Dark Night of the Soul Quotes: 35 Sayings To Support Your Inner Journey

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The Dark Night of the soul is a complicated experience that makes you feel like you are alone in a meaningless universe, having no sense of direction and feeling hopeless. It is a transitional stage when we undergo a ‘spiritual depression’ before getting an intense perception of life. It involves letting go of our past perceptions of our careers, relationships, and belief systems and replacing them with a life appreciation that leads to spiritual growth. In this article, we want to share with you the most enlightening quotes on the Dark Night of the soul that will support your inner journey so that you come out of this stage of your life a more conscious and mature individual.

Here they are 35 Dark Night of the soul quotes!

35 Dark Night of the Soul Quotes


“The term “dark night of the soul,” coined by sixteenth century poet-mystic St. John of the Cross, refers to the kind of spiritual crisis that leads us from profound unknowing to radiant transformation.” ~ Mirabai Starr


“Awareness born of love is the only force that can bring healing and renewal. Out of our love for another person, we become more willing to let our old identities wither and fall away, and enter a dark night of the soul, so that we may stand naked once more in the presence of the great mystery that lies at the core of our being. This is how love ripens us – by warming us from within, inspiring us to break out of our shell and lighting our way through the dark passage to new birth.” ~ John Welwood


“In the process of discovering our true nature, the journey goes down, not up, as if the mountain pointed toward the earth instead of the sky. We move down and down and down, and with us move millions of others, our companions in awakening …Right there we discover a love that will not die.” ~ Pema Chodron


“Psychologically, then, the ‘Dark Night of the Soul’ is due to the double fact of the exhaustion of an old state and the growth toward a new state of consciousness. It is a ‘growing pain’ in the organic process of the self’s attainment of the Absolute. The great mystics, creative geniuses in the realm of character, have known instinctively how to turn these psychic disturbances to spiritual profit.” ~ Evelyn Underhill

Dark Night of the Soul Quotes


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“When everything around you becomes real dark, it’s easier to find the light within.” ~ Bert McCoy


“As highly sensitive empaths, we are particularly prone to experiencing the Dark Night of the Soul. The less defined our sense of self is and the more toxic energy we take on from others, the more we are prone to losing touch with our Souls.” ~ Aletheia Luna


“It is only when we are truly alone, without someone else to lean on, left with our own inner solitude that we can undergo a process of change.The introspection that is needed to bring out the light that has dwindled down to ash and reignite the fire of our being. So let the darkness shape you, let it reform you, let it cradle you and birth you into a new life. Let the spark flame again, in the darkness is where you will find it.” ~ LJ Vanier


Enlightenment arrives like a thief in the middle of the dark night of the soul.” ~ Stefan Emunds


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“The dark sky helps to see the stars… The dark night of the soul helps us to see the light within.” ~ Bert McCoy


“While the Dark Night of the Soul is a process of death, the Spiritual Awakening Process is the rebirth.” ~ Mateo Sol


“The journey of the dark night of the soul is where we learn who we are, without people telling us.” ~ Adèle Green


“You necessarily have to be lost, before you’re found.” ~ T. Scott McLeod


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“The Dark Night of the Soul is not merely “having a bad day” or even a week. The Dark Night is a long, pervasive, and very dark experience. If you’re experiencing the Dark Night of the Soul, you will constantly carry around within you a sense of being lost. Your heart will constantly, in some shape or form, be in mourning, and this is because you long deep down to feel the presence of your Soul again.” ~ Aletheia Luna


“The dark night of the soul is a journey into light, a journey from your darkness into the strength and hidden resources of your soul.” ~ Caroline Myss


“When we lose touch with our Souls, we lose touch with our inner guidance, wisdom, and strength. Sometimes, it can take us many years to get back in touch with the divine presence within us. This period of feeling lost and disconnected from the divine is called the Dark Night of the Soul.” ~ Mateo Sol


“There may come a time when you believe you have reached the end of the road in the darkest night. That will be the moment when a dazzling new day dawns on your horizon.” ~ Anthon St. Maarten

Dark Night of the Soul Quotes


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”There is no coming to consciousness without pain. People will do anything, no matter how absurd, in order to avoid facing their own Souls. One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.” ~ Carl Jung


“The dark night of the soul is when you have lost the flavor of life but have not yet gained the fullness of divinity. So it is that we must weather that dark time, the period of transformation when what is familiar has been taken away and the new richness is not yet ours.” ~ Ram Dass


“The dark night of the soul comes just before revelation.” ~ Joseph Campbell


“The truth does not change according to our ability to stomach it emotionally. A higher paradox confounds emotion as well as reason and there are long periods in the lives of all of us, and of the saints when the truth as revealed by faith is hideous, emotionally disturbing, downright repulsive. Witness the dark night of the soul in individual saints. Right now the whole world seems to be going through a dark night of the soul.” ~ Flannery O’Connor


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”There can be no rebirth without a dark night of the soul, a total annihilation of all that you believed in and thought that you were.” ~ Vilayat Inayat Khan


“In community, where you have all the affection you could ever dream of, you feel that there is a place where even community cannot reach. That’s a very important experience. In that loneliness, which is like a dark night of the soul, you learn that God is greater than community.” ~ Henri Nouwen


“You don’t go through a deep personal transformation without some kind of dark night of the soul.” ~ Sam Keen


“To heal the wound, you have to go into the dark night of the soul.” ~ Tori Amos


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”One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star.” ~ Friedrich Nietzsche


“If I believe in anything, it is in the dark night of the soul. Awe is my religion, and mystery is its church.” ~ Charles Simic


“I believe that the dark night of the soul is a common spiritual experience. I believe, too, that the answer is continued seeking and perseverance. It helps to know that others have endured a loss of faith.” ~ Julia Cameron


“We cannot heal what we cannot see. We cannot evolve if we cannot see. The Dark Night to me allows us to see what we otherwise could not see, as it will bring the deepest often most rejected aspects of our being into consciousness: our fear, our rage, areas where we lack acceptance, of illness, of suffering, of God, our ego identification.” ~ Himayat


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”Sometimes when you’re in a dark place you think you’ve been buried, but you’ve actually been planted.” ~ Christine Caine


“You become the wounded healer, someone who has made the descent and knows the territory. You take on depth of color and range of feeling. Your intelligence is now more deeply rooted and not dependent only on facts and reason. Your darkness has given you character and color and capacity. Now you are free to make a real contribution. It is a gift of your dark night of the soul!” ~ Thomas Moore


“The dark night of the soul represents this time of being “in-between” worlds; it marks the always “in the dark” transition that takes place as the consciousness of the seeker of truth moves out of one order of existence, and into another (higher) one.” ~ Guy Finley


“Be assured, if you should experience “the dark night of the soul” in any of its many forms, you are a person of significant potential, that God is challenging to enter a new level of being, which is beyond the domination of the lesser values of the material world. It is a humble beginning, but the humble do, indeed, inherit the earth!” ~ Dr. Meredith J. Sprunger


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”Only those willing to walk through the dark night will be able to see the beauty of the moon and the brilliance of the stars.” ~ Archbishop Socrates Vilegas


“Healers are spiritual warriors who have found that courage to defeat the darkness of their souls. Awakening and rising from the depths of their deepest fears, like a Phoenix rising from the ashes. Reborn with a wisdom and strength that creates a light that shines bright enough to help, encourage, and inspire others out of their own darkness.” ~ Melanie Koulouris


“If you could get rid of yourself just once,
The secret of secrets would open to you.
The face of the unknown, hidden beyond the universe
Would appear on the mirror of your perception.”
~ Rumi