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8 Simple Anti-Aging Tips From 47 Year Young Girl



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Most articles about this topic start off explaining the external things you can do to preserve your youth, or to slow down the aging process through products and external practices. I, however, in my own personal experience, have found that the top factors for anti-aging are internal: your mindset, the beliefs you hold about aging, and your ability to connect with your inner child.

Anti-Aging Tip #1: Mindset and Belief Systems

This is the foundation of youth and preservation. What are your beliefs about aging? What does your mental conversation around aging entail? Do you dread becoming older? Or maybe you fear the aging process? Do you think it’s only people with “good genes” that age well? These are all questions that you can check in with yourself to get an idea of the beliefs you hold and your attitude towards aging.

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I was one of those children that didn’t align with the notions most adults held with regards to aging. People who would refer to aging and how it was going to be, telling me that I should enjoy being a child because it would surely pass quickly and that it would all be “downhill” from there. I just didn’t accept that as my reality.

I NEVER believed or bought into it. Somehow I knew that it didn’t have to be this way and that I could create a different reality for myself. Intuitively as a child, I knew that what I believed, and my choice to express my inner child, and my joy and wonder and gratitude for life, would ultimately have an effect on how I myself would age.

That was my choice – to live in my heart and believe that life didn’t require us to age quickly and live a life of illness, destined to wither away.

I was determined to show the world and all those adults who told me as a child that I too would have to “join the club” as I got older, that there was another way. My desire was to be an example for people, to show them that you can age gracefully and you don’t have to accept society’s ideas of what aging looks and feels like. I was on a mission to preserve my youth, not solely to stay youthful (though it is nice!) but to inspire others.

Anti-Aging Tip #2: Inner Child Connection

Staying connected to your inner child is number two on my list. This is vital. This is where your life force is pure, energetic, imaginative, innocent, joyful, gentle, excitable, open, vulnerable, whimsical, and vibrant.

Angela Fitts Inner Child Image

I believe a driving force is staying connected to this aspect of ourselves at all ages.

Our bodies respond on a cellular level to our thoughts and emotions as well as what we choose to connect into. Staying connected to your inner child relays the messages to your physiology. The result of this transfers to your physical body and aligns with youth and mirrors those characteristics.

Practice lightheartedness, stay in touch with your laughter and sense of humor, it’s true what they say “laughter is the best medicine” in pure form.

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Anti-Aging Tip #3: Diet and Exercise and Hydration

We all know that old saying that you are what you eat has tremendous truth to it.

Proper Hydration is EVERYTHING!

Drinking your recommended healthy water daily is vital to your skin and health. Typically if you drink an ounce of water for every pound you weigh you’re doing great. If you want to clear acne-prone, blemished and wrinkled skin, make sure you are drinking plenty of great water.

I personally drink distilled water. There is lots of information on the benefits of drinking distilled water. Water is the foundation of life and we are comprised mostly of water, so be picky about what you drink! It doesn’t need to be distilled, but do your research on your local water supply and get a good filter if needed! Stay away from fluoridated water at all costs, as fluoride is a neurotoxin that calcifies your Pineal Gland and brings a host of other maladies with it.

Throughout my life, I have gravitated towards a “clean” diet.

What does that mean exactly?

Angela Fitts Clean Diet Image

I believe eating live Whole Foods, non-processed, locally, organically sourced is the ultimate support for our bodies. Sugar intake, junk foods, starchy foods, fast foods, excess alcohol, smoking cigarettes, and caffeinated drinks are all components that speed up the aging process tremendously.

Find great superfood supplements to add to your daily diet, make sure you take iodine and magnesium. I take Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth daily for skin, hair, nails and parasite cleansing.

A few supplements that I use regularly are:

-Liquid Chlorophyll to enrich and oxygenate your blood

-Zeolite to capture and eliminate the inevitable toxins that are present in your system

-Curcumin (derived from Turmeric) for its highly anti-inflammatory properties.

-Cell Food naturally provides the highest levels of oxygen and hydrogen to the body.

-Kelp/Iodine as most people are iodine deficient.

There are lots more amazing supplements to help your body operate at its highest level, but these are just a couple of examples.

Finding an activity that promotes movement, strengthening, stretching, breathing, increased heart rate, focus, and discipline.

