anyone who is working on their Third Eye activation should be aware that this is a very responsible activity, creating certain stress on your body. Therefore, after some intense exercise, you may feel a change in your physical condition. This may cause discomfort, but it indicates the Third Eye opening.

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It is usually concentrated in the anterior area of the forehead and is characterized by heaviness, increased pressure in the Third eye area. Unpleasant sensations of this kind are associated with the activity of the pineal gland, which can be initially completely atrophied, and in this case, even severe migraines may happen. After headaches, as a rule, a person is disturbed by pulsation and tingling in the forehead area.

Slight dizziness and hallucinations

These changes indicate a change in brain waves, switching to alpha frequencies instead of the usual beta frequencies. It turns out that during the day a person is in a light state of trance.

Burning between the eyebrows

In India, this symptom is considered to be the most important and indicative of the obvious Third Eye opening. To cool your Third Eye you can use sandalwood paste or any oil or cream against burns.

Goosebumps on your forehead, accompanied by the appearance of cracking sounds that emanate from the head

Increased activity of lateral vision and bright flashes under the eyelids after closing the eyes

Itching and heaviness in the palms

Depending on the process of the Third Eye opening, the feelings and symptoms may vary and depend on the degree of its activity. Very severe headaches, for example, may be complemented by a runny nose. But it can be quite dangerous when the Third Eye opening happens suddenly and causes sharp physical changes and trigger anxiety, panic, and even depression.

Usually, such symptoms indicate the hyperactivity of the Third Eye. This means that it dominates over other energy centers (chakras). In this case, it’s best to temporarily stop your Third Eye activation exercises and focus on its balancing techniques.

You should also keep in mind that the symptoms of the blocked Third Eye largely coincide with the above symptoms. This may include chronic runny nose, headaches, constant fatigue, low concentration, phobias, and panic attacks. Given this similarity, try to listen carefully to your body before and after the Third eye activation exercises.

4 Stages of Third Eye Opening

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The visions that people with an open Third Eye see may be different. Moreover, the character of the visions you have indicates the stage of your Third Eye opening at the moment.

Stage 1

The first stage is characterized by light reflections in the Third Eye area. You start seeing things in unusual lighting and with a strange color palette. Sometimes your visions can resemble hallucinations, i.e. dreams in a state of wakefulness.

This is the very first stage of the gradual functioning of the Third Eye. As for ordinary dreams, they become more logical and meaningful.

Stage 2

The second stage can be achieved only after overcoming one’s experiences of the first stage. On this stage, strange objects in your visions become more recognizable: you see known things from a different angle. There are still not quite clear, but dynamic visions.

The advantage of working with the Third Eye on this stage is that visions always give answers to the questions posed and arise at will. However, they very rarely belong to a future time; as a rule, they show the recent past or present.

Stage 3

The third stage is characterized by sharp, clear, bright and colorful visions, very close to real physical vision. But this can happen only after you experience a feeling of a flickering fire in your forehead area. This allows the image not to disappear immediately, but to gradually burn out within a minute.

At this stage, your visions appear quite suddenly and they are shine and sparkle. This is the time when you may experience very strong feelings of shock and want to jump out of your skin. It is necessary to learn how to manage these feelings and use them to prolong your visions.

Stage 4

This is the Master level that is characterized by limitless possibilities of the third eye. Visions become tangible and contain sound, taste, and aroma. Now you can clearly see the events of the future in your visions.

As a rule, only yogis, who knew all their physiological processes at the expense of internal vision, could manage to reach this level. In addition, this stage is characterized by the flight of the astral body to any point of the earth or even the Universe.


Each person is unique as well as his/her spiritual experiences. Therefore, the Third Eye opening symptoms can vary depending on a person and his/her spiritual path. Individual symptoms can be as strongly expressed as barely noticeable. Even if you don’t notice any changes this doesn’t mean that your Third Eye chakra is not opening. Keep practicing and exercising and eventually, you’ll see the result.