The Full Blue Moon 2021: Global Hypnosis, the World is Under a Spell

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The Full Blue Moon 2021 rises on Sunday, August 22. The upcoming Full Moon is often called the Sturgeon Moon, Flying Up Moon, Corn Moon, Harvest Moon, and Ricing Moon, Black Cherries Moon, and Mountain Shadows Moon. In this article, I will share with you what kind of energy, challenges, and spiritual lessons this Full Moon brings to us. Also, I’ll give you some helpful tips, recommendations, and spiritual practices that will help you balance this energetically powerful time and take the best out of it.

When Is The Full Blue Moon 2021?

The Full Blue Moon 2021 will first appear on the night of Saturday, August 21, before reaching peak illumination at 8:02 A.M. Eastern Time on Sunday, August 22. On either of these nights, look toward the southeast after sunset to catch a glimpse of the Full Moon rising.

The Full Moon In Aquarius

According to Vedic astrology, the Full Moon takes place in 5 degrees Aquarius. This Full Moon will be in conjunction with Jupiter and will oppose Mercury, Mars, and Sun in Leo.

The Full Blue Moon 2021 occurs on the Aquarius/Leo axis (the Moon in Aquarius, the Sun in Leo). This axis represents the importance of our words. The Full Moon will teach us how to properly express our thoughts, ideas, and desires through words. This is the time when we all should practice conscious communication.

On the one hand, this Full Moon will teach us how to separate the wheat from the chaff, to distinguish between the truth and the lie. On the other hand, it is a great time for advertising, persuasion, manipulation, the introduction of new concepts and ideas.

In general, the August Full Moon brings us inner peace and freedom from unrest. During this period, the opening of a new business and the beginning of relationships will be very successful. This Full Moon brings opportunities for new contracts, deals, partners, connections, and relationships.

For those who are planning business trips, moving for work to other cities, countries – these moves will be successful during the August Full Moon. This period will also be successful for trading, sales, and purchases. It’s a favorable time for financial affairs.

This Full Moon is a great time for both finances and romantic life.

The Moon in conjunction with Jupiter brings happiness, good luck, and success. Jupiter brings financial growth and honest relationships.

Venus and Saturn, which form a trigon at the moment of the Full Moon, give stability and purposefulness. At the same time, the trigon of Mars and Uranus brings passion and love into our lives.

The Full Moon In Magha and Dhanista Nakshatras

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According to Vedic astrology, the Full Moon takes place in the lunar mansions of Magha (Leo) and Dhanista (Aquarius) nakshatras. Let’s take a closer look at these lunar mansions and what kinds of energies they represent.

Magha nakshatra notably carries the iconography of a crown, royal palanquin, or palace, indicating a connection to all things regal. Symbolically this nakshatra occupies the ‘lion’s heart’, nested within the chest of the royal constellation – Leonis. This nakshatra gives fame, lofty ideals, and a thirst for power. It usually represents kings or presidents, or simply those who rule or take charge. Also, Magha symbolizes traditional values, strong ambitious drives for power, and wealth.

Dhanista nakshatra is symbolically associated with the drum or flute. Known as ‘the star of the symphony’ its iconography portrays the unrelenting beat or passage of time. Drums usually symbolize deeper undercurrents that move beyond normal perception, likened to the pulse of life itself. As the mridangam vibrates its rhythm into the aether, it has a powerfully hypnotizing effect upon its listeners. The energy of this nakshatra is much like the pied-piper merrily leading his entourage under its melodious spell. A drum and flute are hollow, therefore, words you hear during this time may actually be empty and hold little truth behind them.

The August Full Moon is the time when people in power and leadership positions will be especially thirsty for power. You may see world leaders giving promising speeches that will make people feel more secure and hopeful about the future, however, Dhanista nakshatra brings the energy of the manipulative spell, which means that these speeches, may actually be empty as a hollow flute. Now is a good time to practice discernment with people in leadership positions. Use your own independent judgment before making any decision. During this time, you may hear a lot of promises that are ‘too good to be true’. Use your common sense and logic to analyze what you hear.

There may be many promises given related to finances. This will look like a very optimistic time for many of us. Dhanista is a wealth-giving nakshatra and Magha represents presidents and leaders. Therefore, this time we may see that leaders are strategizing the current economic status of each country. This may look like they’re trying to help benefit common people and even support them financially. But, again – stay vigilant, don’t fall under the spell of Dhanista nakshatra.

Health-related Issues

Magha nakshatra may cause respiratory ailments and heart diseases. It can also cause health issues related to the spleen and spine.