All of these are vital tools to maintain a youthful mind and body. Find something that is enjoyable to you personally. Don’t follow a fitness routine that you dread. Get inspired by what makes your heart excited, whether it be surfing, yoga, swimming, dancing, running, hiking, sports, etc.

Switch things up, try new things and dedicate some time daily just for you. This brings us back to that concept of recognizing your inner child who wants to play!!

Anti-Aging Tip #4: Gratitude for EVERYTHING!

Foster a grateful heart, start each day with deep gratitude for what is, everything you are, every struggle you conquered and have yet to conquer. Look around at the smallest of things and find beauty and gratitude for it. Say Thank you in honor of your temple and speak affirming language to your body. Our bodies are magnificent biological specimens that thrive on encouragement, love, and care.

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Cultivating gratitude will change your life and cause a vibrant opening in your heart. This light shines from the inside out and is part of a youthful glow.

I hold silent Intentions of healing and health for all of humanity, even for the difficult ones. I believe that having and holding the highest intentions for all sentient beings promotes an upwelling of heart expansion and the results of this can be seen through youthful living.

Anti-Aging Tip #5: Face Yoga

Part of my nightly routine consists of face yoga. I was blessed with a mother who taught me this skill at a very young age, little did she know! As I watch my mother go through her beauty regimens I would see her staring at the mirror making the silliest faces, stretching and contorting her face and neck in the craziest expressions. As I got older I asked what she was making those faces for, and she said: “to help with the elasticity of your skin so that it stays firm and supple”. I was like “oh wow”, and it’s been one of my things ever since I can remember.

Just like our bodies need consistent exercise so do our faces, our daily expressions aren’t enough. Intentional stretching of the face, cheeks, eyebrows, and neck muscles, assists in keeping your skin smooth and taught.

Anti-Aging Tip #6: Moisturizing, cleansing rituals, and minimal products usage

My daily skin-care routine consists of a minimalist approach.

In my culture, it is common to be oiled head to toe from a newborn and taught very young to rub oils over your entire body. I’ve never not done this, for me, it’s no different than brushing my teeth. I’m currently using Bio Oil blend.

I have dry skin, so my skin loves the oils. Obviously, if your skin is on the oily side you would have a different approach to moisturizing. I use a mild Dr. Bronner’s soap to cleanse with my hands using lukewarm warm water, only. I follow with Thayer’s Rose Witch Hazel for toner and anti-bacterial. Then I follow that with Castor Oil (nightly) which I apply to the entire face, stretch mark prone areas, brows, and lashes and always include the neck and décolletage.

The benefits of Castor Oil are incredible and too many to list here. A few to mention are:

  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Supports lymphatic system
  • Increases circulation
  • Heals acne
  • Promotes hair growth (lashes and eyebrows)
  • Heavily moisturizes
  • Smooths scars
  • Fades blemishes

Angela Fitts skin care image

Exfoliate once a week

Using the dry brushing method, or my sonic facial cleansing brush, both are very effective. This process sloughs off the old skin, renews and brings forth your fresh new skin. Our skin regenerates itself approximately every 27 days.

Our treatment and nurturing habits are what yield results!

Use a face mask

I alternate using Aztec healing clay masks for detoxing impurities or Refrigerated Pacifica Single Vegan sheet masks bi-weekly for hydration and tone.

Angela Fitts Vegan sheet masks image

Go minimalist!

I’ve always been a minimalist when it comes to cosmetics and beauty products, I’m a firm believer in less is more.

Pay attention to what cosmetics you choose!

Most cosmetics in our beauty driven industry are full of toxic chemicals, which are often tested on innocent animals!

Experimenting with multiple products on a regular basis, and overdoing it with chemicals causes skin irritation and unbalanced PH levels, which in turn can cause acne breakouts and weaken the skin and disrupt our natural PH.

I rarely wear makeup, on the occasion that I do, I use safe, organic, clean products. I highly recommend that you do your research and find non-toxic, environmentally friendly, cruelty-free products to use.

A few brands are :

  • Juice Beauty
  • Iniki Organic
  • RMS Beauty
  • 100% Pure

Anti-Aging Tip #7: Sun Exposure and Connecting with Nature

Contrary to popular belief, the sun is integral to health and is a skin elixir. We are all vitamin D deficient. Daily sun exposure is optimal. Each person, no matter their skin tone can safely be in the sun for up to 25 minutes daily.

