Prithvi Mudra For Confidence, Grounding & Stability

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In this article, we will introduce you to the Prithvi mudra practice that is designed to reconnect you to Earth, ground you, and help you attain harmony and balance.

What Is Prithvi Mudra?

Prithvi is the Sanskrit name for the Earth (one of the five gross elements of which the entire universe is made of) as well as the name of a goddess in Hinduism and some branches of Buddhism.

Prithvi mudra is a symbolic hand gesture to promote healing and spiritual balance within the body.

Earth element governs our confidence, physical and mental stamina, sense of stability, and grounding. A healthy body needs to have a balance between all of the five elements. Any imbalance created between these elements can cause disease. Regular practice of Prithvi mudra helps to balance the earth element, which resides primarily within tissues, such as skin, hair, and bones.

How Does It Work?

Different positions of the fingers have the ability to close or clear the energy channels. In addition, performing this or that mudra, we affect the biologically active points of the palms and fingers.

Mudras were invented for the correct redirection of energy in the body, for the control of prana, and for changing the psycho-emotional state. Also, with their help, you can eliminate problems in the body and the mind by pressing on particular acupuncture points.

Connecting the fingers in certain combinations, you can activate the meridians and direct energy throughout the body, restore the flow of energy and eliminate “breakdowns” in diseased organs. Thus, each position of the hands has its own meaning and can benefit us if we learn to use this knowledge correctly.

The acupressure points located on the tips of all five fingers have the ability to influence the proportion of the corresponding element within the body. The tip of the thumb is linked to the fire element, the tip of the index finger to the air element, the tip of the middle finger to the ether element, the tip of the ring finger to the earth element, and the tip of the little finger to the water element.

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The tip of the thumb when brought in contact with the tip of any one of the other four fingers fires up the augmentation of the corresponding element inside the body. Thus, in Prithvi mudra, we bring the tip of the ring finger (which represents the earth element) in contact with the tip of the thumb (which represents the fire element) so that the proportion of the earth element can be balanced by enhancing its proportion within the body.

Prithvi mudra helps balance both the elements – earth and fire – as it increases the element of earth and decreases the element of fire within the body.

Prithvi Mudra Benefits

This powerful mudra helps:

  • heal chronic fatigue, osteoporosis, weight loss, convalescence or paralysis, burning sensations throughout the body, ulcers, and nail, hair or skin issues
  • grounding
  • increase mental stability
  • build and invigorate bones, nails, skin, muscles, and hair
  • enhance the kapha in the body
  • reduce the pitta in the body
  • stimulate the Muladhara chakra
  • prevent hair loss
  • reduce cholesterol
  • maintain healthy digestion
  • boost confidence
  • enhance the sense of security and stability
  • calm the mind and uplift the spiritual experience
  • boost the immunity
  • balance an overactive thyroid
  • heal cuts and wounds, bone fractures, and brittle nails faster
  • increase the density of the bones
  • restore equilibrium and trust

Moreover, Prithvi is the mudra of protection. If you suffer from the strong pressure of the surrounding world, if events or specific people take away your peace, perform the Prithvi mudra and you will feel under the protection of the natural forces. It helps to relieve stress quickly.

This powerful mudra can also provide emergency assistance in moments of a nervous breakdown, hysteria, or severe stress. Regular practice of this mudra will help you to achieve inner harmony and improve your self-esteem.

Who Shouldn’t Practice Prithvi Mudra?

Prithvi mudra is not recommended for:

How to Perform?

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Sit in any comfortable and stable seated meditation posture, such as padmasana (Lotus Pose) or sukhasana (Easy Pose). Then connect the tips of the ring fingers with the tips of the thumbs on each hand, whilst extending the other fingers straight.

Additional instructions:

  • Remove any jewellery or watch from the arms before practicing Prithvi Mudra
  • Begin with practicing this mudra for about a minimum of 10 minutes to 30 minutes every day in the morning or in the evening. For therapeutic benefits, practice Prithvi mudra for a minimum of 30-40 minutes every day.
  • In order to reap maximum benefits from practicing Prithvi mudra, perform it in the early morning between 4 am to 6 am.
  • Prithvi Mudra can be combined with the pranayama practice for better results and can also be done in standing position or while sitting in a chair.
  • Make sure you practice Prithvi mudra on an empty stomach – keep a gap of at least 4 hours between your last meal and the time of practice.