Time to Utilize Crystal Bed Therapy To Enhance Your Wellbeing

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For several years now people have harnessed the energy contained in crystals; I included. This energy brings about some form of healing in me; mentally, spiritually, and physically. In modern-day practices, crystal bed therapy presents an exciting application of crystals. The practice is increasing in popularity among the masses especially in the West. So, let’s get to understand what it entails and most importantly, its benefits.

What Exactly Is Crystal Bed Therapy?

Crystal Bed Therapy is an energy healing session. It utilizes sound therapy, crystal healing, and color therapy wholly for the wellbeing of the participant. In addition, the therapy is a meditative cleansing session that impacts a variety of senses. It works to unravel the depths of the realm that is the mind.

The crystals used are highly polished and very clear Vogel-cut quartz crystals. They are scalar energy generators. The therapist will request you to lie on the crystal therapy bed. But don’t go wild with imagination. The bed is primarily a comfy massage bed.

In a professional setting, the bed has vibrations with varying frequencies that emanate from frequency generators at the bottom of the bed. The cells vibrate apart into a molecular state allowing them to receive the scalar energy from the Vogel crystals. This is usually my favorite part. I love the gentle tremors massaging my body simultaneously. The effect of this is that the cells can repair and regenerate.

The Process in Detail

The session lasts between 30 minutes to one hour thirty minutes. During the therapy session, I lie on my back with the head facing up. Usually, I do this with my clothes on, but the clothes have to be comfortable, lightly colored, or white. She then uses a soft pillow to cover my eyes.

The therapist then loads a set of jams and asks you to select the music that you want to listen to as you receive the treatment. The headsets provided have binaural beats, and each side of the headphone has a slightly different frequency. All this is intentional. The aim is to create different effects on your brain (waves). As research has shown, binaural beats have an effect of accelerating the body’s healing process.

On the other hand, she suspends the crystals above me as I lie on the massage bed. And then holds the Vogel crystals in the middle to avoid interrupting the energy flow above and below. Ideally, the professional uses seven Vogel with each aligned with one of the seven chakras (energy centers) of the body. Note that the crystals are cut to vibrate at specific frequencies.

You’ll also notice colored lights chosen to match the unique frequencies of the chakras. The colored lights radiate light and energy through the crystals. With the application of various frequency settings, the lights shine on and off. The whole light affair helps to realign, balance, and cleanse your energies.

Light therapy and magnetic therapy come together to create scalar energy. The scalar power goes through the Vogel crystals allowing the diseased vibrations of the body to go back inline. As a result, the body can get back to optimal health.

The Science behind Crystal Bed Therapy

The therapy aims at to help you release old patterns, frequencies, and programs that no longer serve your body. The manifestation of old models is in the form of diseases, negative thoughts, negative emotions and physical ailments which am sure at some point in life every person experiences.

I have realized that the issues that we have in life at times hinder the natural flow of energy in our bodies. These challenges may be spiritual, emotional, mental, or physical. They have a significant effect on our functionality as humans primarily by blocking the flow of energy.

Through Crystal Bed Therapy I am able to unblock the energy levels which constitute the body’s energy fields. By directing the crystal lights to the chakras, the bio-energy connects to the illumination. It then pulses through the crystals and ultimately clears the energy fields. In this way, the chakras open up and allow for the optimal flow of energy.

Who Can Undergo The Crystal Bed Therapy?

The therapy is open to all. People of all ages, religions, and races. In some instances, even pets. The treatment is incredible for people going through hardships in life, be it emotional, physical or spiritual. However, you don’t have to be experiencing difficulties to get the benefits of the Crystal Bed Therapy. The therapy is an excellent way to re-energize and get a clear head. I use it all the time whenever I feel exhausted or when my body just needs a soothing massage.

Benefits of Crystal Bed Therapy

Unbalanced chakras are responsible for a variety of conditions. The therapy can clear the body’s energy fields as well as allowing for optimal energy flow. As such, it has many benefits.

  • Due to the therapy’s unique enhancement of natural energy flow, it enables excellent, natural healing for patients with orthopedic injuries.
  • The therapy helps release anxiety, depression, and mental afflictions.
  • It promotes improved moods and increased energy levels.
  • The therapy enhances your spiritual awareness.
  • It helps alleviate insomnia and promotes sound sleep.
  • The therapy enhances your clarity of senses which occurs in smelling, touching, hearing, seeing, and tasting.
  • It promotes elevated intuition.
  • The therapy provides relief from addictions as well as burdens which are self-imposed.
  • It works to train you on healthy habits including diet.
  • By experiencing calmness throughout the session, you enjoy mental clarity.
  • It plays a role in DNA and energy healing.
  • Your emotional and hormonal balance is also enhanced.
  • It helps to enhance self-love and love for others.
  • Last but not least, it clears the blocked energy fields. As a result, there is optimal energy flow within your body.

How Often Should One Take Part In Crystal Bed Therapy?

For best results, especially for long-term benefits, once every four to six weeks is advisable.

For sensitive people, especially those who quickly get thrown off their paths, twice a month is a good idea.

Naturally, just like a vehicle requires regular maintenance, you need to clear your energy fields for optimal energy flow. Created by John of God – from Brazil, the therapy has immense potential to facilitate healing on all realms that constitute humans.

In Conclusion

The crystal bed therapy is a handy and invaluable tool for spiritual, physical, and emotional well-being. There are no limits to the number of treatment sessions you can have. And also, this treatment has no side-effects. Book your session today.