Mercury Retrograde in Aries: How Will It Affect Us?

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Starting on April 21st and lasting until May 15th, Mercury’s backward dance will introduce an element of uncertainty in the sphere of communication, contacts, purchases, and travel. During the retro cycle of this planet, electronics malfunction more often than usual, plans may unexpectedly change, and ex-partners may return. According to Vedic astrology, this Mercury retrograde happens in Aries and will be more intense than most bringing massive changes, crises, new beginnings, and new birth. In this article, I will share some important information about this period, tips on making Mercury retrograde in Aries a harmonious and peaceful time for you, and give some recommendations based on SOLANCHA principles.

What Is Mercury Retrograde?

The retrograde state of the planet is an astrological term reflecting the astronomical difference in the speeds of movement of the planet Earth and other planets.

Retrograde is a particular type of movement of the planet when from the Earth, it seems to us that it’s moving backward, although the planet simply changes direction relative to the Sun. All planets periodically become retrograde. For some, it happens every few months or every few years. But Mercury is usually the record holder in this “marathon”: a retrograde period occurs on average 3-4 times a year.

Mercury is the only planet whose retrograde effect is felt by most people on Earth. It is believed that Mercury has a detrimental impact on people during the retrograde period, but if you properly use the energy of this period, you can benefit from it.

Mercury is the planet of contacts, contracts, information, intellectual activity, communication, and commerce. It is associated with travel and transport, negotiations, training, and signing documents. Mercury is responsible for memory, speech, oratory, logic, and intelligence. Therefore, its retrograde movement may negatively affect all of the above.

Mercury is a planet that has a strong influence on our daily life. This is especially relevant for those living in big cities, drivers, and people involved in the field of communications.

Mercury has a strong influence on intellect and on how we perceive and analyze information. During the retro phase, subjective perception prevails over objective perception – it is important to remember this and double-check the information before you believe it and share it with others.

Mercury Retrograde In Aries

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At SOLANCHA magazine, we base our astrological articles mostly on Vedic and Chinese astrology. According to Vedic astrology, this Mercury retrograde happens in the sign of Aries. Let’s dive deeper into what Mercury retrograde in Aries has prepared for us.

Mercury retrograde in Aries may make people more stubborn and assertive sign. We may notice that people don’t hear each other and don’t want to find a compromise. Many people will stubbornly try to prove their point and won’t want to listen to the opposite opinion. This may cause more division in a society where people will see the world as black or white, pulling them away from the LAN state.

The contrast of Mercury’s slow motion (SO energy in action) against the drive of impulsive Aries (CHA-dominated energy) will bring some tension in this transit. As you can see, there is a collision of two polar forces that will be pulling us in two opposite directions. We can expect mood swings, sudden changes in plans, and confusion about which direction to choose.

Note that Mercury goes retrograde the next day after a Solar Eclipse and almost simultaneously with Jupiter also entering Aries. This astrological combination may bring a sudden flow of new information, or something that has been kept secret will be revealed. We may hear some unexpected news or even discover some shocking truth hidden from us. It will also bring more competition and fights.

As you can see, the Mercury retrograde period will not be balanced. Speaking from the SOLANCHA perspective, SO and CHA will be in a collision. Our goal for this period is to find a way to balance SO and CHA. To do this, try to look at things and world events from a non-dualistic perspective. Don’t jump to conclusions too quickly. Don’t rush into coming up with an opinion on this or that event. Take time to balance your emotions and find a balanced way of expressing your thoughts.

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Possible Health Problems

Mercury retrograde in Aries may draw our attention to the state of the nervous system: the conductivity of nerve impulses may worsen, and nervousness and irritation are likely during this time. It’s recommended to reduce the consumption of coffee and other stimulating drinks.

In addition, Mercury retrograde may provoke memory problems and sleep disorders. Meditation and sacred text studies are highly recommended during this time.

Spiritual Lessons

Any planet in retro motion creates the possibility of clearing our negative karma through the learning of spiritual lessons the planet brings. Here are the spiritual lessons that Mercury teaches us during this retrograde phase:

  • Learning how to slow down and observe.
  • Accepting people for who they are without judging them.
  • Learning to accept people’s lack of focus and attention and not to judge or criticize them for their mistakes or forgetfulness.
  • Developing kindness and compassion towards every living being.
  • Working on your commitment and patience.
  • Learning to be more flexible and adjust to any uncertain situation or unexpected event.
  • Reducing consumerism in your life and spending less money.

The Dos During Mercury Retrograde

During Mercury retrograde in Aries, the following actions will be favorable:-

#1: Finish things

If you want something new to happen in your life, make room for it, and finish things before moving forward. Think about how many things you need to finish, delegate, or get rid of before you can move on and bring new relationships, abundance, and wealth into your life. This period is perfect for finishing old relationships, getting rid of toxic people, and sorting out your feelings and emotions. You can also quit your old job.

#2: Deal with unfinished and running projects and documents

You can finish the article or finish the book you’re working on. Restoring order and throwing away all unnecessary papers, archives, and media is good.

