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Birthmark Location Meanings: Reveal Your Psychic Abilities And Weaknesses



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Our ancestors knew that a birthmark is a sign indicating how the life of its owner will develop. Nowadays most people do not pay much attention to their birthmarks. Some people even remove their birthmarks with a laser. However, esotericists believe that birthmarks can tell us a lot about our hidden strengths, weaknesses, and even psychic abilities! Moreover, if you know the birthmark location meanings you can always “read” any person which will give you a better understanding of who you’re dealing with.

In this article, we will share with you detailed information about birthmark location meanings!

Birthmark Location Meanings

The Three Witch Marks

In the Middle ages, a woman with birthmarks in certain places could pass for a real witch, and for this, she was burned at the stake. Psychics, esotericists, and sorcerers believe that some birthmarks can really indicate psychic abilities.

So, people with birthmarks on one of these three places of the body, have psychic abilities:

1. A Birthmark on the Temple

A person who has a birthmark on the temple has a very developed intuition. If you have such a birthmark, you should listen more to your intuition and pay attention to your feelings. You should also trust the thoughts or ideas that come to you spontaneously. Such a thought would be very helpful.

People with a birthmark on the temple can predict the events that have yet to happen. In addition, such people are able to distinguish the truth from lies and understand what kind of person is in front of them. They “read” people very well and their first impression about a person is always right.

2. A Birthmark Above the Knee

A person with a birthmark slightly above the knee is a true magician. Such a person has a strong connection with the other world, and in his/her dreams he/she often sees the deceased family members reporting important news.

3. A Birthmark Above the Upper Lip

People with a birthmark above the upper lip have the ability to easily convince and even hypnotize others. There’s something inside them that attracts people like a magnet. However, a person with a mark above the upper lip should constantly monitor each spoken word, because his/her statements can be easily realized.

Any person under the influence of emotions can say an offensive phrase or wish somebody bad, but it is especially dangerous to do if you have a birthmark above your upper lip. When you say something negative to people or about people you are able to really jinx these people and even ruin their lives!

Women’s Birthmark Location Meanings

Birthmark location meanings on the face of a woman can say a lot about her character, abilities, and talents.

Birthmark Above the Bridge of the Nose

Birthmark Above the Bridge of the Nose Image

If a woman has a birthmark above the bridge of her nose it indicates her good intuition and intelligence. Such a woman always seeks to learn something new and correctly uses new knowledge in life. Moreover, such a woman can become a clairvoyant due to her ability to communicate with the other world.

Birthmark on the Forehead

If a woman has a birthmark on the forehead she has the ability to predict the future.

A Birthmark in the Right Corner of the Eye

A woman with a birthmark in the right corner of the eye is very jealous, suspicious, and scandalous.

Birthmark on the Right Eyelid

Women with a birthmark on the right eyelid often experience anxiety. Any trouble can easily drive them into stress. At the same time, such women are smart and talented. They can become a great poet.

Birthmark Under the Right Eye

A woman with a birthmark under her right eye is capable of experiencing deep feelings. If such a woman falls in love, this feeling will last if not forever then a while. Such a woman is kind, gentle, and charming. Often, it is a sign of noble blood.

Birthmark Near the Nose

Women with birthmarks under the right eye near the nose never know what they want exactly. They change their minds several times a day. Moreover, such women are very quick-tempered and overly emotional. Such women usually have a very passionate but short-term relationship.

Birthmark in the Middle of the Nose

Women with a birthmark in the middle of the nose love to travel. Such women are very creative, restless, easy to communicate, and very outgoing.

Birthmark Under the Left Eye Near the Nose

Women with a birthmark under the left eye near the nose are very jealous. If the birthmark is further from the nose it shows sensuality of a woman.

Birthmark in the Left Corner of the Eye

Women with a birthmark in the left corner of the eye constantly criticize themselves. Because of her own internal problems, such a woman often comes into conflict with others.

Birthmark on the Left Eyelid

Birthmark location meaning Left Eyelid Image

The birthmark on the left eyelid of a woman speaks of her ability to quickly and permanently memorize information.

