10 Reasons Why Most Men Can’t Handle Female Empaths

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Are you a female empath who struggles to stay in relationships? Are you doing all you can to make things right but somehow nothing seems to work? Don’t take all the blame. Have you ever thought it could be your male partner who can’t handle you? Now you’re thinking “Johnny couldn’t handle you, Rick, Mike, Brian… Just hang in there!

Unlike other persons, female empaths have a strong intuition. They know what they want and will not accept half-truths or half-lies. Does this account ring a bell in your past relationships? If so, here are some 10 more reasons why most men can’t handle female empaths.

10 Reasons Why Most Men Can’t Handle Female Empaths

1. Female Empaths Ask a Lot of Questions

Empaths are intuitive. They have a natural drive to question every aspect of their lives. Moreover, it is their way of understanding and accepting of how the world revolves around them. This trait may be a setback for most female empaths in a relationship.

A female empath wants a partner that they can share their hopes and aspirations. Hence, they tend to be overly inquisitive. However, not all men are ready to answer the tough questions about their past or current lives.

The male partner may be happy with the status quo, unwilling to question his habits. So, he may shrug off the first few instances. But, when the female empath is persistent, it could hurt their relationship

2. Empaths Know What They Want in The Relationship

Some people start a relationship hoping things will work out as they get to know each other. Unfortunately, this is not the case with empaths. A female empath makes deliberate decisions about her life. She has an idea of what she expects and how the relationship should steer. However, a man who is not clear about his plans may find this trait too demanding.

3. Empaths Detect and Detest Dishonesty

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Honesty is a major pillar in an empath’s life. It is hard to tell female empaths half-truths. They can know when a man is dishonest. Secondly, most empaths will tell a man about it directly. Now, this bold approach can be intimidating to a male partner. More so, for a partner who tends to sugar-coat his mistakes and get away with it.

Moreover, an empath already knows what she wants in the relationship. Hence, if the partner is not into her, or wants to use her, she will keep off.

4. Empaths Value Solid Relationships

Now, if you see yourself as an average male partner, it won’t be ideal to date a female empath. Similarly, if you are just out to have fun for a night or so, then, an empath may feel frustrating to you. Female empaths seek justification for everything they do. Plus, when they are in a relationship, they are in it for the long haul. Indeed, female empaths value meaningful unions. They will do all they can to make it deep and fulfilling.

5. Intimacy is Key

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Are you in love with a female empath? You ought to know that if the feeling of love grounds her, she will be more open to showing you her vulnerable side. A love life with an empath can only be intimate, or else you won’t last for long. Sometimes, the male partners may not be ready for this intimacy. It is for this reason that empaths end up hurting the most when in a bad relationship.

Again, empaths have an intense love for their pets. There are times when, as a partner, you’ll feel as though you come second. Well, empaths can’t help it. But, a male partner may misunderstand this and opt to compete for attention. Unfortunately, this approach never works.

6. Empaths Are Hard To Deceive

Are you dealing with a significant issue in your life that can affect your relationship? Let your female empath partner know. This way, you’ll avoid awkward moments when your partner starts to doubt you.

Indeed, empaths have great intuition. They can tell if you are dealing with anxiety, stress, or any other emotional challenge. Covering up your struggle by blaming fatigue or lack of sleep won’t help. An empath will not be at peace until you clear the air.

7. They Value Consistency

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Whereas empaths never settle for an average life, they value consistency. They have a vision of what they want. Then, they develop routines that aim at achieving their dreams. Thus, if you are the type who never keeps a promise, your relationship will be quite hectic.

For example, did you promise to help out with house chores? Don’t bail out the last minute. The empath partner relies on your word to make bigger plans for the future.

8. Empaths Want It All Or Nothing At All

Now that you know you are in love with a female empath, are you reciprocating her feelings towards you? If not, then there will be problems. See, empaths will commit their all to the relationship and expect the same from you. Hence, this deep commitment can scare a partner who was out to have fun and move on.

9. Empaths are Independent

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Did you know that empaths are independent thinkers? Yes, we know empaths are emotional sponges with erratic mood swings, right? But, we do have alpha empaths who are pretty independent. Hence, they do not wait for their partners to assure them of their position in life or the relationship. Instead, they make solid choices and stick by them. Now, what happens when this empath dates a man with a traditional mindset?

10. You Can’t Cage a Female Empath

A female empath knows her strengths and weaknesses. Also, she has a higher sense of her surroundings than most of her peers. Sometimes, offering to protect her feels suffocating to her. She’d prefer to first make her own mistakes and work on fixing them.

A male partner with an urge to shield his female empath partner may not grasp this. Instead, he will feel helpless in times of the partner’s need.

The Bottom Line

Any man dating a female empath should do so with an open mind. These partners express their love differently. And, if you value your relationship, find ways to cope with your partner’s uniqueness. For example, you ought to take anything your partner tells you seriously. In addition, understand that you can never change an empath. They were born that way.