#3: Meet with friends

This is a good time to meet with friends and family members you haven’t seen in a long time. If you had some miscommunication problems in the past, it’s time to solve them. Reaching out and reconnecting with people you haven’t been talking to for a while is very beneficial during this time.

#4: Analyze your mental attitudes

Pay attention to how your thoughts and attitude shape your reality. Think about – what thoughts you can let go of to improve your life. Are any mental programs, blocks, or stereotypes preventing you from reaching your goals? Well, now it’s the perfect time to let them go.

#5: Engage in spiritual practice

This is the time when we all need to focus more on our spiritual journey. Meditate, purify, and calm your mind, chant mantras, pray and work with positive affirmations.

The Don’ts During Mercury Retrograde

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During retrograde periods, all Mercurian affairs develop slowly; there is often confusion, and the risk of mistakes increases. New projects are slowed down, and transport and mail services are disrupted. Studying, engaging in intellectual work, and conducting negotiations are more difficult. During such periods, equipment breaks down more often, and communication operators have problems with their work. Therefore, take note of what is still better not to do in this period to avoid trouble:-

#1: Making purchases

This is not a good time for making big purchases, because later you may be disappointed and regret it. For example, you may find hidden defects in the things you buy.

#2: Signing contracts, making transactions, opening a business, and starting a project

During Mercury retrograde, there is a very high probability of making mistakes. Therefore, signing contracts, making transactions, opening a business, or starting a new project is not recommended during this period.

#3: Getting a new job

Those getting new jobs during the retrograde period are usually disappointed with their jobs later. You may not be satisfied with the conditions; additional information may open up some disadvantages or difficulties the job has, etc.

#4: Making important decisions

Later you most likely will regret such decisions. They may bring you more trouble than satisfaction.

#5: Starting a training or course

If you start training or take a course during the retrograde period, the study may appear more difficult than expected, or the knowledge gained may be useless.

#6: Making big purchases

Anything you buy during Mercury retrograde has a chance to disappoint you in some way. Don’t buy real estate, cars, or anything that requires big money to be paid. Most likely, such purchases will not be useful, will be unnecessary in the future, or will break down.

#7: Borrowing money

If you borrow money during Mercury retrograde, it may be difficult to pay this money back.

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#8: Starting a new relationship

Relationships started during the retrograde period will not be long-lasting and will not become serious.

#9: Moving, buying real estate, signing the rent

Any operations with real estate will face delays and obstacles. Therefore, it’s better to postpone moving, buying real estate, or signing the rent.

Spiritual Practices

Here are some spiritual tools that will help you make this Mercury retrograde in Taurus a good period for you.

#1: Mercury Mantra

To neutralize the negative influence of Mercury retrograde on your life, chant the Mercury mantra 108 times daily:

Om Namo Bhagvate Vasudevaya Namah

Chanting this powerful mantra gives:

  • self-confidence;
  • concentration power;
  • intelligence;
  • commendable communication;
  • business skills;
  • calmness and peace;
  • wisdom;
  • knowledge;
  • enlightenment.

#2: Gemstones

To pacify the effect of Mercury retrograde, you can wear gemstones throughout this period.

Emerald is Mercury’s primary gem! It is the closest to representing Mercury through its crystalline structure that helps distribute Mercury’s cosmic rays that the planet emanates. Wearing emerald can help balance the planet’s influence, re-establish balance and harmony in your energetic field, and mitigate difficulties caused by the retrograde period.

Jade can be used as a valid substitute for an emerald when working with Mercury gems.

Peridot can be used to strengthen relationships and connections. This stone pacifies retrograde Mercury and balances your life. It can be worn for health in general and to increase wealth and happiness in life.

Aventurine is connected to Mercury and is known as a lucky stone. It is excellent for overall health and well-being. Aventurine can be used to regulate pitta dosha in Ayurveda and is connected to Anahata Chakra.

#3: Yantra

Mercury Yantra Image

Mercury Yantra (also called Buddha Yantra) helps to decrease the negative impacts of Mercury. This Yantra also:

  • helps to boost intellect;
  • improves studying abilities;
  • helps in personal development;
  • improves memory;
  • helps to develop oratory and communicative abilities;
  • attracts success;
  • improves the financial situation, etc.

Display the Buddha Yantra in the North sector of your house and chant the Mercury mantra 108 times while looking in the center of the Yantra. Perform this practice daily or, at least, every Wednesday.

#4: Essential Oils

Here is a list of essential oils that are beneficial for Mercury retrograde in Aries:

  • Vetiver (stimulates memory)
  • Grapefruit (helps with morning drowsiness)
  • Coriander (boosts creativity)
  • Petitgrain (improves memory and stimulates clear thinking)

#5: AIM Mantra

Aim mantra is very beneficial for Mercury retrograde in Aries due to its ability to stimulate concentration and improve memory.

The Bottom Line

Mercury retrograde in Aries is part of a natural cycle intended to be a time of reflecting and revisiting things that need our attention. This is the time to slow down, reflect, and listen to our voice within. It can feel like punishment in our fast-paced world, but in reality, it can be a blessing. Mercury retrograde offers us a beautiful opportunity to tidy up, chill out, and get crystal clear on exactly what we need to do to further align with our inner Potential, Power, and Purpose.