Is It Necessary To Receive Your Reiki Attunement From A Reiki Master?

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Everyone who’s interested in energy healing sooner or later starts thinking about receiving their Reiki Attunement – the initiation into Reiki System. There are many different opinions about if we can practice Reiki without an Attunement since we are all connected with the Universal energy Source, or not; if it’s necessary to receive the attunement from a Reiki Master or can we receive self-initiation from our Higher Self into Reiki system. Also, some people are not even sure what a Reiki Attunement is. In this article, I’ll try to explain the meaning and the purpose of the Reiki Attunement. After reading the article, you’ll be able to make your own decision on if you need the attunement or not.

So What Is the Reiki Attunement?

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Introduction to the Reiki System always starts with the Reiki Attunement. A student receives the attunement from a Reiki Master Teacher. The Attunement is the initiation into spiritual tradition. This is an ancient way of transferring energy and sacred knowledge from one person to another, which cannot be transferred by means of words.

During the initiation, the reiki student goes through a process of adjustment. The result of this is the raising of his entire energy system to a higher vibration level. After the Reiki Attunement, a person acquires not only the theoretical and practical knowledge transferred to him by the Master-Teacher, but also he acquires his inner knowledge and revealing of his own potential in energy management. This internal knowledge over time takes the form of the practitioner’s special abilities, not only in the field of healing but also in the creation of his or her own reality.

Usually, when people say “the Reiki Attunement” they mean the ceremony of the initiation into the Reiki System. However, the Attunement is carried out by the Universal Energy in response to the intention of the Reiki Master, according to a certain methodology. That is, the transfer of internal knowledge and the revealing of internal capacity is carried out directly by Reiki.
The Reiki Attunement is a great mystery, during which there is a complete transformation of the student’s energy body. As a result, the student creates a deeper and stronger contact with his Higher Self. The Attunement, in fact, is a direct flow of divine (Universal) Energy pouring out upon man.

Misunderstanding Of The Reiki Attunement

Many people, even those ones who practice Reiki for years, have a misleading understanding of what the Reiki Attunement is. The most common belief is that the Reiki Attunement opens up energy channels and connects a person with energy Source. But it is very important to understand that the Attunement does not open and does not form any energy channels, as well as it does not connect a person to any kind of energy source.

The Reiki Attunement reveals the energy potential, establishes a direct connection between a person and the Primary source of Reiki. Thus, people who have received the initiation, become themselves a source of Reiki. Therefore, it is important to realize that a Reiki practitioner is not a conductor of divine Energy, but its source himself!

The main goal of Reiki practice is to be a pure source of divine energy. The healing process is possible only when the practitioner realizes his unity and integrity with Reiki.

The Reiki Attunement Ceremony

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This Ceremony can be compared to a spiritual awakening. The initiation itself does not implement anything in man, but only reveals the inner potential, develops and enhances abilities inherent in each human being from birth.

During initiation, each student receives only what he/she needs, what he/she is ready for. So the sensations during the Attunement can be different. Some people feel the flow of energy, others feel the presence of the guardian angels, for some, the process of initiation is accompanied by visions, dizziness, feeling of loss of sense of reality, and some people simply don’t feel anything. Sensations during the attunement reflect only the level of development and openness of a particular student. Any comparison of sensations is incorrect since the process of accepting the initiation is very individual.

Daily Reiki Practice

The Attunement is a fundamental element of Reiki, however, by itself, without other components, it is useless. We can draw a parallel between the setting of a musical instrument and the Reiki Attunement. A musical instrument itself is useless if the person doesn’t know how to play it. In order to learn how to play, you need constant practice. The same is so in Reiki – in order to get any result, to see miracles and to develop special abilities, it’s necessary to practice Reiki every day.

After the Attunement, the energy must be integrated into all energy bodies. This process takes time. The less pure your thoughts and intentions are, the more energy blocks you have, the longer the period of time must pass from the first-degree initiation to the second one. Otherwise, the healing cleansing caused by the initiation may be incomplete due to the overlap of different crisis stages at different levels from the initiations of different degrees.

What Is The Healing Cleansing?

The healing cleansing is the process of your energy bodies cleansing. This process always happens, but every person can feel it in different ways. Cleansing can take place physically, emotionally and mentally.

Physical body cleansing is a type of the healing cleansing in which a person’s physical condition can temporarily get worse. It often happens that right after the Attunement people get sick. Most often, in the course of this cleansing, the immunity of the person decreases, there is an exacerbation of chronic diseases. The fact is that the human body is overloaded with toxins accumulated over the years, from which the body is urgently eliminating as a result of the Attunement.

Emotional cleansing is a type of the healing cleansing that provokes the emergence of various conflicts around the person. This is a result of his increased emotionality during this time.

Mental cleansing is a type of the healing cleansing which is manifested in the form of an ongoing stream of thoughts or in the form of unpleasant dreams and nightmares. During this kind of the healing cleansing, our thoughts, negative attitudes and beliefs are getting purified.

How To Facilitate The Manifestation Of The Healing Cleansing?

1. Reiki itself can help you with this

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Invite Reiki with the intention to mitigate, as much as possible, the symptoms of your healing cleansing.

Place your hands on the part of the body that bothers you the most, or leave your hands in the gassho position. Relax and let the Energy work with you.

In 15 minutes, tell your gratitude to Reiki and your Higher Self for the healing.

2. Drinking water will help you to detox your body faster

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In order to help your bodies detox, it is necessary to drink clean water as often as possible with small sips (preferably every 5 minutes).

You can also charge the water with Reiki to raise its vibrations. To do this, invite Reiki, hold your hands over the water (5 minutes) and charge it with positive intentions, such as:
“This water cleanses me from negative thoughts, negative energies, and negative attitudes. It charges me with the energy of love, light, happiness, joy, health, and harmony! I’m in harmony! I am happy!”

3. Praying will help you to adjust to the new vibrations

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In order to quickly adjust to the new vibrations caused by the Reiki Attunement, you should make praying your daily practice! You can read the following prayer during your Reiki sessions and every morning immediately after waking up:

“I tune myself with new high-frequency vibrations of Love, Joy, Unity, and Strength!

I call in my heart and in my life new high-frequency vibrations of the Universe and accept these vibrations in my life with love and joy!

With this appeal, I affirm my intention to advance, self-development and self-improvement!

From now on, every cell of my body is open to the Light of high-frequency vibrations of the Universe!

From now on, every particle of me is filled with Light and vibrations of pure love and transformation!

I accept all changes in myself with gratitude, trust, and love!»

The Bottom Line

The desire of individual students to go as quickly as possible from the first Reiki degree to the second and up, are usually dictated by their ego. It always turns into unexpected and very uncomfortable consequences. The process of healing cleansing in such cases is is set to turbo mode, and the energy of initiation becomes so powerful that it becomes unacceptable for unprepared bodies and levels of consciousness of the student. The results of such haste are always unpredictable and negative.

Don’t take the Reiki Attunement as some kind of “show”. Try to get rid of the expectation of some “miracle”. Only by letting your ego go will you be able to accept the Attunement in a proper way. Eventually, it will lead you to spiritual transformation and the revealing of internal potential.