Crown Chakra Opening Symptoms You Should Be Aware Of

Crown chakra opening symptoms

The opening of the Crown chakra (Sahasrara) is a unique experience of immersion in the invisible world of spirituality, the discovery of infinite wisdom, and unconditional love. An open and balanced Sahasrara gives a sense of unity with the Universe and every living being within it. Spiritual teachers warn that we can start working with the Crown chakra only when we have worked all way through lower six chakras, opened and harmonized them. However, it happens that people engaged in spiritual practices, who are not even trying to do any work to activate the Crown chakra, have it activated spontaneously in the process of meditation, mantra-therapy, yoga, or other practices.

In this article, I want to share with you some Crown chakra opening symptoms. Each of these symptoms may manifest differently. If all of your chakras function harmoniously, then the opening of Sahasrara will be bliss for you, accompanied only by pleasant sensations. However, if you still have blocks in other chakras, the Crown chakra opening symptoms may be expressed in some not very pleasant experiences.

What Is the Crown Chakra?

It is widely believed that after death a soul leaves the body through the area of the Crown chakra. Through this area, the energy of the universe penetrates into the body of each of us and in the same way our soul transmits energy information to the outside world.

Sahasrara develops throughout our life. However, its full disclosure is very difficult to achieve. At this level of consciousness, the perception of the world and our place in it changes dramatically. Life itself begins to be perceived differently. As this chakra develops, we merge with the infinite cosmic energy, and new knowledge opens up to our consciousness.

The Crown chakra is often depicted as a thousand-petalled Lotus flower. Crown chakra opening symbolizes the full opening of the Lotus. So just like a flower, our soul starts to blossom when Sahasrara opens.

The Crown Chakra Opening

Sahasrara Chakra Test Image

The opening of the Crown chakra allows us to get rid of all the conventional boundaries, which in fact are only in our head. We, as if awakened from a long sleep, start to realize our divine essence and feel a connection with the highest levels of spiritual consciousness.

Sahasrara is the center that unites the energies of all the lower chakras. It is responsible for the capacity to accept, realize, and connect to universal love and knowledge.

With the Crown chakra opening, we become more calm and peaceful, start to live “here and now”. We begin to realize ourselves as an integral part of the world.

Unlike the work of the chakra of the third eye, when we perceive the world from the outside, here we are experiencing unity with the whole world. At this level comes the realization that all the people around us are particles of the universe, and therefore are particles of each other. This awakens faith and peace in us. Irritation disappears and anger goes away.

Along with the opening of Sahasrara, the other six chakras also start to develop rapidly. We start not only to receive more energy but also radiate it, thereby having a direct impact on the universe and the world around us.

With the opening of the Crown chakra, the subconscious border between the inner “I” and the outside world is erased. We are transformed into a harmonious pure essence.

The Crown Chakra Opening Symptoms

There are different kinds of symptoms you may experience when your Crown chakra is opening. You may experience them mentally or/and physically. I combined these symptoms in different groups for your convenience.

Mental Symptoms

Sleep mode changes

Most people experience a drastic change in their sleep. You may not be able to fall asleep until the middle of the night or start waking up at 3 am. You may also notice that now you sleep too much – considering lethargy and exhaustion.

Bright Dreams

lucid dreaming image

Dreams are magnificent and incredibly bright! You may feel as if a tidal wave is carrying you into the spiritual realm of infinite possibilities. So, at this time, enjoy your dreams as much as you can. Try to understand the messages they are trying to convey to you.

Emotions Increase

One of the most common Crown chakra opening symptoms is the roller coaster of emotions. You probably notice that your behavior and patterns change significantly.

Old beliefs Change

Though you are completely aware that you still live in a material world you show more interest in spirituality than ever before! Now you have the courage to break free from manipulative friendships and abusive relationships.

Feeling the Unity

universal mirror image

Now you begin to see the true faces of the people around you. But instead of judging them, you take steps to heal them inside yourself. Meaning, you now understand that every person you meet is a reflection of you. So it’s pointless to heal outside world because it’s just a reflection. What needs to be healed is a damaged part of you. You accept the individual path of each person you meet on your way. You understand that we are one and you accept every single pattern of this Unity without judging or changing it.

Psychic Abilities

Many people start experiencing uncontrollable spontaneous psychic visions. Most people do not get used to using psychic abilities and very often they get scared of what they can see now.  Psychic abilities can be shown to you in a dream, or even in your awakened state.

Physical Symptoms

headache image

When the Crown chakra is opening you may feel a change in your physical condition. This may cause pleasant feelings or discomfort, but it indicates the Crown chakra opening. Since the crown chakra is connected to your head you may experience physical sensation in this area. Other Crown chakra opening symptoms are:

  • headaches;
  • nausea;
  • dizziness;
  • drowsiness;
  • migraines;
  • tingling in the head – this is the most common symptom of the Crown chakra opening of the crown chakra;
  • pulsating electrical shocks in the head (can be felt throughout the body);
  • itching on the top of the head;
  • tingling nerves all over the body;
  • a feeling of a hit such as touching an electric fence;
  • the pressure in the area between the eyebrows and in the top of the head;
  • a flash of white light inside the head.


The Crown chakra opening symptoms are very individual for each person. They can vary depending on a person and his/her spiritual path. Individual symptoms can be strongly expressed or barely noticeable. But all people who have ever experienced the Crown chakra opening agree that this process is unlike any other feeling offered by other chakras. When your Crown chakra harmoniously open it indicates that you are ready to cope with the Creator, to experience the Divine joy and the greatness of the Universe.