5 Wellness Trends to Look Out for in 2021

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With the coronavirus pandemic taking center stage in 2020, many wellness routines were disrupted to focus on the big problem at hand; keeping ourselves safe. In 2021 there’s no doubt wellness will look a lot different from what we are used to. For many of us, the year is about regaining what we lost and finding new ways to take care of our wellness health. While self-care prioritization seems like an eternal quest for this health and wellness, more accessible wellness trends in 2021 are emerging. If you wonder how wellness health will look in 2021, here are the five wellness trends you should brace up for.

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#1: Virtual Fitness Is Set to Take Over

For the first time, it dawns on many people that many fitness studios and gyms have been forced to shut when it is deemed essential to stay fit and invest in wellness health. However, the emergency of virtual experience in 2020 paved the way for fitness studios and gyms to offer workouts and personal wellness training, even when their doors are shut. 

Therefore, it’s safe to say the pandemic disruption has ushered in a new wave of wellness trends primarily defined by these virtual experiences. This is set to continue to be a significant wellness trend in 2021. Most of all, it’s going to affect both dimensions of health and wellness, such as in telemedicine, virtual therapy, and virtual fitness.

Even with the anticipated rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine, more hesitance is expected from the public, especially in fitness wellness routines that require visiting gyms. It also needless to say the in-person wellness training may resume after the pandemic; however, we should expect them to incorporate virtual workouts for optimal flexibility. Other benefits of the virtual fitness experience are;

  • Having to attend virtual fitness training classes online with or without equipment
  • With the best workout guide, virtual training is set to provide fitness wellness solutions even in the comfort of your home.
  • Virtual wellness will ensure services are much more accessible to everyone.
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#2: Touchless Spa Services Will Be a Top Wellness Trend

Once in a while, you could pop into a spa for a massage without worrying about anything. But since covid-19 struck in early 2020, most high-touch services such as spas have become of great concern. Most people are now interested in touchless services, which are essentially non-hands-on. Regardless of the particular spa service, spas are now ready to take these requests to wherever their guests are.

It’s safe to say this is even more encouraging to the health and wellness spa business to embrace touchless and other A.I. technology innovations as part of their effort to provide touchless spa services. Therefore, you should prepare to experience touchless spa services like compression therapy, ultraviolet saunas, and float tanks, which provide body wellness without any additional contact. Don’t expect these touchless services to go away, though, as they’ll likely be a complement to massages and other high-touch spa services even after the pandemic.

Even though this could be a trend born out of necessity, you may need this no-touch wellness approach more than ever as we head into 2021. Furthermore, these touchless services are unknown to many people, which means many will seek to explore and try out more.

#3: A rise in Mental Health Wellness

2021 offers a golden chance to reflect upon the year where we saw a pandemic and many other pandemic-born mental health challenges. This has put a critical focus on mental health and wellness even as we head into 2021. Now, more than ever, we have a clear picture of good mental health care practices and why they should be incorporated into our regular routines.

That being the case, we anticipate the year to have a more focused talk on mental fitness, with many opening up about personal experiences with mental health. This is a sigh of relief, given the level of stigmatization around mental health fitness. There’s also anticipation that in 2021 and beyond, there will be more people coming up to bust this stigmatization and make mental health wellness topics part of everyday conversation.

Based on what we saw in 2020, we will likely see in 2021 people not feeling shame around what they feel regarding their mental state. All of this is set to illuminate the importance of mental health to a point where;

  • There will be an increase in mental health education.
  • Mental health will become a common topic in our homes. 
  • Tending to mental health will be top of mind.

#4: This Will be a Year to Conquer Fitness Fears 

The pandemic came as an awakening for many who didn’t take fitness health a priority. Expect 2021 to be a different year, with many having a huge reassessment for their health and overall body wellness. Currently, many people are more focused on their health and wellness since the pandemic has made them realize why they need to be healthy to withstand illness.

This can be attributed to the rising virtual fitness trend, a considerable fitness solution provider in 2021. With the virtual experience, health and wellness tips are now freely available as many people can now watch informative fitness videos. Besides, 2021 allows many people to engage in fitness in a way they haven’t been able to before. 

The virtual option makes fitness wellness no longer a tedious affair but a more exciting and interactive exercise that’s all-inclusive. It has also made fitness training comfortable, hence helping many conquer their body fitness fears. Regardless of the available workout that fits a particular fitness schedule and comfort levels, be sure to experience a year where people are more proactive with their overall health than 2020. 

#5: Personal Health Wellness Is Set to Experience a Top Priority

Similarly, expect to see a healthy lifestyle being fronted as a priority for many people. This is set to be seen in the attention given to nutrition and other health and wellness products. For instance, the focus on nutrition will be on how we can keep our immune systems strong, thanks to the lessons learned from the past pandemic-hit year.

Expect to see more restaurants and food joints coming with options for foods such as alcohol-free drinks. While this has been happening during the pandemic, the trend is set to continue further into 2021. There are also increased vegetarian options even as the trend shifts to more people now seeking plant-based meals.

Other than that, health and wellness products are still trendy in 2021. For instance, more natural substances such as CBD that have medicinal properties are still being favored by many. This compound found in the cannabis plant has seen its popularity soar, with therapists now prescribing it as a boost to help with anxiety, pain, and stress. Many consumers gained interest in these CBD products in 2020, and they are showing no signs of slowing in 2021.

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Final Thought

2020 is a year that saw an unprecedented strain on our lives, affecting us in many ways. The wellness industry also experienced this shake-up in ways we likely haven’t started to understand.  However, such challenges present an opportunity to grow and revolutionize both the wellness industry and our personal lives. 2021 has undoubtedly offered a chance to start fresh and set new wellness goals through emerging wellness trends.

The dawn of 2021 is still visible, and we understand that the journey is only starting. What are the top wellness trends you feel will take the headline for revolutionizing our health and wellness in 2021?  Please share with us your thoughts below.