White Tara Mantra for Receiving the Gift Of Longevity and Health

White Tara mantra image

White Tara mantra is one of the most powerful mantras to help overcome life-threatening obstacles. It may seem incredible, but the regular practice of White Tara mantra really helps to prolong life. Moreover, this mantra can be read not only for yourself but also for another person. For example, if one of your family members is suffering from a serious illness, you can chant White Tara mantra with a visualization of a fast recovery.

In this article, I will share with you who White Tara is, what miraculous power she has and how to practice the White Tara mantra properly.

White Tara

White Tara Image

White Tara is one of the many images of the Divine Mother. In Tibet, White Tara is especially loved and revered as the Savior Goddess. Tibetan Buddhists believe that it is the Divine Mother who will save the world, and she comes for this at the end of Kali-Yuga.

White Tara is the white-fiery core of our chakras, the light of the Mother, the energy of Kundalini. By worshiping Her presence within you, you raise the Kundalini energies and connect with the cosmic principle of the Divine Mother.

White Tara Symbolism

The main symbol of White Tara is a fully blossomed Lotus, which represents the opening of the petals of the chakras.

White Tara is often depicted in rich attire. Her crown and earrings symbolize the manifestation of the abundant life of the Buddha. Everything in the material universe belongs to the children of the Divine Mother, and therefore the sense of well-being is part of its manifestation. It also shows those who renounce worldly things that the true wealth of the cosmos lies in spiritual qualities. The Mother has nothing but owns everything, and in this balance, we find Buddha’s discipline.

Often White Tara is depicted sitting in a Lotus position, allowing the Kundalini energy to flow freely. She holds her left hand near her heart, and extends her right hand in a mudra of supreme generosity, embodying the generosity and blessing of the whole life.

Elongated ears and the presence of a third eye symbolize the full use of internal feelings. You can see that all Buddhas have long ears which indicate their relationship with God through the inner hearing and inner sound.

White Tara has seven eyes. There are three eyes on her face (including one on her forehead) and one eye on each palm of her hands and feet. The seven eyes of White Tara symbolize her ability to clearly “see” all beings in all realms of the existence.

White Tara Purpose

White Tara Goddess Image

White Tara helps prolong life. If you invite her through a mantra, She will give you a long life. She also helps to achieve Enlightenment. She is gentle, calm, selflessly devoted, she nourishes you with her Divine mother energy. White Tara is the embodiment of purity.

She helps to solve problems through prayer, concentrating on the beauty of divine love. Her eyes radiate gratitude, joy, and love. All she feels and sees is love.

She says, “I’m here to heal the hearts of people from the tendency to worry. I love and I’m happy and it has a strong effect on the people whose lives I touch. It is a pleasure for me to spread joy everywhere.”

White Tara Mantra Benefits

This mantra has great power and anyone who practices it consistently is able to receive her help and assistance.

White Tara mantra:

  • reveals the qualities of compassion for others;
  • gives protection;
  • removes and prevents obstacles;
  • attracts abundance;
  • gives blessings;
  • helps to realize that the true abundance of the Universe lies in spiritual qualities;
  • provides quick assistance in all difficult situations;
  • helps to get rid of dangers and fears;
  • gives life extension, longevity, and enlightenment;
  • helps to enter into deep meditation;
  • saves lives and heals;
  • reveals gratitude, joy, and beauty through wisdom and love;
  • helps to get rid of worries;
  • gives joy and happiness;
  • helps to gain compassion and wisdom.

The Text Of White Tara Mantra

The White Tara mantra has different variations. I’ll share with you to of them – Sanskrit and Tibetan.

Sanskrit form is this:


The Tibetan form is this:


White Tara Mantra Meaning

OM represents a combination of the three pure sounds that signify the holy body, speech, and mind.

TARE means liberation from samsara, and in so doing, Tara liberates us from dissatisfaction and suffering.

TUTTARE means liberation from the eight dangerous thoughts: pride, envy, anger, avarice, wrong views, attachments, doubt, and delusion.

TURE means liberation from a physical and mental disease, the afflictions of the subdued, disturbed mind, ignorance, and negative actions.

MAMA means “mine”, or in other words “I would like to possess the following qualities”.

AYUR means “long life”.

PUNYA (Tibetan: PUNE) means merit that comes from living life ethically.

JNANA (Tibetan: GYANA) means “wisdom”.

PUSHTIM (Tibetan: PUNTIN) means “increase”.

KURU means “do so!” or “do it now!”.

SVAHA (Tibetan: SOHA) means hail, or may blessings be upon.

How To Practice White Tara Mantra?

Before chanting White Tara mantra you should set your intention. You can do it in any form. For example: “I dedicate the Chanting of White Tara mantra to … (name your request).

After setting the intention, chant White Tara mantra for 108 times and practice the visualization described below while chanting.

White Tara Visualization

This visualization is also called “Long Life White Tara Practice”.

Visualize the seed-syllable “TAM” above your head or in front of you, at the height of your forehead. From the TAM White Tara emerges: beautiful and smiling, surrounded by many Buddhas.

TAM seed mantra image

Visualize how long-life nectar is coming from Tara’s heart. This blissful white-light energy enters your Crown chakra and fills your body.

Feel how your negative karma, obscurations, spirit harm, and sicknesses are being completely purified.