25 Thought-Provoking Ram Dass Quotes

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Ram Dass was an American spiritual teacher, psychologist, and author of many books. He dedicated his life to reaching out and sharing teachings all around the world. His book “Be Here Now” became one of the first guides for people who were not born as Hindus to become a yogi. This book influenced numerous writers, yoga practitioners and successful people, including Steve Jobs, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, George Harrison, and Wayne Dyer. In this article, we want to share with you our favorite Ram Dass quotes that have great inspirational power and have influenced many people to become better versions of themselves.

Ram Dass Quotes


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“The quieter you become, the more you can hear.” – Ram Dass


“The most important aspect of love is not in giving or the receiving: it’s in the being. When I need love from others or need to give love to others, I’m caught in an unstable situation. Being in love, rather than giving or taking love, is the only thing that provides stability. Being in love means seeing the Beloved all around me.” – Ram Dass


“We’re fascinated by the words – but where we meet is in the silence behind them.” – Ram Dass


“When the faith is strong enough, it is sufficient just to be. It’s a journey towards simplicity, towards quietness, towards a kind of joy that is not in time. It’s a journey that has taken us from primary identification with our body and our psyche, on to an identification with God, and ultimately beyond identification.” – Ram Dass


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“Everything in your life is there as a vehicle for your transformation.
Use it!” – Ram Dass


“The most exquisite paradox… as soon as you give it all up, you can have it all. As long as you want power, you can’t have it. The minute you don’t want power, you’ll have more than you ever dreamed possible.” – Ram Dass


“What you meet in another being is the projection of your own level of evolution.” – Ram Dass


“As we grow in our consciousness, there will be more compassion and more love, and then the barriers between people, between religions, between nations will begin to fall. Yes, we have to beat down the separateness.” – Ram Dass


Inspiration is God making contact with itself.” – Ram Dass


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“Only that in you which is me can hear what I’m saying.” – Ram Dass


“It’s very different because the Indians live as if they are their souls and Americans live as if they are their egos.” – Ram Dass


“Remember, we are all affecting the world every moment, whether we mean to or not. Our actions and states of mind matter, because we’re so deeply interconnected with one another. Working on our own consciousness is the most important thing that we are doing at any moment, and being love is the supreme creative act.” – Ram Dass


“If you think you’re enlightened go spend a week with your family.” – Ram Dass


“As one individual changes, the system changes.” – Ram Dass


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“When we’re identified with Awareness, we’re no longer living in a world of polarities. Everything is present at the same time.” – Ram Dass


“The thing about perspective is:
something happens.
it means nothing.
we make up a story about what it means based on what we feel.
this story becomes our truth.
this story creates our reality, our world, what is possible and what is not.”
– Ram Dass


“Faith is not a belief. Faith is what is left when your beliefs have all been blown to hell. Faith is in the heart, while beliefs are in the head. Experiences, even spiritual experiences, come and go. As long as you base your faith on experience, your faith is going to be constantly flickering, because your experiences keep changing.” – Ram Dass


“When somebody provokes your anger, the only reason you get angry is because you’re holding on to how you think something is supposed to be. You’re denying how it is. Then you see it’s the expectations of your own mind that are creating your own hell. When you get frustrated because something isn’t the way you thought it would be, examine the way you thought, not just the thing that frustrates you. You’ll see that a lot of your emotional suffering is created by your models of how you think the universe should be and your inability to allow it to be as it is.” – Ram Dass


“The game is not about becoming somebody, it’s about becoming nobody.” – Ram Dass


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“I can do nothing for you but work on myself…you can do nothing for me but work on yourself!” – Ram Dass


“When the heart is open, it’s easier for the mind to be turned toward God.” – Ram Dass


“In a non-traditional culture such as ours, dominated by technology, we value information far more than we do wisdom. But there is a difference between the two. Information involves the acquisition, organization, and dissemination of facts; a storing-up of physical data. But wisdom involves another equally crucial function: the emptying and quieting of the mind, the application of the heart, and the alchemy of reason and feeling.” – Ram Dass


“When your center is firm when your faith is strong and unwavering, then it will not matter what company you keep.” – Ram Dass


“The Hindu deity Hanuman offers a similar example of devotional service. Every act he performs becomes an offering to Rama (God). His service brings him to the very edge of unitive love. How powerful his vision: “When I know who I am, I am you,” he says, kneeling before Rama, “when I don’t know who I am, I serve you.” – Ram Dass


“I see my life as an unfolding set of opportunities to awaken.” – Ram Dass