Medium Empath: 5 Tell-Tale Signs You Could Be One & Coping Strategies

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A medium is someone who can contact the world of spirits. This person communicates with the souls of deceased persons or animals to relay information to the living. Likewise, an empath picks up energy from others, living or dead, without the other person provoking it. In other words, when you are a medium empath, you intuitively understand spirits and the afterlife. 

So what implications do these abilities have on you and those around you? Let’s explore below: –

Who is a Medium Empath?

Medium empaths pick on non-verbal and non-visual cues from the surrounding energy of the spirit world. They attune their senses to detect changing energy vibrations and use this information to help others. Hence, a medium empath can interpret and apply these signals in solving real-life challenges. For example, medium empaths can pick on spirits of missing children drawn to them. They then channel this energy to help locate the children or their remains if deceased. 

The Mode of Communication Used by a Medium Empath

We all have belief systems that guide our actions. Likewise, medium empaths have values that determine how they communicate with the spirit world and relay this information to the living. These methods include spirit guides, healers, shamans, Ouija boards, pendulums, spirit-focused writing meditation, and dream states.

5 Signs You Are a Medium Empath

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Do you suspect that you are a medium empath? Below are five tell-tale signs most medium empaths have. 

#1: Struggling With Mood Swings

Now, most empaths are emotional sponges. They unintentionally absorb and own feelings and emotions of people and animals nearby. And, when you are a medium empath, you sense the spirits hovering all around you and absorb their moods and emotions. That’s why you find yourself happy and sad at the same time. Or, you may enter into a room and feel an unexplainable energy drain.

#2: Getting Sick Out of Nowhere

Do you get severe mood swings to the point of falling sick? You could be a medium empath. See, medium empaths are more attuned to picking up negative energies. They do this to either avoid danger or call for help. These overwhelming negative emotions and thoughts trigger worries, anxiety, and depression that drain your mind and body. In turn, you become susceptible to sudden nausea, stomach upsets, migraines, exhaustion, aches, and pain.

#3: Loving Solitude Living

Since medium empaths can feel everything around them, they feel safer and calmer when away from the crowds. Here, the empath is less anxious or uncomfortable in areas with natural light, fewer people, and less noise. In fact, this empath has to prepare for visits to the hospital, cemetery, or refugee camp. The intense energy from such places is overwhelming to the medium empath and may even make them pass out. 

#4: A Powerful Intuition

Do you get vivid warning signals moments before something happens? It could be a gut feeling making you delay booking your flight. Other people experience nagging thoughts that someone is in danger even though they just met. See, medium empaths hear voices, see visions, recognize feelings, and know when something good or bad is about to happen. This sharp intuition helps medium empaths avoid calamities or see opportunities that others rarely notice.  

#5: Attraction to Other People’s Dreams and Issues

Medium empaths feel the urge to understand issues that people deal with, to help resolve them. Likewise, they always want to help others achieve their dreams. And, when the people succeed, the medium empaths never claim credit for the achievement. By putting other people first, medium empaths lay the foundation for others to solve their problems, tap into career opportunities, and excel in their positions.

Shielding Techniques for a Medium Empath

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Do you suspect that you are a medium empath? Are you having trouble coping with your hypersensitivity to the spirit world? Here are some shielding techniques to help you deal with the challenges associated with this personality:

#1: Dealing with Mood Swings

Make it intentional to surround yourself with positivity. For example, keep off negative news from social media or mainstream television, practice mindful meditation, read positive affirmations, and choose career paths that guarantee a peaceful work environment. 

#2: Avoiding Sudden Illness Due To Anxiety & Depression

If an overflow of negative emotions makes you feel sick all the time, seek medical help. Here, you may have to go through assessments to determine the triggers for the anxiety and depression before starting a treatment plan. Also, join a support group where you can share your experience and learn how other medium empaths are coping.

#3: Coping Mechanism with Mental Drain

If your career or lifestyle involves being in crowds, noisy places, or interacting with the spirit world more often (for example, a Tarot card reader), learn to listen to your body when you feel the mental drain. Take a short break and recharge away from the overwhelming environment. Respectfully do this, taking into consideration the needs of those around you.

#4: Managing Strong Intuition

Unlike other signs, having a powerful gut feeling gives the medium empath an advantage. The medium empath should embrace, not ignore, their sixth sense. For example, trust your instincts when assessing your environment for dangers, anomalies or when dealing with manipulative persons.

#5: Dealing with Self-Neglect

If you are always assisting others to achieve their dreams or solving their problems to the point of neglecting your needs, start to practice self-care. You can do this by: –

  • Setting personal goals and work towards achieving them
  • Set healthy boundaries between you and your spouse, relatives, friends, and workmates
  • Create your ‘me time’ every day
  • Set aside time to relax and recharge
  • Eat healthily, exercise regularly, manage stress
  • Practice good hygiene habits
  • Get sufficient sleep
  • Spend more time outdoors doing something you enjoy


When you are an empath who can channel spirits of the living or deceased persons, animals, angels, and guides, you are a medium empath. Here, you can perceive and manipulate the extrasensory vibes from the spirit world and use this information to help others. Still, this personality comes with challenges that include erratic moods, anxiety, depression, and self-neglect. So, practice the above coping mechanisms to help you lead a healthy lifestyle.