Health-related issues of Dhanista nakshatra include weakness of the lower back, liver, and urinary tract, thrombosis, high blood pressure, heart disease, arthritis of knees and ankles, neurosis, injury to the shins, and the fracturing of leg bones.

How to Work With the Full Moon Energy?

If we do not live in the rhythm of the lunar cycle, we most likely will feel mood swings and fatigue during the Full Moon time. Moreover, our emotional and even physical condition may deteriorate. Therefore, it is very important to learn to live in harmony with the Moon, especially when it’s at the peak of its activity.

Spend this Full Moon time period doing some internal work. Don’t let your energy run rampant with trying to make things happen. Time spent in silence, prayer, and meditation will be karmically rewarded. No matter what’s happening around you, stay calm, grounded, and centered.

For harmonizing the influence of the Moon on our lives, we can perform Moon practices and adjust our lifestyle to the Moon’s vibrations.

Quick Tips For the Full Blue Moon 2021

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In order to balance the Full Blue Moon 2021 period’s influence on your life, try to keep in mind the following tips.

It is not recommended to perform the following actions during the Full Moon:

  • to start new cases and projects;
  • to make important life-changing decisions;
  • to do any intense physical activity;
  • to perform surgeries, as there is a high probability of their unfavorable outcome (for example, severe bleeding may occur);

During the Full Moon, it’s recommended:

  • to devote yourself to spiritual practices.
  • to be extremely careful on the roads while driving during;
  • to practice fasting and cleansing;
  • to do charity work on this day. For example, feed the homeless or donate something to the orphanage. Any help will be favorable. However, it is not recommended to donate money on this day.
  • to be closer to nature: take a walk in the forest or at the beach, lie down on the ground, talk to the trees, hug them, etc.
  • to wear white clothes and pearls to pay your homage to the Moon;
  • to cooking for your family and friends – it will help to activate and balance the Moon energy.

The Full Moon in Magha Nakshatra is a favorable time for:

  • Conducting various ceremonies (including weddings), special events;
  • Public speaking (as a speaker, actor, etc.);
  • Researching of the family tree;
  • History and ancient knowledge studies;
  • Changing your name;
  • Making improvements of the quality of something (property, qualifications, etc.);
  • Implementation of a career strategy;
  • Promotion;
  • Settlement of disputes and conflicts;
  • Acquiring the favor of people in power;
  • Presenting a special, exquisite gift;
  • Any spiritual practices.

The Full Moon in Dhanista Nakshatra is a favorable time for:

  • Performing spiritual rituals;
  • Meditation and yoga;
  • Group activities of all types;
  • Large festive events with the participation of huge crowds, such as concerts;
  • Creative activity in general, especially music and dance;
  • Buying new clothes;
  • Studying;
  • Traveling;
  • The beginning of treatment of diseases;
  • Gardening.

Spiritual Practices For the Full Blue Moon 2021

#1: Chanting Ganesh Mantra

The symbol of Uttarashadha is an elephant tusk. The Elephant’s tusk associates this lunar mansion with the Hindu God Ganesh. Lord Ganesh is the one-tusked elephant-headed god who is invoked to bless new beginnings and is prayed to remove obstacles from one’s path or endeavor. Therefore, chanting the Ganesh mantra during this full moon will help you to remove any obstacles from your path to success and abundance.

The text of the mantra: OM GAM GANAPATAYE NAMAHA

Chant the mantra 108 times.

#2: Filling Up With Lunar Energy

This practice is especially recommended for those who have a bad relationship with their mothers or elderly women, and also for those who have mood swings.

  1. Place a glass of clean water on the windowsill (or next to the window) so that the moonlight reflects in it. Leave it there for the night.
  2. In the morning, drink that Moon water on an empty stomach. Tell your gratitude to the Moon. Chant the Moon mantra: OM CHANDRAYA NAMAHA (108 times).

#3: Full Moon Mantra Chanting For Attracting Abundance

During the Full Moon, go outside (backyard or patio), stretch your hands up to the Moon. When looking at the Full Moon, set your intention to attract abundance into your life and repeat the following mantra for 12 minutes: OM SHRAAM SHREEM SHRAUM SAH CHANDRAMASE NAMAHA

The Bottom Line

The Full Blue Moon 2021 will teach us how to distinguish truth from lies, how to properly express our thoughts, ideas, and desires through words, and practice conscious communication. This Full Moon can bring a lot to the surface, therefore, we need to take time for self-analysis, introspection, and self-reflection. Take time to reflect on what the Full Moon brings up for you. Get outside at night and let the light of the Moon shine upon you. Then, bring your attention back to what kind of changes are needed in your life. Think about what needs to shift for you to change your life for the better and take your consciousness to the next level of evolution.