Angela Fitts Sun Exposure Image

The most natural way to get vitamin D is by exposing your bare skin to sunlight (ultraviolet B rays). This can happen very quickly, particularly in the summer. You don’t need to tan or burn your skin to get vitamin D. You only need to expose your skin for around half the time it takes for your skin to begin to burn. How much vitamin D is produced from sunlight depends on the time of day, where you live in the world and the color of your skin. The more skin you expose the more vitamin D is produced.

Unfortunately, most sunscreens on the market are also full of toxic and cancer-causing chemicals that activate when they are applied to the skin and exposed to the sun. The great news is there are fantastic healthy options on the market that you can choose from. You want to look for the following:

  • Mineral sunscreens vs chemical sunscreens
  • Titanium oxide and zinc oxide is what you want.

Here’s how it works

Every one percent of zinc oxide gives you 1.6 SPF units. That means a 15 percent zinc oxide formula is only about SPF 24, which would be the bare minimum—ideally, we want to aim for SPF 30!

Any sunscreens with 20 percent or more zinc oxide will give you complete UVA and UVB protection.

My favorite is Eminence Organics skin care from Hungary.

Tropical Vanilla Day Cream SPF 32 this product smells delicious, is all natural, 100 percent certified organic and is moisturizing. On a side note, I love all of their products!

Angela Fitts Organic Skin Care Image

The sun heals us, is a mood booster, communicates with our DNA in a language that can only come from the sun, it activates our cells and sends light codes to our energetic and spiritual bodies. It enhances our innate abilities, and intuition.

I’m in love with nature and all that it has to offer. Being in nature allows us to ground ourselves, to oxygenate our bodies, soothes our nervous system enhances our mood and energizes our life force. By making time to be out in nature each day it’s revitalizing. Nature Assists in your clarity and heightens your intuition.

It is a gift!

Angela Fitts Yoga Image

Anti-Aging Tip #8: Sleep

Adequate sleep is paramount!

I don’t have to go into a bunch of medical and scientific research about how sleep deprived most people are. We live in a society where sleep has become unfashionable and reserved for those that are thought to be lazy. In truth, you heal, restore, replenish and regenerate more while sleeping than at any other time.

Give yourself permission to sleep a full 8-10 hrs nightly, early to bed, early to rise is a good motto.

Bonus Anti-Aging Tip: It feels absolutely divine!

I have a bonus tip to offer that is going to seem a bit unorthodox. About 6 years ago I began a womb healing journey that intuitively led me to create a monthly ritual with my own sacred blood flow. I was guided to start collecting the bright red fresh blood flow right into the palms of my hands and literally paint my face like a canvas. As I do this I say prayers of gratitude to my womb for the process of cleansing and for the health and vibrancy that is flowing from my vessel. Of course, the first few times of doing this did feel rather strange even for myself. I followed my deep intuition and calling to do this for myself and this practice has become very normal, and greatly revered and honored.

The blood dries very quickly, there is no set time that I leave it on, it always varies. You will feel your skin literally tightened as it dries. I rinse with cold water to seal the pores and the finished result is really like nothing I ever felt – skin feels like silk! It’s smoother and firmer.

I feel deeply connected to my feminine powers.

The first time I looked at myself in the mirror with my own blood on my face, it felt tribal, sacred and there was a deep resonance of knowing. This practice is obviously very individual and has no real science or medical information to support the benefits that I’ve listed. I can only speak about my own personal journey and experience with this ritual that I created for myself.

However, there are many resources and ancient wisdom that support the incredible healing properties of menstrual blood. It is said to have been one of the most sacred substances on earth.

I would only recommend this practice if you’re confident in your womb health, free of illness, and use only the freshest flow.

Angela is an Empowerment Ambassador, Health and Wellness Advocate. She is a student and an example of holistic, spiritually enhanced and youthful living. Angela empowers people to live the heart's path and to believe that life doesn't require one to age quickly and live a life of illness. Writing articles for SOLANCHA Magazine is one of the ways she expresses her passion for inspiring people to become a happier and healthier version of themselves.


A Guide to Ethical Fashion and Why You Should be Part of It



Ethical Fashion Image

For most of us, shopping for clothes is a normal process, and we do not take the time to find out the nitty-gritty details about the clothes we purchase. Fashion houses are always competing on the latest fashion trends. And the best part is that most of these trendy clothes are affordable. It is now possible to look good without breaking the bank.

