What is Merkaba: A Sacred Geometry for Spiritual Awakening and Healing

The Merkaba, a three-dimensional star with eight points, is a powerful force and geometric form that may hold the key to living a balanced life. This geometric shape has been associated with many life mysteries for a very long time. The sacred geometry of this star is said to contain the power and knowledge of spiritual healing for the soul.

In this article, we will answer what Merkaba is, its origin, and its significance in your life today. 

What is Merkaba

Merkaba is a term that comes from ancient Egyptian language, meaning “chariot” or “throne.” It is believed to be a divine light vehicle used by spiritual masters to connect with and reach those in need. The Merkaba is said to have the ability to connect the physical and spiritual realms, allowing for transcendence and spiritual growth. It is a powerful symbol that is often used in meditation and spiritual practices to help individuals connect with the divine and access higher levels of consciousness.

The History 

Different histories explain the origin of the Merkaba star. One that explicitly stands out is that it traces its origin back to the Bible in the book of Ezekiel. From the texts, it is deduced that the Merkaba can also be translated from Hebrew to “Chariot.” 

The Chariot is one of the popular ways God revealed himself to his people in the Bible. For instance, Elijah, God’s prophet, went to heaven on a fiery chariot. However, you must know that Merkaba can be interpreted with spiritual and religious connotations. Besides, you can still use it as a symbol to improve your life. 

How Can You Use the Merkaba Sacred Geometry?

merkaba sacred geometry image

To first answer the question ‘what is Merkaba?’ We can define the Merkaba as a tetrahedron star with eight different points spinning in opposite directions. You can spin it to create a perfectly harmonized and balanced field. The tetrahedron attracts more potent themes of harmony and balance. The themes that attract stability are the four triangular sides, while the other flat sides create unshakable forces. 

You can also use the tetrahedron to attract energies of the solar plexus, which include the ready-to-rise, grounded, and glorious. The top of the tetrahedron star stands for masculine energy, while the lower part is for feminine energy

You can also choose to go to earth or the cosmos. The top will be the cosmos, while the bottom will represent the earth. The pattern remains the same even for the physical vs. spiritual realm and dark vs. light. 

The idea behind this is that these energies spin in opposite directions, creating a perfect balance. In Biblical terms, this balance creates the force on the wheels of the chariots that will lift you to a space of higher consciousness. 

It is not difficult to spot the Merkaba shape in the different things in our daily lives. It can be found in water, plants, animals, and even our cells. This is a sign that has been designed by the universe and, therefore, naturally occurring.

Benefits of Merkaba Star

The Merkaba star is perfect for creating balance in different aspects of your life. Below are some ways the Merkaba can transform your life.

#1: Activating the Third Eye Chakra

third eye activation sacred geometry image

This is the same as opening up the pineal gland. If you want to restore the prana flow into the pineal gland, try using the Merkaba star to align it with prana breathing practices. The pineal gland is located at the center of the forehead. We commonly refer to it as the third eye chakra. 

What are the benefits of opening up the third eye chakra

A clogged third eye could be why you aren’t achieving your potential. You must activate your third eye chakra if you would love to go above and beyond in your life goals. Besides, it is great for activating your spiritual awareness and visualization. 

#2: Brain Balance

The Merkaba aligns and balances the left and right hemispheres of your brain. Having only a single side of the brain active can be very limiting. You want to balance the two of them and achieve your full potential in terms of:

  • Critical thinking and understanding;
  • Deeper tuning of life;
  • Participation in both physical and mental activities;
  • Opening up to spiritual awareness. 

#3: Opens Up the Heart

Human nature does not allow us to be receptive to love. Sometimes, even if we are receiving unconditional love, we keep our guard up. Using the Merkaba star can help you open your heart and be more receptive to unconditional love. This star harmonizes all the shades of love and lets the Kundalini spirit thrive. 

#4: Connects with the Source

Merkabas are deeply rooted in connecting you to the energy source as they let you explore and get in touch with your soul’s intentions. With this connection, you can start from zero and still get to wherever you want. 

However, it would be best if you learned the Merkaba programming correctly. If you do, you can spin the Merkaba to activate your yang energy. This can redirect your life to whatever you want. You can also invite success and luck in your business, studies, or relationships. 

#5: Raises your Vibrations

If your energy is low, you tend to connect with low and negative energies. Merkabas can help raise your energy to align and connect with high-value people and experiences. 

Besides, the sacred geometry of the Merkaba can help push out negative and stagnant energies. This is a sure way to create room for new flowing vibrational power. Remember that with high vibrational energy comes more happiness and fulfillment. 

#6: Cleanses the Chakras

Affirmations For Chakras Image

The Merkaba can help eliminate chakra blockages, which may be why you are not achieving your potential. Your body has seven points for energy flow. If you have blocked pathways, energy will not flow smoothly.

Merkaba is a powerful energy that helps you release any negative feelings and blockages that may be holding you back.  

 #7: Using Merkaba Energy for Meditation 

We are surrounded by energy in geometric shapes. This energy is either from us or the things surrounding us. In a typical life setting, the energy rotates at high speeds. However, the energy slows down or sometimes stops due to several negative experiences in our lives.

You have every reason to worry if you have slowed down or stopped vibrational energy. This is the primary reason for sluggish changes, making you miss out on life’s happy moments.

Luckily, you can use Merkaba meditation to recharge yourself and, in turn, keep things moving smoothly in your life.

Merkaba meditation entails practices such as:

  • Deliberate body and mind changes;
  • Breathing patterns;
  • Alteration of perception.

The Bottom Line

Merkaba is a powerful energy of sacred geometry that can be used for spiritual transformation, unblocking chakras, and balancing one’s life. Try meditating with the Merkaba to help assist you obtain= higher consciousness.