These 5 Feng Shui Mistakes Can Ruin Your Life!

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The most common question people ask Feng Shui masters is – how to choose a perfect house according to Feng Shui? Are there any general guidelines? The thing is there are no perfect houses according to Feng Shui. Every house has its pros and cons. Feng Shui is an individual setting for a particular person. It takes into account your horoscope, Kua number, your desires, and your goals.

However, there are general rules that you should consider when choosing a house. Unfortunately, most architects don’t know anything about Feng Shui and energy laws. That’s why most houses have Feng Shui mistakes and energy leakages.

In this article, I want to share with you the most dangerous Feng Shui mistakes that can actually ruin your life. I believe this article will be helpful not only for those of you who are in a process of choosing what house to buy or rent but also for everyone who’s interested in fixing the Feng Shui mistakes in the houses they already live in. That’s why I’m going to share with you, not just the most common Feng Shui mistakes but also effective methods of fixing (healing) them.

All the Feng Shui mistakes I’m going to talk about referring to the Bagua map of your house. If you are not familiar with this term make sure to read my previous articles:

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Feng Shui Mistake #1: Kitchen in the Northwest sector

Take a look at the Bagua map of your house – is the kitchen in the Northwest sector? If so your house has one of the most dangerous Feng Shui mistakes.

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The Element of the Northwest is Metal. The main element in the kitchen is Fire. If your kitchen is located in the Northwest of your house there are two conflicting elements – Fire melts Metal.

The Northwest sector is linked to masculine energy, so the kitchen in this sector can lead to particularly serious problems for the man that lives in such a house. It’s very common that women always stay alone in houses like this.  And it can be both: single women without prospects of marriage, and married women whose husbands are away from home frequently, often on business trips, and so on.

A house with a kitchen in the Northwest sector brings lots of problems to the man, the head of the family. This sector is directly related to the man as the head of the family and the earner of money.

A kitchen in the Northwest often causes problems like difficulties in work, delays in career, failures in business – up to bankruptcy. It can also bring health problems, injuries, feeling weak, unwillingness to do anything.

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A Northwest kitchen leads to quarrels, divorce, difficulties in the relationship. If a woman is not married yet, then living in a house with such a kitchen, will make it almost impossible for her to get married.


1. Completely remove the red color from the kitchen (any red items of interior design, red dishes, red carpets, etc.).

2. Decorate your kitchen in the colors of the Earth element: sand color, dark brown, ochre. Ideally would be to combine Earth colors with metal colors: silver, gold, white.

3. Hang wind chimes with 6 tubes in your kitchen.

4. Put 6 crystal balls in your kitchen.

5. Hang a picture of a horse on the wall of your kitchen.

Feng Shui Mistake #2 – Bathroom in the Northwest sector

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As I already said the element of Northwest is Metal. In the bathroom‘s dominant element is water. Now ask yourself: how does Water affect Metal? That’s right – water covers metal with rust! That can’t be good for Feng Shui of your house, right? In addition, the drains in the bathroom are the place through which the energy leaves the house.

This situation has a tangible impact on a man – he has no energy, no power, it’s hard for him to support his family and express his masculinity. If a man is inherently weak, he will continue to live in such a house, staying on the sidelines. But if his nature is strong, he will leave this house sooner or later.


1. Do not allow blockages of sewage.

2. Keep your bathroom perfectly clean.

3. Be sure to always keep the lid of the toilet closed.

4. Tie all the pipes in the bathroom with red ribbons or draw a red stripe on them (with nail polish, for example).

Feng Shui Mistake #3 – Northwest is missing

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The absence of this sector does not allow masculine energy to be realized. This means that it is difficult for a man to be realized in this house as the head of the family. It is difficult for a man to stay in such a house because the very shape of the house deprives him of strength. In addition, the house with the missing Northwest gives a feeling of lack of help and support from others.

Another disadvantage of the Northwest absence is that it affects the relationship between husband and wife. It is difficult for a man to realize his potential, and a woman experiences loneliness.

In addition, the absence of the Northwest can adversely affect the health of any person living in the house. People can have diseases associated with the head (especially vulnerable are people with Kua number 6).


1. Hang a picture of the moon and Shri Yantra behind the wall bordering the missing Northwest sector (this tip I learned from Vastu).

2. Activate this sector in the living room. To do this, find the Northwestern corner of your living room according to the Bagua map. And put there as many metal items as you can. Place Kwan Kung and Ganesh statues there.

Error 4 – Bathroom in the Southwest sector

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The Southwest bathroom weakens the hostess of the house, disconnects her from the partner and family. According to statistics, a very large percentage of single women have a Southwest toilet.

It’s also bad for businessmen because it leads to an inability to establish good partnerships. And if a businesswoman has such a bathroom the problem doubles. However, if a woman craves solitude, this is an option for them.


1. Do not allow blockages of sewage.

2. Keep your bathroom perfectly clean.

3. Be sure to always keep the lid of the toilet closed.

4. Tie all the pipes in the bathroom with red ribbons or draw a red stripe on them (with nail polish, for example).

Feng Shui Mistake #5 – Absence of the Southwest


Leads to the weakening of the hostess of the house. She doesn’t want to come home after work, she prefers to stay late at work. A house with Southwest missing leads to family breakage and ruins the bond of the marriage. It can also lead to diseases of the female reproductive system, neuroses, obsessions, psychological problems, skin diseases, abdominal diseases, dissatisfaction, and dishonesty.

 diseases of the female reproductive system image

The absence of the Southwest sector is especially dangerous for mothers, women after 40 years of age, and people of any gender with Kua number 2.


Activate the Southwest sector in your living room. To do this, determine the Southwestern sector of your living room according to the Bagua map. Put there 2 rose quartz crystals, a Green Tara statue, a Double Happiness symbol, Mandarin ducks statue.

The Bottom Line

As you can see the most dangerous Feng Shui mistakes link to two sectors: Northwest and Southwest. And this has a very logical explanation. The thing is that everything in the world is created by two types of energy – masculine and feminine. In order to provide a happy and abundant life, your house should have both of these energies. The masculine energy of your house is located in the Northwest of your house, and feminine – in the Southwest. If you miss one of these energies you missing the whole concept of the creation process. This is how your house becomes unbalanced.

That’s why our main focus should always be on the feminine and masculine aspects of the house and how to bring them into our homes if they’re missing. I hope these simple recommendations on how to invite and heal these aspects will help you turn your house into a temple that radiates abundance, harmony, and love.