However, do you know what goes on behind the scenes in the fashion industry? Have you ever heard of sustainable fashion or Eco fashion? All these terms refer to ethical fashion; a term that is yet to be embraced by many “fashionistas”, but it is gradually gaining popularity. Most people think that ethical fashion is expensive. It’s not. In this article, I will explain this concept.

What is Ethical fashion?

Ethical fashion is more of a movement that aims to stop the production of high street items on a low-cost budget. In simple terms, ethical fashion is a call to all fashion designers to be ethical. It addresses all aspects of the fashion industry including fashion design, manufacturing, and retail and purchasing.

ethical fashion industry image

What do I mean?

Ethical fashion guarantees that in the next century, our environment will not be highly polluted by decomposing fashion waste products. Additionally, the designers will not continue cutting trees, killing animals, and other similar degrading social activities in an effort to find raw materials to sustain their industry. By embracing sustainable fashion, we embrace positive social responsibility and preserve our environment.

Why is Ethical Fashion Important?

As I mentioned above, for the trendy clothes to be affordable for many people, several sacrifices have to be made. Some of these sacrifices are detrimental to other human beings, animals, and the environment itself. Ethical fashion sheds light on the bad practices that take place behind the scenes that you and I, as consumers, are not aware of when buying the finished product. The critical areas that ethical fashion scrutinizes include:

  1. The working conditions of the laborers’

In over-populated countries like China, labor is widely available and cheap. Research shows that the laborers are exploited by working overtime, skipping meals, while being paid peanuts. Similarly, there are also cases of child labor and the worst part is the congested and unhygienic working environments with an aim to cut down on production costs. Ethical fashion fights against these poor working conditions.

  1. Chemicals used in the textile industries

Polyester is a product of petroleum, and it is one of the most used fabrics. Its production requires a lot of crude oil, and in the process, harmful emissions are released into the atmosphere, which causes respiratory diseases. Eco fashion aims to protect our environment.

  1. Animal rights

Cruelty-free fashion image

Animal cruelty continues to be a controversial topic in the fashion industry. Many people are quick to argue that we cannot be comfortable eating meat yet we are uncomfortable wearing fur or leather from the same animals. However, the bone of contention is the intentional killing of these animals for the sake of their skin other than for food purposes. Either way, we can let our furry friends live in peace if we chose to embrace ethical fashion.

  1. Environmental degrading

There is a lot of competition among the numerous fashion houses. All of them want to outdo each other. Consequently, they keep coming up with new fashion trends that are affordable, and they aim to sell many pieces so they can continue being relevant. However, the problem comes in the manufacturing bit. Cotton is one of the most used fabric, and some of the pesticides and insecticides used in the cotton plantations are harmful to the environment. When we, as consumers, damp the torn and worn out garments, these pesticides find their way back into rivers and soil. As a result, we contribute to degrading our environment.

  1. Sustainable production

Fashion trends keep changing every single day. This is not a bad thing. However, the rapid change of the fashion trends is what fuels the bad practices addressed by ethical fashion. Renowned companies like H&M have embraced eco-fashion, and they are now using eco-friendly materials and sustainable manufacturing practices.

Why should you practice Ethical Fashion?

The most important reason why you and I need to be part of the ethical fashion movement is to put to an end the bad practices that are never talked about by fashion designers. We need to be assertive and take time to scrutinize every detail of the clothes we are buying. It is the high time we put an end to the animal cruelty, exploitation of labor in the developing countries, and the damage to our environment.

ethical shopping image

There are two ways you can know whether a particular clothing line is ethical;

  1. Manufacturers always list the materials used. The list builds confidence in the consumers, and you will be able to know what the clothes are made of before purchasing them.
  2. Go through the company website. A fashion line that is serious about ethical fashion will always state this fact to the public. If the designer does not mention anything, send them an email and ask them.

We should wholeheartedly welcome any movement that seeks to protect our environment and buying eco-friendly clothes is only the beginning. There are numerous ways we can protect our environment and put an end to its degradation.

Are there affordable Vegan brands that promote ethical fashion?

Yes, many fashion lines have embraced sustainable fashion or Eco-fashion. Some of them include:

  • PACT Apparel
  • Krochet Kids Intl
  • Ararose
  • SmartGlamour
  • Threads for Thought
  • Cossac
  • Swap
  • Friday’s project
  • thredUP
  • Jan n June

You can also use the Good on You App. The App will help you find ethical clothing lines that match your taste. In addition, it has tons of information on different ethical brands in the market. The App makes it easy for you to find out which of these stores have discounts.

