Spiritual Integration: What Is It & How to Experience It?

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Have you ever encountered an unusual experience that you thought couldn’t be real? Like suddenly quoting spiritual readings in a foreign language that you’ve never spoken before or having dreams that you could swear felt real? Your encounters are very typical, for starters, but it takes spiritual integration to experience them. 

What Is Spiritual Integration? 

Integration embodies wisdom at a deeper level during our spiritual practices. The Universe, the Creator, or God, whichever term you prefer, always guides us. However, you can’t receive any spiritual messages when you close your heart and perceptions. Think of it as when you switch off your cell phone. You shut yourself off from the cellular world. 

But immediately you switch on your signal receiver, the messages start flowing, some of which might even date back to your childhood. 

So How Do We Switch on Our Spiritual Signal Receivers?

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Our creator whispers. And when we don’t hear, he speaks. And when we still won’t listen, he shouts. What do I mean? See, we experience most of these visions and dreams at our lowest points. Like after losing a loved one, being hospitalized after an illness or accident, or failing to achieve a significant milestone that we’ve maybe worked hard to achieve for months or years. That’s when God speaks. 

He tends to stop you in your tracks, especially at that point when everything in your life seems to be going wrong.   

Besides the harsh and dramatic approach, we also receive spiritual integration gradually once we start our journey to spiritual awakening. It begins with a sad feeling. That feeling that our current life is not enough. Like something is missing. Or the part of you that refuses to settle for less because you know you’re worth more deep down. 

Then you get a deep desire to look for this missing piece. 

Have you heard about the dark night of the soul? In a nutshell, it’s that point where you experience so much pain that your heart shatters. We call it the end of the road, or the last straw, right? For those who make it past, this is the point you start to grow, expand and experience immense love. However, not everyone who experiences spiritual integration has to go through this stage. 

The Spiritual Integration Process

After our darkest point, we suddenly start experiencing a positive shift. Maybe an old friend calls you and offers you a better plan. Or you stumble upon a book that inspires you to dream again. Whatever it is, you get that feeling of things finally turning around for the better. Until it stops and you seem to be stuck on a plateau. That’s the point where spiritual integration is starting to happen.

At this point, you need to surrender and have faith that you are where you need to be. You must sacrifice your old life for the new one. You might even need to change your job, partner, location, diet, and so on.  

Can We Choose Not to Integrate?

Yes, we can. See, you are the author of your destiny. And sometimes, life slaps us really hard that we don’t have the capacity to integrate. A lot might be happening at the moment, such that some things will pass you by. Luckily, it’s never too late. You can always bring a particular integration back whenever you’re ready. Just ask yourself specific questions about that experience that trigger your emotional release, like questions about how you felt. You don’t need to keep re-living the experience or remember the entire process. 

4 Things That Can Assist the Process of Spiritual Integration

Spiritual integration is not always a comfortable process. You can choose to embody the new energy shift and integrate it within you (hence the term spiritual integration). Or you can choose to push it away and look the other side and simply ignore any forces driving you at that moment. The following skills will ease the transition for people who decide to go through the process.

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#1: Meditation

During meditation, you observe whatever is going on within you without judgment. That includes your thoughts, emotions, feelings, and whatever else is going on in your life. Over time, you can control and separate your thoughts from the consciousness that absorbs them. 

The most crucial role meditation plays during spiritual integration is quieting your mind down significantly. If your mind is not quiet, your spiritual integration process will be a lot harder than necessary.

#2: Grounding Yourself Through Nature

When you practice grounding techniques, your clarity improves. You can also balance your energy and re-focus it from a single source. Your mind also needs to become balanced to focus on your new energy shift. 

#3: Shadow Work

Shadow work helps to integrate your darker side. We all have grief that we have accumulated over the years. Yet our society mainly teaches us to suppress these feelings because they make us feel lesser. Sadly, you will especially attract the darkness you’ve hidden during spiritual integration. So, if you don’t unpack those negative emotions, you will manifest the things you don’t want.

#4: Journaling and Dream Work

Recording all your visions and thoughts will help you follow through after the integration. The journey can be a little daunting. You might not necessarily remember the events in detail. However, we want to avoid negative thoughts and focus on gratitude journaling

Similarly, record all your dreams immediately you wake up. If you’re indeed integrating, your dreams will follow a particular pattern. You can only realize the pattern if you keep a dream journal.

Above all, be open to new information and investigate. Don’t just accept any news unless you can verify the info yourself.

What Next?

When you start experiencing spiritual integration, it helps to surround yourself with people who have had similar experiences or those with a better understanding of the spiritual realm. But as your deep-rooted beliefs become challenged, it is normal for you to resist these callings. Eventually, if you manage to accept these events, you will transcend to a higher level of awareness.