Birthmark on the tip of the Nose

Women with a birthmark on the tip of the nose like to joke, they are pleasant to talk to and like to break the rules. They are literally attracted to everything forbidden. In a romantic relationship, they are very frivolous, often behave childishly and even funny, therefore nobody can be angry with them. Such women are looking for their place in life for a long time, changing specializations and jobs.

Birthmark on the Cheek Under the Eye

A woman with a birthmark on her cheek under her eye always prevails her feelings over her mind. She turns her romantic life into drama. She has a ‘talent’ make things complicated and turn life into ‘soap opera’.

Birthmark Under the Nose

Women (as well as men) with a birthmark under the nose attracted to everything mystical and seems to have solutions to any complicated problems. They can be asked for help in solving deadlocks and they will give good advice. You can trust such people with a secret and you will not regret it.

If a woman has a birthmark right under her nose she is independent, loves to travel and enjoy life.

But if a woman has a birthmark above the lip (further from the nose but closer to the upper lip), on the contrary, prefers home comfort and tranquility.

Birthmark on the Left Side of the Nose

Women whose birthmark is on the left side of the nose, like to seduce and provoke. They often shock others with their extravagant behavior. However, they take marriage very seriously and think a lot before getting married.

Birthmark Above the Upper Lip on the Right

Birthmark Above Upper Lip Image

Such a birthmark indicates that a woman likes to weave intrigues and is sometimes cruel. She likes to dominate over a man. She avenges her partner for any mistake he makes and does not forgive insults at all. Such a tough woman is very appreciated at work. It allows her to successfully build a career and achieve brilliant results.

Birthmark Under the Lower Lip

Such women always seek true love. But at the same time, these women are very jealous. Such women may have bad health. Usually, other people feel the need of protecting and defending such a woman.

Birthmarks on the Lips

Such a birthmark shows that a woman has a very soft character. Such women do not know how to be responsible for their actions. Often they are lazy.

Birthmark on the Left Cheek

A mole on the left cheek next to the ear is a sign of a complex character. A woman with such a birthmark is silent, sullen, prone to depression.

A birthmark on the left cheek can often be seen in creative people: writers, artists, poets. The talent of these people is noted and encouraged. A woman with such a birthmark is talented in literally everything she undertakes, and especially in love! She is charming by nature!

Birthmarks on the Corner of the Lips

A woman with birthmarks in the corner of her lips is incredibly attractive, sexy, and desirable by many. But loyalty, unfortunately, is not her trait.

Birthmarks on the Cheekbones

Women with such birthmarks are capable of leading people, achieving goals, and constantly growing in all spheres. These leadership qualities are particularly evident for women, whose birthmarks are on the right cheekbones.

Birthmark on the Chin

Sarah Jessica Parker birthmark image

A birthmark on the chin is a sign of power. Such women are outwardly cute and soft, have the strength of character, and unbending spirit.

If a woman has a birthmark on the chin on the right, such a woman is resourceful, cheerful, always believes in her strength, tactful and wise.

And if a woman has a birthmark on her chin on the left, then such a woman has a lot of bad habits, is capricious and selfish.

If the birthmark is in the center of the chin, its owner is very stubborn. It is absolutely useless to argue with such a woman! Believing in her good intentions, such a woman can destroy the favorable atmosphere in any team.

Birthmarks on the Ears

Women with birthmarks on their ears are very original in the perception of the world. They often brag about their inner insecurities – that’s their way of protecting themselves. They strive to fight with their insecurities and blocks and eventually win.

Men’s Birthmark Location Meanings

Birthmark image

Birthmark on the Cheek

A man with a birthmark on his cheek is very extraordinary and has strong will power.

Birthmark Under the Nose

A birthmark under the nose shows a mystical potential of such a man. This rare sign gives a man the ability to predict the future, to interpret dreams, and to be a real magician.

Birthmark Under the Corner of the Lower Lip

If a man has a birthmark under the corner of the lower lip it indicates him as a jealous and lazy person. At the same time, he often unsuccessfully struggles with bad habits.