Good on You App Image

In addition to the clothing lines, some cosmetic companies have also embraced the manufacturing of products without harming animals. The cruelty-free brands safeguard animal rights, and they are against the testing of cosmetics on animals. Therefore, you can have eco-friendly clothes and cosmetics too. How cool is that!

In conclusion

Ethical fashion has gone a long way in creating awareness in the fashion industry. It is refreshing to find more eco-friendly products slowly filling up our shelves, and there is absolutely no reason to continue damaging the environment. There are even coral safe sunscreens to ensure that we don’t damage our marine environment.

Ethical Fashion also encourages slow fashion which aims to curb the massive production of high fashion items on a low-cost budget. Slow fashion emphasizes the need to buy vintage clothes instead of dashing for the latest trendy designs, making your clothes or accessories at home, and repairing or redesigning old clothes. This factor will help to break the never-ending production cycle.

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Cruelty-Free Brands Information That May Change Your Perspective



cruelty free brands list image

Picture this: someone chopped off your favorite cat’s ears just to have them stitched onto their purse or coat. That may sound obscene. But that’s precisely what you are doing each time you wear fur coats, leather handbags, and shoes, and basically, any product that is either made from animal products (like leather and wool) or has animal products finishes (like fur and horns).

People have always argued that it’s okay to eat animal products and to use their body parts to adorn humanity. But I firmly stand against this. The same way you can’t stand your cat’s ears being chopped off is the same way I can’t stand everyday torturing, killing, and slaughtering of animals all in the name of science experiments, food, and value addition. And I am certain that I’m not alone. What happened to Empathy?

And on that note, science experiments on animals also need to stop sooner or later. Testing cosmetics, cleaning products, personal-care products, and some fruit juices on animals is not fair. The only way to make these companies stop experimenting with animals is by boycotting their products. Because every time you buy and use a product tested on animals, you give that manufacturer more income and reasons to continue experimenting. But if we all shop consciously and boycott products without PETA’s bunny or CCIC’s Leaping Bunny logo for the sake of our animals, they will have no one to sell to unless they change.

How Do They Test Products on Animals?

You might not have an idea of how they test products on animals so let me explain it to you briefly. It is more brutal than you see in the media. The poor animals are confined in cages, pricked to draw blood samples, shaved to expose their skin for tests, and much more. When these companies produce a new product, say a face cream, for example, they apply a certain amount in the animal’s eyes, or on a portion of its shaved skin, and observe the reactions without giving the animal pain relief or an antidote.

In severe cases, these animals go blind. And when this happens, the manufacturer discontinues the product or they improve it. Alternatively, in mild eye irritation, the manufacturer gives a stern warning on the dangers of exposing that product to your eyes. Sadly, more than 115 million animals are caged in laboratories to be used for product testing worldwide.

rabbit image

Non-vegans argue that it’s better for an animal to go blind or have a severe skin rash instead of the human consumers. But in my opinion, technology in this day and age is super advanced. They can test the effects of any product on a hypothetically created eye and skin.

The companies that don’t test on animals, by the way, have some of the best products on the market. I haven’t heard consumers complain of allergic reactions to any cruelty-free brands of cosmetics. Most of the negative reports come from non-vegan brands so spare me that lecture. And for your information, the law hasn’t mandated companies to test products on animals. It is a choice they make. And in some countries within Europe, Cosmetics testing using animals has been banned since 2013.

Cruelty-Free Brands

Moving on, in the spirit of embracing animal rights, let’s discuss the top cruelty-free brands on the market for animal lovers and like-minded shoppers. And, with 1,700 companies producing cruelty-free products, you have plenty of options to spritz, swipe, and lather, without worrying about our dear furry friends. So now you have no reason to hang on to your favorite brand if they haven’t pledged to be cruelty-free.

And by cruelty-free brands, I mean products manufactured using methods which do not in any way whatsoever involve brutality to animals. This includes physically slaughtering the animals and testing products on them.

Cruelty-Free Cosmetic Brands

cruelty-free cosmetic brands image

Do you love shopping at Sephora? The following brands retail at Sephora, and they are cruelty-free.

Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare – This brand deals with rejuvenating your skin and everyday improvement formulas such as anti-aging lotions, facelift serum, anti-collagen creams, and eye gels.

