Basic Feng Shui Activation For Attracting Cosmic Abundance

Basic Feng Shui Activation image

Feng Shui and abundance are synonymous words. When you bring Feng Shui into your home, it begins to emit vibrations that attract abundance. Accordingly, your life begins to change – your mood improves, the tone of life increases and your consciousness is adjusted to a positive wave. Thus, your home and yourself enter into resonance with the Universe and, thus, direct contact between your home and Cosmic abundance is established.

Today I want to share with you a basic Feng Shui activation that will help you to attract cosmic abundance into your house. It is very simple yet powerful!

Start With The Bagua

First of all, create a Bagua map of your house. For doing the basic Feng Shui activation you need to know the compass directions of all the rooms in your house. If you’ve never heard about Feng Shui Bagua, read my previous articles:

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Basic Feng Shui Activation

This Basic Feng Shui activation is based on the Lo Shu square and Bagua. For performing this activation simply say your intention to activate Cosmic Abundance energy in your house and then do the following:

Place one mini-fountain in the Northern sector of your house.

Place a couple of crystal Mandarin Ducks or two Pink Quartz hearts in the Southwest of your house.

Put three plants in the Eastern sector of your house.

Place four plants in the Southeast of your house.

Put five crystals in the Center of your house.

Place metal wind chimes with six tubes in the Northwest of your house.

Put seven coins in the Western sector of your house.

Place eight crystals in the Northeast of your house.

Place nine red candles in the Southern sector of your house.

What Happens After You Do the Basic Feng Shui Activation?

This activation helps you to make energy move more harmoniously and smoothly in your house. All 9 sectors in your house are activated and radiate the energy of all 5 elements. It means that all 9 aspects of abundance are activated in your house. And now vibrations of your house resonate with vibrations of the Universe. It is much easier now for your house to receive cosmic abundance and fill up your life with happiness and joy!