How To Perform New Moon Rituals To Bring Some Magic Into Your Life

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The new moon is an amazing time that can give impetus to our development and multiplication in any sphere of our life. This magical period is the best time when we can easily attract luck in our life. The new moon rituals are able to increase wealth, create the foundation for future financial success, and attract abundance.

Historical Facts About New Moon Rituals

In Ancient Egypt, the new moon was tied to the cult of resurrection in the afterlife. The tradition to bury a man with his possessions and even loved ones, to keep the body in the form of mummies – all this was done for later rebirth in the afterlife. And resurrection/revival could begin only at the time of the new moon and realize when the moon is full.

The existence of so-called funeral horoscopes was also discovered, which were found in the tombs of the ancient Egyptians. To the surprise of scientists, the dates of many horoscopes coincided. It turned out that the coincidence is due to the fact that such horoscopes were created at the time of the subsequent new moon, that is, at the time of the revival of the soul.

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In Ancient Babylon, the first new moon after the vernal equinox marked the beginning of the New Year and, accordingly, was a great holiday.

A lunar or solar-lunar cycle was the basis of almost all known calendar systems – Jewish and Muslim, Hindu, and Buddhist. This is simply explained, the lunar phases clearly show the passage of time, and the greatest value for fixing the reference point of the lunar calendar systems played the day when the new moon was seen in the sky.

Ancient teachings give clear instructions on what can and cannot be done during the new moon.

These actions should NOT be performed on the new moon:

  • to start new important things that will somehow affect your future life;
  • to make major purchases (real estate, car, large appliances);
  • make repairs, renovations;
  • take trips, business trips, travel;
  • to appoint important meetings, which may affect the execution of transactions, conduct of business, etc.
  • make money transactions (invest money, transfer large sums, borrow or lend);
  • overwork.

These actions are favorable to perform on the new moon:

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  • finish all those things that you started earlier or that you kept putting off for another day;
  • do house cleaning – it will help you to clean not only the space around you but also your mind before you start performing spiritual practices;
  • pay your debts (if you have any);
  • honor deceased ancestors (you can just think about them or look at their pictures);
  • do charity (you can donate anything except money);
  • tune in to harmony and love;
  • forgive yourself and everyone.

Spiritual Practices

The new moon period is a very special time that is traditionally used for performing spiritual practices. In the Indian tradition of Jyotish, the time when the Moon is not visible during the new moon period is called Amavasya. It is believed that during this time the souls of deceased ancestors can come to Earth and actively communicate with us. If the souls of the forefathers see that they are remembered and honored, they give their support to us. On the day of Amavasya, it is favorable to fast, to pray, to remember ancestors, and to perform cleansing rituals with fire or water.

Since after the new moon the Moon grows, then at this time, it is good to perform rituals aimed at the growth of anything – money, career, health, love, etc.

What Spiritual Practices and New Moon Rituals to Perform?

1. Karma cleansing rituals

This is the most favorable time for cleansing from negative karma. Use this time to perform Karmic healing practices.

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2. The manifestations of the desired reality

Positive affirmations reading performed on the new moon, have a special power, because in this case the psychic energy, the power of thought will act in the same rhythm with the cosmic lunar cycle and, in this case, grow and gain strength. That is why such practices as Creating a vision board or Reiki wish box, will be particularly effective.

It’s also very beneficial to practice money or love affirmations during this time.

2. Mantras

Chanting Moon mantra helps to reconnect with the Moon and charge your desires with Moon energy.

Chant Moon mantra “Om Chandraya Namaha” 108 times.

3. New Moon Ritual For Manifesting Your Intentions

For this new moon ritual, you will need a notebook, a pen, white candles, incense, white flowers.

Find a secluded and cozy place. Light candles and incense, place the flowers in front of you.

Then open the notebook and write down the first phrase “I (your name) express my pure intention to …”. Then write down clearly all your desires that you intend to implement in the coming month. Your list may consist of one or more items.

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Within a month, you can track how you are progressing in the implementation of your New Moon plans. Your “New Moon notebook” may eventually become a diary of your life evolution.

4. Rituals For Recovery And Rejuvenation

This is a great time for harmonizing your Body, Soul, and Spirit.

As the moon starts growing it increases the activity of metabolic processes in the human body, the skin is better supplied with blood, there is an intensive process of regeneration in the cells. Therefore, the Growing Moon is the best time for health and rejuvenating procedures, taking baths, and — to start intensive care of the skin, face, and body. It’s very beneficial to start your face yoga practice during this time.

5. Bath Rituals

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Bath rituals are the most enjoyable new moon rituals. There are different kinds of bath rituals: Energy cleansing bath ritual; Chakra balancing bath rituals; Ancient bath rituals for attracting abundance; etc. You just need to choose which one is most suitable for you!

The Bottom Line

Every month the new moon gives us a great opportunity to plan and manifest our desired life. We definitely should take this chance and perform the new moon rituals to make sure that in the near future we will get what you want. If the Moon gives us this magical opportunity to use its power for creating a better life, then why not take it, right?