REN Clean Skincare – Ren have majored their products to skin cleansing and toning. Their cleansers work with any skin type because they are organic and of course vegan.

Amika – Founded in 2007 and based in Brooklyn, Amika specializes in hair products such as shampoos, vegan hair foods, hair sprays, and brushes.

Tarte – In addition to everyday make up items such as lipsticks and eye-shadows, Tarte also deals with skin cleansers, toners, and correction products like their famous Maracuja Oil.

Too Faced Cosmetics – These deal with all categories of makeup; foundation, bronzer, setting powder, mascara, lipstick, lip gloss, primers, eye-shadows, and other makeup products along this line.

Peta has also created a list of cruelty-free brands. Take a look at the list here.

cruelty-free cosmetic brands list image

The above list has cosmetic manufacturers for all your skin and hair needs. However, the products are endless. Be sure to check out more cruelty-free brands in their store.

Cruelty-Free Fashion Brands

Similar to cosmetics, fashion designers are also quickly embracing the vegan lifestyle.

SUSI Studio – Based in California LA, Susi studio is famous for up-cycled footwear. They make lovely shoes and sandals from vegan materials such as rubber.

Della – An apparel manufacturer whose factory is based in Ghana, Della makes 100% cruelty-free outfit and retails them in Los Angeles.

Vaute – Are famous for cruelty-free sweaters, coats, and gowns.

Doshi – Based in southern California, Doshi deals with school style bags, wallets, backpacks, handbags, belts, and anything along this line. This year they are launching their line of vegan shoes.

Cruelty free fashion brands image

An Alternative Approach

Are you familiar with DIY? I didn’t discover DIY by chance; for me, it was more of a way to save a few bucks. However, looking back I can say that it is the best decision I ever made. I make my soap, lotion, shampoos, and several other toiletries as well as jewelry and handbags. I don’t expect you to do all this for a start. But some DIYs are a perfect solution to our vegan lifestyle.

Soap making processes are easy to follow, and the ingredients are locally available. I make mine using freshly squeezed oils from plants in my garden. My all-time favorite is the aloe and lemongrass exfoliating beauty soap. The only ingredients you need are the essential oils, water, and lye (a metal hydroxide that you can purchase online, but I make mine from leaching ashes left in the fireplace after burning hardwood overnight.) As you get better at the skill, you can custom make your own version of these products!

In Conclusion

With all the information I’ve shared above, you have no reason to continue using animal products. Embrace cruelty-free brands and be the change you want to see. And together, we’ll make this world a better place for both humans and animals to live in.



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New To Breast Milk Jewelry? Welcome Aboard!



breast milk jewelry image

Breast milk jewelry is a keepsake that impersonates motherliness. Motherhood is a journey; a narrative that can only be experienced but not taught. If l were to explain it, l would be lost for words. Others describe it as a sort of wilderness where each mother struggles to find her way. All in all, we hack it through either as heroines or mere survivors.

As a mom to two boys, I have had my share of ups and downs. The hardest part was waking up to fully engorged breasts and then halfway through the day, not even a single drop of breast milk. It happens to other moms too and mine was the inspiration I needed to venture into breast milk jewelry. I decided to use my fear to commemorate every single moment I shared with my kids.

So What Is Breast Milk Jewelry?

In a nutshell, these are ornaments made from a mother’s breast milk. They are mostly pendants which can be integrated seamlessly with any form of jewelry like chains, bracelets, earrings, or even rings. The ornaments feature a variety of custom background colors. They can be filled directly or made from resin.

Commercially Produced Breast Milk Jewelry

For those moms who haven’t discovered a hidden talent in DIY yet, you can find a blacksmith to make yours. All you need is to ship about two tablespoons of breast milk to them and your preferred design. These guys will then work their magic and apply showy finish before sending it back to you.

You can order tailor-made jewelry with your kid’s initials or whichever design you like. But if you think this is an order that gets fulfilled in a couple of days, think again. Some artists have requests of up to two years. Sounds like a very lucrative craft, doesn’t it?

My First Encounter

breast feeding image

Like every tech-savvy mother, l was doing rounds on the internet searching for motherhood stuff. Then a particular article by Daily Mail caught my attention. I almost dropped my glass of water. It highlighted how a particular lady was making a killing customizing breast milk jewelry. She was retailing them at $100 to $900.

