Cord-Cutting Meditation for Reiki Practitioners

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Do you have a relationship in your life that is full of highs and lows? Do you feel like you have unhealthy attachments to certain people? Do you feel resentment, disappointment, hatred, fear, or any other negative emotions toward someone? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, it’s time for karmic relationship healing and energetic cord-cutting. And Reiki is a powerful tool that can help you with this. In this article, we will talk about what a karmic relationship is and what energetic cords are. I will also share with you, as a Reiki practitioner, can perform a cord-cutting meditation.

What is a Karmic Relationship?

A karmic relationship is a relationship that is formed by past karma, often related to our past lives. Most people you have karmic relationships with had some kind of relationship with you in your past lives. These relationships are not always romantic, they could be relationships with family members, friends, colleagues, or even someone you consider an enemy. Emotional attachments from karmic bonds have a tendency to travel from one incarnation to another bringing unlearned lessons back to your attention and new reasons to make them even stronger.

Karmic relationships can be formed either by positive karma or by negative karma.

Positive karmic relationships bring meaningful connections with healthy energy exchange. Such relationships are friendly and loving. 

Negative karmic relationships are based on unhealthy attachments and addiction that bring imbalance and disharmony into your life. Such relationships are filled with a lot of drama and an overflow of emotions.

What is Karmic Relationship Healing?

When I refer to karmic relationship healings, I mean those that are based on negative karmic bonds.

When you find yourself in a karmic relationship, remember that it’s meant to teach you a karmic lesson about yourself, unconditional love, patience, forgiveness, and letting go. Until we learn the karmic lessons that relationships provide for us, we won’t be able to break the karmic cycle.

Breaking Up With a Karmic Partner

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Let’s say you have a negative romantic relationship. Even if you break up with your partner, the karmic lessons you haven’t learned from this relationship will manifest in the next one. You will be repeating the cycle again and again until you learn the lesson. Sometimes people are stuck in such a cycle for multiple lifetimes.

Breaking up with a karmic partner will only cause you pain if you haven’t learned the lesson. However, when the lesson is learned, it won’t be difficult for you to finish the relationship peacefully and harmoniously without causing pain to yourself or your partner. 

How to End Karmic Relationships?

Don’t rush to end your karmic relationships. Dive deeper into the lesson instead. Learn what needs to be learned, whether it’s acceptance without judgment, compassion, unconditional love, or self-love. Often, a karmic partner reflects your shadow self and teaches you about your hidden blocks, fears, insecurities, shadow emotions, etc. Therefore, it’s important to do some deep introspective work in order to heal your karmic relationship. This introspective shadow work will be the key to breaking the karmic cycle. Only after that, you can perform a cord-cutting meditation.

A cord-cutting meditation is a powerful tool that can help you remove unhealthy attachments and make it easier to end the karmic cycle.

The Concept of Cord-Cutting Meditation

This practice is based on the belief that we form energy cords with people we interact with, especially those we form close relationships with. These cords can transmit energy and emotions between individuals. While some cords are beneficial, promoting love and shared growth, others can be harmful, leading to emotional drain and imbalance.

Cord-cutting meditation is a practice designed to sever these negative energy cords, freeing individuals from emotional attachments and past traumas. It’s a powerful technique that can lead to profound emotional and spiritual healing. As a Reiki practitioner, incorporating cord-cutting meditation into your practice can enhance the healing you provide to yourself and others.

What are Energetic Cords?

The energetic cords are toxic attachments that are formed on your chakras. These cords create energy blockages and may act like energy parasites that take away your energy. They also slow down the flow of energy in certain chakras which may affect your health.

An energy cord on the Root chakra is created by the attachment to the physical body. Malice, sorrow, irritation, aggression, or fear could be the cause of it.

A cord on the Sacral chakra is formed by sexual attachment. Lust, obsession, yearning, sexual intemperance, and egoism create such a cord. 

An energy cord on your Solar Plexus chakra is created by the attachment to personality. It could be caused by the desire for power and control, the desire to solve others’ problems, the desire to save others or help them against their will, or, on the contrary, by submission, laziness, financial or emotional dependency, or oppression.

A cord on the Heart chakra is created by the attachment to a relationship. It could be caused by jealousy, distrust, anger, insult, resentment, betrayal, or infidelity.

A cord on the Throat chakra is formed by the attachment to words that have been said or heard.