Birthmark on the Chin

A man with a mark on his chin is despotic and aggressive, knows how to achieve his goals. It is very important for such a man to create an unbreakable family that follows the traditions.

If a man’s birthmark is on the chin on the right, then such a man can be rude and greedy. He is very inflexible in relationships due to his inability to see the situation from another person’s perspective, to look at the problem from different angles.

If a man has a birthmark on the left side of his chin, such a man knows what he wants from life and constantly improving himself.

Birthmark in the Center of the Lip

A man with a birthmark in the center of the lip loves freedom. If the birthmark is located closer to the left side then such a man usually is a wonderful husband and father.

Birthmark Location Meanings On Different Parts of the Body

Birthmarks on the Arms

Birthmarks on Women’s Arms

Any birthmark on a woman’s arm indicates that she will be happy in her marriage.

Birthmarks on Women’s Right Forearm

If the birthmark is on the right forearm, then such a woman is very successful in her career or in building her own business.

Birthmarks on Women’s Left Forearm

A birthmark on the left forearm shows that a woman is ready to do anything for the sake of family happiness. Often such women marry early and give birth to many children.

Birthmarks on Women’s Elbows

Women with birthmarks on their elbows usually make money out of their hobbies.

Birthmarks on the Left Arm Below the Elbow

Women with such birthmarks usually lie a lot.

Lots of Birthmarks on Men’s Arms

Usually, when a man has a large number of birthmarks on his arms it indicates that he is faithful and will be a great family man.

A Triangle of Birthmarks on Men’s Arms

If you can see a triangle made of birthmarks on a man’s arm then you can be sure that such a man is always surrounded by women, but he struggles to make a final choice of marrying someone.

A Birthmark on a Man’s Forearm

If a man has a mark on his forearm it shows that this man will live longer than his wife, but his family will never need money. Also, pay attention to the size of the birthmark on man’s forearm! If the birthmark is big then such a man has very good potential to become incredibly rich.

A Birthmark on Men’s Right Arm

Such a birthmark is a sign of a real leader.

A Birthmark on Men’s Left Arm

Such a birthmark is a sign of struggle with external circumstances.

Birthmark Locations on the Hands

Birthmarks on the Palms

Birthmark location on hands image

Such birthmarks are a rare phenomenon! They show the fate of men and women. People with birthmarks on their palms are considered special. Both men and women, like to stay alone. They may have pets, but do not seek to marry. Such people live a long and healthy life.

Birthmarks on the Right Palm

Such people are hard workers. They succeed in their careers.

Birthmarks on the Left Palm

Such people are considered hermits. They usually have a close connection with nature, so they live in private homes and hate noisy cities.

A Birthmark Between Woman’s Fingers

If a woman has a birthmark between her fingers it shows her potential to marry a very rich man.

A Birthmark Between Man’s Fingers

The mole between the fingers of a man indicates that he will have to solve many problems in life, but eventually, he will cope with all.

Birthmarks on the Fingers of the Left Hand

So the mark on the finger of his left hand suggests that the person will be very disappointed in something. It can be a breakup or a betrayal of a friend.

Birthmarks on Women’s Thumbs

Such women successfully marry, give birth to healthy children. But it doesn’t happen in youth.

A Birthmark on the Thumb of the Right Hand

A person with such a birthmark is usually an invaluable cook.

A Birthmark on the Index Finger

Such a birthmark indicates a very talented person. People with birthmarks on their index fingers have very bright personalities. And the brighter the birthmark is, the more talent is shown. If the mole on the index finger appeared during life, then it shows that the time for a bright change came.

A Birthmark on the Middle Finger

Such a birthmark shows that its owner will create a strong family and the children born in such a family will be healthily and happy.

A Birthmark on the Pinky Finger of the Right Hand

It is a symbol of financial well-being.

A Birthmark on a Woman’s Ring Finger

It is a bad sign. Usually, such women don’t get married. If the mole appeared after a woman got married. It is advised to hide such a mole under the ring.