At first, l was confused. But then bit by bit, reality kicked in. I wanted to contact her immediately to place my order, but when I remembered the price tag, I calmed down. And that’s how I started researching on the hands-on approach.

DIY Breast Milk Jewelry

Every DIY artist has a distinct trade process. Some incorporate chemicals to aid in breast milk preservation while others use dehydration techniques. Some will mix the milk with other solvents and others will freeze-dry. I guarantee you this is no science class and you can do it on your own at home. Let’s get started.

The Long Method

This is my favorite method because you only need to express enough milk once and use it to make lots of jewelry. The procedure calls for two parts; preservation of the breast milk and crafting the jewelry.

1. Breast Milk Preservation

You require the following:

  • 20-50ml of breast milk.
  • Appropriate preservative. You can purchase this from art shops dealing in breast milk jewelry and online retailers like Amazon.
  • A medium sized baking paper.
  • And two saucepans of different sizes.


Fill the bigger saucepan halfway with water and insert the smaller one containing the breast milk. Heat the bigger saucepan until the water starts to boil. Add the preservative to the now heated breast milk and stir it till some bits begin to stick to your stirring rod. Spread it on the baking paper and place it in a cool and dry place. Leave it for 48hrs to dry. Then using a teaspoon or your mini blender, grind it to a fine powder. Store this powder in a cool and dry place for use anytime you need to make jewelry.

2. Crafting the Jewelry

You can use the dried breast milk directly on a pendant and cure it with UV light. But for a more customized approach, read on.

What you require:

  • Resin (you can buy them together with the preservative).
  • Jewelry molds.
  • Shimmer tint (optional).


Create a clean crafting area free from obstacles. Pour about 4mls of the resin into a cup then 2mls of the hardener and stir for 3minutes. Add a pinch of the powdered breast milk to the mix above and stir well. At this point, I usually add some shimmer tint, plus my baby’s signature item such as hair, eyebrows, or nails to the mixture while stirring. Let it rest for 2 minutes. The additions are optional.

Now pour the concoction into your mold and leave it to set for about 12hours. It sets quicker because the breast milk used was already dry. Polish it if you need to and attach to any form of jewelry using the appropriate glue.

The Cheats Way

The Easier way out is to purchase a breast milk jewelry kit. These come with all the tools you require and detailed instructions. They usually retail for less than $30 depending on the designs.

The essential items in a simple kit are the solvents (usually 2), the pendant, and the stirring rod. Other kits come with more complex instructions so be sure to follow them to the latter for best results. Mix the two solvents with your breast milk as instructed (normally ¼ to ½ teaspoon of milk). Stir for 5-10 minutes and once the mixture turns white, pour it into the pendant mold. You can also add glitters, baby hair, baby nails, or anything you think of at this point.

The mixture hardens as you continue pouring, so this is your chance to get creative. You can swirl it towards the top to get a wavy effect or pour it in a dome-shaped manner. When you finish, leave the pendant in the same spot to dry for at least 1 to 3 days. If you move it around, you could mess with your design. After 3 days, your pendant will have solidified. And you can now attach it to a necklace or any form of chain-linked jewelry.

Why I Love My Breast Milk Jewelry

Motherhood image

  1. Longer-Than-Life Memory: Instead of wearing ornaments for beauty purposes, how about having an art piece that also represents an incredible adventure. Yes, it’s a dwarf in size but a giant in the memories it holds in itself.
  2. Stronger Mother to Child Bond: If there is one blessing that will beat any other, that should be motherhood. Why? Because it’s held by selflessness and unconditional love!
  3. A Potential Hand-Me-Down: Imagine gifting your offspring some of your breast milk jewelry when they get their first child. It will fill their heart with so much joy, courage, and inspiration. I’m not sure if I’ll do that personally, because I’m too attached to my jewelry. They rekindle fond memories and remind me of how blessed I am.

The Bottom Line

I strongly believe in creating items that leave long-lasting memories. My first breast milk jewelry has my baby’s hair intertwined in the pendant. It reminds me of when I first shaved him. The second one has a grain of rice in it. That’s the time I first weaned him. The third one is in the shape of a tiny baby foot. It reminds me of when he took his first step. And so on and so forth. Do the same with your jewelry and you’ll have powerful memories of your kids to last you centuries (or maybe forever). These babies grow up very fast.

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