Open the Gate of Enlightenment by Chanting Saraswati Mantra

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Lately, mantra chanting has become very popular. People chant mantras when they want to improve their financial situation, manifesting their reality, attracting desired events, finding love, successfully coping with difficulties, etc. In this article, I want to share with you one of my favorite mantras – Saraswati mantra.

Great Power Of Mantras

All of us want to be happy. Eastern people believe that only the person who was able to achieve complete harmony within himself becomes truly happy. Saraswati mantra can help you to achieve this kind of harmony. Anyone who decided to dedicate himself to self-development and follow a spiritual path should consider chanting the Saraswati mantra. This mantra is dedicated to the goddess of knowledge and creativity. It helps people to start their self-development process, as well as to transform theoretical knowledge into practice.

Who Is Saraswati?

The goddess Saraswati is a faithful companion of the Creator of our Universe. She is the embodiment of deep wisdom and intellectual abilities.

Goddess Saraswati personifies purity and nobility. She is young, she has a beautiful appearance, white skin, and a peaceful look. She’s balanced and generous.

She is wearing a white robe and lots of jewelry. Some artists draw Saraswati sitting on a Lotus, others – on a white Swan, which symbolizes the sinlessness of the soul, perfection and true wisdom. There is a peacock also depicted near Saraswati. It represents peace and quiet.

Saraswati has four hands, symbolizing mental abilities, knowledge, consciousness, and ego. They are the embodiment of the limitless power of knowledge that operates everywhere on Earth.

Four Hands of Saraswati

In each hand, the Goddess holds different things, which also have their own symbols.

One of her hands holds ancient Scriptures – the Vedas – symbolizing wisdom and knowledge.

In another hand, Saraswati holds prayer beads, which is a symbol of spirituality and is used in the mantra chanting.

In the third hand, she holds an ancient musical instrument, symbolizing belonging to the art and with the help of which the music of life is extracted from a person who craves knowledge. There is a bowl of water hanging on it which is a symbol of purification.

The fourth hand of the Goddess is playing the lute.

Where Can We Find Saraswati Energy?

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Saraswati manifests her energy through all flowers that have a very strong and pleasant aroma. For example, the flowers of lilac, jasmine, cherry, magnolia, apple.

Goddess Saraswati also manifests her energy in such minerals as amethyst, bloodstone, peridot, charoite, peridot, and white jade.

Saraswati’s metal is silver.

In a human body, the Sarasvati energy manages creative intelligence, Vishuddha (Throat) chakra, and kidneys. It controls the functioning of the endocrine cells of the pancreas.

Saraswati Mantra Is the Path to Enlightenment

Saraswati Mantra is a kind of prayer to the Goddess of art, knowledge, and enlightenment. Chanting Saraswati mantra on a daily basis helps to clear your mind from negative thoughts and concentrate only on the positive ones.

Chanting this mantra will help you to increase internal concentration, organize your thoughts and transform theoretical knowledge into practice. Moreover, Saraswati can give you the gift of eloquence and oratory skills. At the same time, you will receive charm and external transformation. Saraswati also gives a wonderful sense of taste. Thus, by regularly practicing the mantra, you achieve not only harmony in your inner, spiritual world, but you also achieve harmony of external appearance.

Saraswati is a patron of the water element. Therefore, Saraswati mantra chanting helps inner purification, enlightenment and deliverance of the human mind from a negative mindset.

Saraswati Mantra Practice

Saraswati Mantra should be chanted as a poem or a song. But it is very important to observe the rhythmic pattern and clear pronunciation of all important sound combinations.

The text of Saraswati Mantra:


Chant this mantra for 108 times for at least 21 days.

Before starting your mantra chanting practice write down your intention and read it every time before starting to chant. To feel the Divine influence of Saraswati, it is important to focus on your intention.

Each syllable of the mantra has its own meaning. Thus, “Om” means Brahma, the Supreme God. The words “SHREEM” and “HREEM” denote the energy of the Moon and the Sun, which Saraswati radiates. And the word “NAMAHA” we can translate as enlightenment.

There is no time limit to reading Saraswati mantra.

Open Your Heart For Saraswati

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Saraswati is a very wise and patient Goddess. However, she is intolerant of such manifestations of human qualities as envy, anger, hypocrisy, lies, and cruelty. It is useless to ask for her help from people who show cowardice, adultery and are capable of betrayal.

If your heart is full of negativity, and your intentions are based on jealousy or cruelty, Saraswati will ignore your request. Moreover, your life will be destroyed by the chaos that you created yourself by your own thoughts and actions. This also applies to creative people. Negative energy cannot be expressed through the works of art – books, paintings, movies, or music. Otherwise, your own art can destroy your life.

When you begin to work with the Saraswati mantra, make sure to clear your thoughts, let the light enter your mind, and open your heart for good. In this state, you will certainly receive support and the great mercy of this powerful beautiful Goddess – protector, healer, that blesses us with health, beauty, creativity, knowledge, enlightenment, and immortality.