The 5 Protection Crystals for the Home and How to Use Them

Protection Crystals for the Home Image

Do you sense some creepy vibes in your home? Like, that unexplainable sense of sadness, lethargy, discomfort, or quarreling amongst family members? If this resonates with your home, consider using crystals to cleanse and protect your home. Protection crystals for the home create a visual blockage against any negative energy trying to saturate your space. And this guide lists five such crystals for your home. 

Let’s check them out below: 

The Protection Crystals for The Home in Detail

#1: Clear Quartz 

Clear Quartz for Crown Chakra Healing image

Clear Quartz is a dynamic gem useful in deflecting negative vibes and attracting positive ones in your home. Use these crystals if you feel overwhelmed from using smartphones and social media, keeping up with utilities, pressure from raising kids, or fluctuating workloads. These stones help you gain a deeper understanding of yourself regarding these issues. Plus, they speed up healing from affliction due to stress and strife in the home. 

What It Looks Like: 

A helical spiral crystalline form

Metaphysical Properties: 

Clear Quartz absorbs, stores, releases, & balances all kinds of vibrations & energies. It can reset your energy system. Plus, it works to the specific requirements of the healing you need. 

How to Use It: 

Decide on the kind of results you want for your home. Then, place it in the corners of your rooms. Alternatively, you can wear it as a ring or necklace, or incorporate them into your meditation or yoga practice. 

#2: Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline Image

Black Tourmaline is a protective crystal that can cleanse a toxic environment and ground it. It keeps negative vibrations away from your aura and body space. It does this by clearing the air and neutralizing harmful effects emanating from your surroundings. That way, it protects you physically, emotionally, and spiritually. 

What It Looks Like: 

A dark stone with a sledgehammer structure, furrows, and ridges

Metaphysical Properties: 

It shields you from emotional, physical, or spiritual negativity. Hence, it can protect you against accidents, misfortune, sickness, electromagnetic pollution, and other negative energy that brings unhappiness to your home. It also grounds you when you feel overwhelmed by the pressures of life. In addition, it attracts good luck, optimism, and good health. 

How to Use It:

Activate the black tourmaline protection crystals for the home by smoke-cleansing them. Then, use mantras to program the crystals to protect the home. Place a black tourmaline crystal in each of the corners of your home. The corners can be inside a closet or behind a table, not necessarily between brick walls. However, you need to hang them up on the walls if you have pets or kids in the home. 

#3: Black Obsidian

black obsidian Image

Are you undergoing shadow work? If so, add the Black Obsidian to your daily routines. This ultimate penetrating gem attracts positivity and helps you confront your shadow self. It combines elements of fire, water, and earth to take you on a deep-rooted journey to the underworld. As a result, the stone guides, comforts, and helps you deal with your shadow emotions. Ultimately, the Black Obsidian helps you have a better perspective of life.

What It Looks Like: 

A dark, jet-black, glassy luster

Metaphysical Properties: 

Black Obsidian has a powerful gravitational pull that can draw our deepest and darkest insecurities and emotions. Its intense electric current is noticeable on your body. The experience can be frightening for some users. However, if you intend to face your shadow emotions, this stone can bring a transformational experience to your life.

How to Use It: 

Add the Black Obsidian to the mirrors in your hallways, in your jewelry or souvenirs collections. Or, buy it as polished black eggs. Then place them in your living room for display.

#4: Black Jade 

Black Jade Protection Crystals for the Home Image

For the longest time, Black Jade has been considered a luck or guardian stone, especially by locals in South East Asia. This stone facilitates access to the spiritual realms and protection against negative energies. Plus, Black Jade enhances our creativity and imagination. So, if you struggle to trust your gut feelings, this gem can help you tap into your intuition to keep off negative influences from your surroundings. 

What It Looks Like: 

A heavy, black gemstone with speckles of graphite or iron oxide

Metaphysical Properties: 

Black Jade is associated with grounding and feelings of confidence and security. It protects your home against intrusion from psychic entities, energy vampires and parasites, and anyone else trying to sap your energy.  

How to Use It: 

Wear your Black Jade crystal as jewelry. That way, you can access its powers throughout the day. Also, place this stone at the threshold of your home or office for protection and healing. To enhance its effect in your home, buy it in the shape of the lucky three-legged frog. And, when anxious, use Black Jade as a rubbing stone for relaxation. 

#5: Pyrite

pyrite EMF protection crystal image

Pyrite, also known as fool’s gold, is your go-to crystal when you need to detox your home from negative energies emanating from all your tech gadgets. If your home feels dull and monotonous, add the pyrite stones in your home to help you change your perspective, thoughts, and behavior. See, this beautiful stone is often mistaken for gold. It is harder than other bright metallic minerals. It can deflect negative energies and keep your aura free from harmful vibrations. 

What It Looks Like: 

A brass-yellow gemstone with a bright metallic luster

Metaphysical Properties: 

Pyrite encourages new ways of thinking and looking at the world. It protects you from energy leaks and helps mend old tears. It also enhances your willpower during challenging times. Use it to support your actions and decisions, especially when deciding on your long-term life goals.

How to Use It: 

Place the pyrite crystal between you and your computer, phone, video game, or other tech gadgets.


Protection crystals for the home are excellent tools to flush out negative energies and protect our living spaces. Smoke-cleanse the crystals using scented candles once a month. Crystals with a mineral hardness above seven can withstand cleansing using salty water. In addition, you can expose the crystals to the full moon for several hours before using them. Next, activate the healing and protective properties of the crystals by infusing your intentions into them. Use meditation, deep breathing, and affirmations to complete the activation.