Empath Supernova: 6 Signs You’re Becoming One

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Are you an empath supernova? If so, what are the implications of your new personality to the narcissist? We all know empaths to be caring and understanding, always ready to put the needs of others first. However, when empaths are under constant narcissistic abuse they turn into supernovas. For them, enough is enough. Since they cannot shut off their empathetic traits, they dim them to cope. Before we dig deeper, let’s first clarify what we mean by the term empath supernova.

Understanding the Supernova Concept

In space, a supernova event occurs when stars explode, run out of fuel and die. Likewise, empaths, when under prolonged narcissistic abuse, exhaust their positive energy. It is this energy that keeps the narcissist content. When this happens, the empath ceases to be caring and understanding. Instead, they become controlling, horrible, and bitter.

Hence, an empath supernova is an empath that has shut down his heart from being mistreated by the narcissist.

Signs You Are an Empath Supernova

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Are you an empath currently undergoing narcissistic abuse? Here are some tell-tale signs that show you are becoming an empath supernova: –

#1: Shift from Caring to Controlling

As an empath, when you begin to force those around you to do things they don’t want to do or using their vulnerabilities against them, you could be becoming a supernova. The empath supernova stops caring about the feelings of the narcissist because they believe they have experienced so much in the narcissist’s hands. Hence, they want to give the narcissist a taste of their treatment.

#2: Turning From Peace Loving to Nasty

Empaths are calm and peace-loving persons. However, when pushed to the wall they become vicious and horrible. Think of a kindhearted person undergoing unfair treatment from a spouse, boss, or workmate. This once kind person begins to do awful things targeting the people who hurt them.

At this point, the empath has no remorse for their actions. Still, the empath, turned supernova, who is nasty tends to regret their actions afterward.

#3: Growing Bitterness

Empaths are naturally kind, loving, and accommodating. Yet, they become bitter when they are victims of a narcissist for too long. So, this now turned empath supernova embarks on a revenge mission to get back at the narcissist.

#4: You Feel Ashamed After Every Horrible Act

Now, empath supernovas still have their caring and kindness in them even as they get back at the narcissist. That’s why, when they are nasty and evil against the narcissist, a feeling of shame and regret overwhelms them afterward.

In addition, they feel conflicted by their actions. They hate that circumstances have turned them into the monsters they are today. Although empath supernovas are glad that they can now defend themselves from the narcissist, they fear that they are also becoming narcissists.

#5: Empath Supernovas Are Hyper Vigilant

Empaths can become hypersensitive in response to the things they undergo while in the hands of a narcissist. Here, they fear trying out new things, making new friends, or maintaining old ones. In turn, they feel lonely.

Yet despite this gloomy lifestyle, an empath supernova seems quite comfortable living like this, because, in this new lifestyle, they can shut down their sensitivity to the emotions of others.

#6: You Have Trust Issues

Empaths trust people easily. It is this accommodating nature that makes empaths generally vulnerable people. When an empath believes someone who turns out to be a narcissist, they suffer dearly. As a result, empaths begin doubting every other person who shows affection towards them. It is their coping mechanism to avoid getting defenseless again.

The Power of Empath Supernovas Over Narcissists

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Empath supernovas will use everything they know about the narcissist to beat them down and defeat them at all costs. They don’t care about the outcome. All they are after is their survival. They become cold and calculating to escape from the narcissist. In turn, a narcissist will fear this empath supernova.

This narcissist knows that: –

  • The empath supernova knows the narcissist inside out. Hence, they can destroy the narcissist by exposing their lies. Consequently, this empath tarnishes the image a narcissist holds at the workplace, home, or the community.
  • They rely on the empath’s intense insecurities and self-loathing to get unconditional love and affection from them. Besides, love and affection fuel the narcissist. Yet, an empath supernova stops showing this positive energy towards the narcissist. In turn, the narcissist may retaliate through anger or aggression.
  • An empath supernova may choose to end the relationship with the narcissist. It is the supernova defense mode that drives the empath supernova to put their interests first. Moreover, an empath living on a defense mode will do all they can to survive narcissistic abuse. This move takes the narcissist by surprise, since they fear abandonment. A narcissist may respond with threats, manipulation, or coercion to hold on to the empath.
  • Whereas a narcissist seeks to control others, empath supernovas are resistant to narcissistic manipulation. Hence, all efforts to gaslight, shame, blame or twist the truth will have no impact on an empath supernova. The empath supernova will point out all these tactics and ask the narcissist to stop. With a bruised ego, the narcissist will try to use other not-so-subtle ways to control the empath.
  • Empath supernovas reach out for help. They look for people who can help them escape and heal from the physical and emotional abuse from the narcissist. In contrast, narcissists love to isolate their victims, to conceal their actions from others outside the relationship.


Empaths, in supernova mode, use all the information they have about the narcissist to get back at them. As a result, empath supernovas are at risk of violence and aggression from a narcissist who feels their ego is hurt. Hence, empaths should maintain a safe distance from narcissists. Plus, they should involve a third party where they sense they are in physical danger. That said, if you’re an empath, you should always maintain a list of reliable friends who respond fast to a call for help.