A cord on the Third eye chakra is created by the attachments to the beliefs, principles, and worldviews. Indifference, disagreements, inability to respect others’ opinions, intellectual inflexibility, dogmatic beliefs, and unwillingness to expand the worldview and see the other side.

A cord on the Crown chakra is created by the attachments to egregores. Such attachments could be created by fanatical spirituality, such as religious fanaticism, disrespect of others’ spiritual choices, or, on the contrary, aggressive atheism. 

When we perform a cord-cutting meditation, we focus on removing all of these cords. Some of them are easy to cut, others are more difficult. By analyzing what cords are difficult to remove, you can see what emotions, beliefs, thoughts, or behaviors created these cords. Then you need to continue working on removing these cords on the emotional mental and physical level.


After performing the cord-cutting meditation, people you cut the cords from may feel that you have stopped “feeding” them with your energy and will try to remind you of themselves with a phone call, e-mail, visit, or in some other ways. They may try to trigger your emotions or provoke you in some way so that you will give them your energy. They will do their best to restore the cords. In this case, try to stay calm, patient, and kind with them. After that do the cord-cutting meditation with this person once again to fix the result.

Sometimes, it requires several sessions for a permanent result.

Benefits of Cord-Cutting Meditation for Reiki Practitioners

Integrating cord-cutting meditation into your Reiki practice can yield several benefits. First, it can enhance your healing abilities by addressing emotional and spiritual issues that Reiki alone may not fully tackle. Many clients carry emotional baggage and traumas that manifest as physical ailments. By using cord-cutting meditation, you can help your clients release these burdens, leading to deeper healing.

Second, cord-cutting meditation can benefit you as a practitioner. You often absorb your clients’ energy during healing sessions, which can take a toll on your mental and emotional health. With cord-cutting meditation, you can sever any negative cords formed during sessions, protecting yourself from emotional drain.

Third, you can perform cord-cutting meditation for healing karmic relationships that you have, releasing yourself from unnecessary karmic baggage, and clearing the space for new meaningful connections. This also may benefit your spiritual path and enhance your healing abilities.

Step-by-step Guide to Cord-Cutting Meditation for Reiki Practitioners

To incorporate cord-cutting meditation into your practice, follow this step-by-step guide.

Begin your session as usual, by inviting Reiki energy for yourself or your client. Once you’ve completed the general chakra scan and healing, move on to the cord-cutting meditation. To learn more about chakra scan, watch the video below.

Visualize the cords attached to your client’s chakras and identify any that appear dark or unhealthy.

Once you’ve identified the negative cords, visualize cutting them with a pair of gold, silver, or light-filled scissors. As you cut each cord, affirm that you’re severing it with love and respect, releasing your client from any negative attachments or past traumas. After you’ve cut all the negative cords, end the session by grounding your client, then cleansing and grounding yourself.

Watch the video below for a detailed guide with a guided meditation:

Common Challenges in Cord-Cutting Meditation for Reiki Practitioners

While cord-cutting meditation is a powerful practice, it’s not without its challenges. One common issue is the difficulty in visualizing the energy cords. This may require practice and patience.

Another challenge is dealing with clients’ emotional reactions during the cord-cutting process. It’s essential to create a safe and supportive environment for your clients during this process.

Some clients may also be resistant to the idea of cord-cutting meditation. It’s crucial to explain the process and its benefits clearly and reassure them that the process is done with love and respect. With time and experience, you’ll be able to overcome these challenges and incorporate cord-cutting meditation effectively into your Reiki practice.

Success Stories of Cord-Cutting Meditation in Reiki Practice

Many Reiki practitioners have successfully incorporated cord-cutting meditation into their practice, resulting in profound healing for their clients. These success stories serve as a testament to the power of combining these two healing modalities.

For instance, some practitioners have reported significant improvements in clients suffering from chronic depression or anxiety after incorporating cord-cutting meditation into their Reiki sessions. Others have witnessed clients freeing themselves from toxic relationships or overcoming past traumas after undergoing cord-cutting meditation.

The Bottom Line

As a Reiki practitioner, you have the opportunity to enhance your healing abilities by incorporating cord-cutting meditation into your practice. While it may present some challenges initially, the potential benefits for your clients and yourself are immense.

Embrace this new era of healing. Learn, adapt, and grow with it. Your clients will thank you, and you’ll find greater satisfaction and fulfillment in your practice.