11 Powerful Crystals For Abundance And Wealth

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What is the first thing you think when you hear “abundance?” Money? Successful business? Love? A large circle of friends? A big and happy family? Yes, everyone has his/her own understanding of abundance. But its essential meaning is that you are solidly happy with who you are and no external event or situation – whether good or bad – can add or subtract from that happiness. Crystals for abundance serve as a powerful source of positive energy, which attracts abundance. By using these crystals you become more connected with true abundance energy that comes from insight. And this inner abundance will attract all the material benefits you desire to have in your life: wealth, love, relationship, success, etc.

Crystals For Abundance And Wealth

There are many crystals that have the ability to attract abundance. The thing is that in the process of crystallization (birth of the crystal) crystals absorb a lot of energy. Subsequently, people can use this powerful energy for their own good as amulets and talismans. In this article, we will share with you the most powerful crystals for abundance and wealth that can help you to reach the state of inner abundance, unconditional happiness, and attract whatever material benefits you want!

#1 Chrysoprase

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While charging its owner with the energy of abundance, this powerful stone attracts financial well-being and success. Chrysoprase gives confidence and eloquence to its owner.

This crystal is considered to be the most powerful talisman for business people. A ring with chrysoprase, worn on the ring finger, will help a person to successfully complete business negotiations.

#2 Chrysolite

chrysolite crystal image

This is the second most powerful stone that in addition to inner abundance can bring good luck and wealth to its owner. If you are disappointed in your life, have doubts about your abilities and beliefs, lost your confidence and luck, then you need to get this beautiful stone. It is believed that chrysolite is able to help its owner to start life from scratch.

A ring with this chrysolite worn on the index finger of the left hand will help to attract financial success.

#3 Chrysoberyl

Chrysoberyl image

This beautiful crystal has the ability to cope with the most protracted and complex financial problems. First, it helps to reduce financial losses and eventually eliminates them completely.

A person who wears a ring with chrysoberyl on the middle finger of the right hand becomes more cautious in financial matters, wise and economical. Carrying this crystal in a bag or a pocket activates financial flow. Wearing a pendant with chrysoberyl gives wisdom in making decisions related to material well-being.

#4 Topaz

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Only a person with profound strength and leadership ability would be able to handle the energy of this powerful crystal. The magic of Topaz is based on the strengthening of intuition, which will help to anticipate the moves of competitors and business partners and turn events in your favor.

A gold ring with Topaz, worn on the ring finger of the right hand, will help to expand personal influence on your business partners. It’s best to wear Topaz jewelry on Thursday and Saturday since during these days it has the biggest power.

#5 Carnelian

Carnelian image

The vitality and warm energy of this stone is especially favorable for creative people. It has the ability to unlock the inner potential of its owner. Being close to a person, carnelian gives him/her the strength to pass the most difficult life challenges. This crystal stabilizes cash flows and increases their reliability.

Also, carnelian pushes away from the environment of its owner untrustworthy people, attracting responsible and honest business partners. Carnelian has the strongest influence if you wear it as a ring.

To enhance the effect of this crystal, it is recommended to wear several rings: one – on the middle finger of the left hand, the other – on the ring finger of the right hand. The power of carnelian depends on the season. In winter, it is powerless, but in March and November, it has the biggest power.

If you place a carnelian crystal in your house, it will attract abundance, well-being, and prosperity to your family.

#6 Garnet

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This stone not only attracts love and passion to its owner but also attracts money flows.

Garnet contributes to the disclosure of human potential, develops in its owner activity, commitment, initiative, self-confidence. This powerful crystal has very strong energy and therefore is not suitable for a person without will power.

#7 Labradorite

Labradorite stone image

This stone helps its owner to adjust the timelines, removing unpleasant circumstances and attracting the most positive. It awakening hidden talents and opportunities. Labradorite is a great crystal for manifesting abundance. Meditation held next to this crystal promotes success and large financial revenues to its owner. Labradorite has the greatest power at the full moon. Monday is the best day to wear a talisman with this crystal.

#8 Aquamarine

Aquamarine image

This mineral changes its color depending on the mood of the person wearing it. Another important property of this gem is strengthening the throat. Its owner receives the power of persuasion and eloquence. But you should be aware that aquamarine does not tolerate lies! Therefore if you choose to use aquamarine as a talisman, you should care about the morality of your actions and the truthfulness of your words.

#9 Citrine

Citrine image

This is a special kind of quartz with a soft lemon color. This beautiful mineral has the ability to retain a lot of positive energy. Thanks to the magical effect of this crystal, its owner can easily find a way out of the most complicated situation: citrine helps to make non-standard decisions.

If you need to attract financial flows, consider wearing a ring with citrine on your index finger. In addition to attracting abundance and financial well-being, this stone enhances self-esteem and the personal energy of its owner.

#10 Amber

Amber stone image

This bright orange crystal attracts positive energy to its owner and acts as a powerful money talisman. If placed in the house it radiates powerful abundance energy and thus it helps to attract prosperity and well-being.

#11 Rhodonite

Rhodonite image

This beautiful crystal has the ability to attract financial flows to creative people. It promotes the disclosure of personal talents, opens up inner creative potential, and enhances intuition. In order to attract abundance and prosperity, it is best to wear rhodonite in the form of a bracelet on the left wrist.

The Bottom Line

Crystals for abundance and wealth is a wonderful tool to attract happiness, love, prosperity, and success in your life. But while using them keep in mind that pursuing money without bringing the consciousness of abundance to your everyday life can be a fleeting experience. Remember that just making loads of money or finding love or building a successful business won’t bring you abundance in the true sense of the word. Try to implement the abundance consciousness which is a state of happiness and joy no matter where you are in your life right at this moment! Remember – true abundance always comes from within!