A Birthmark on a Man’s Pinky Finger of the Left Hand

It indicates that such a man will divorce multiple times and there is a big chance for him eventually stay alone.

Birthmarks on the Neck

A Birthmark on a Woman’s Neck

Birthmarks on the neck image

Such a woman is cheerful and charming. She often repeats the fate of her mother.

A Birthmark on a Man’s Neck

Such men are considered thinkers and philosophers. They are very calm and rarely reach heights in material terms.

A Birthmark on the Back of the Neck

Such a birthmark shows a lack of finance. People with this birthmark should never take risks and get involved in gambling. They should constantly count the money and plan every dollar they spend.

A Birthmark on the Front of the Neck

Such a birthmark is a sign of a really rich person. This birthmark acts as a money magnet! It’s recommended for people with such birthmarks to invest their money in the business.

Birthmarks on the Right Side of the Neck

It’s a sign of very realistic people. Such people have the power to overcome any obstacles and solve even most difficult problems.

A Birthmark Right in the Center of the Neck of a Woman

It’s a sign of the woman who loves herself and beautiful things.

A Birthmark Right in the Center of the Neck of a Man

It’s a sign of a selfish man.

Birthmarks on the Chest/Breast/Nipples

Birthmarks on the Left Side of a Woman’s Breast

It is a sign of a very passionate, but not faithful women. Usually, women with these birthmarks experience lots of problems in their personal life.

Birthmarks on the Right Side of a Woman’s Breast

Such a woman usually has a wonderful life, a happy family and healthy children. This woman is loyal, constant, and in old age will be surrounded by the care of grandchildren, children, a loving husband.

Birthmarks on Women’s Breasts

It’s a sign of a great mother.

Birthmarks on the Nipples

It’s a sign of the disease. Birthmarks on the left nipple predict heart disease, and on the right – an accident.

If you notice a lot of birthmarks under the right nipple of a man, it speaks of his weak will power. Such a man can not be trusted because he can easily change his mind and betray. But if there are only one or two birthmarks then a man can do a lot for the sake of a loved one.

Men with birthmarks under his left nipple are very brave, courageous, romantic. They usually become wonderful husbands.

Birthmarks on the Right Side of a Man’s Chest

It is a sign of the craving for alcohol and women.

Birthmarks on the Left Side of a Man’s Chest

Such a birthmark indicates prudence, good luck in business, which is achieved by diligence. If you notice the mark on the left side of the man’s chest, know that he is a good lover.

Birthmarks on the Back

Birthmarks on a Woman’s Back

Female back image

It turns out that the birthmarks on a woman’s back are a karmic sign. They appear because of grievances in past lives. Women with birthmarks on the back should communicate with others carefully, do not trust people completely, so as not to make mistakes again.

Birthmarks on the Upper Part of a Woman’s Back

If a woman has a lot of birthmarks on the upper part of her back, such a woman is accompanied by physical ailments and psychological problems.

Birthmarks on the Left Side of a Woman’s Back

Such a birthmark indicates that a woman is endowed with a great sense of humor.

Birthmarks Just Above a Woman’s Blades

Such birthmarks predict a difficult life. But this does not mean that such a woman will not be able to overcome life challenges.

A Birthmark in the Middle of a Man’s Back

This is a sign of a very kind, smart and reliable man.

Birthmarks in a Man’s Lumbar Area

This is a sign of an honest and loyal man. Men with such birthmarks should never risk. Their financial prosperity should be achieved only through hard work.

Birthmarks on the Belly

Women with birthmarks on their bellies are very emotional, overwhelmed by passions. Usually, such women love to eat, constantly dieting, but often break down without losing any weight. If these women develop enough will power they can turn their lives in the right direction and start eating properly.

As a rule, men and women with birthmarks on their bellies are very attractive.

Men with birthmarks on their bellies are very sexually attractive and like to dominate the partner.

A woman with a birthmark on her navel is talented in choosing men, she is happy in marriage, loves and cares for her children.

A man with a birthmark on his navel usually is pretty wealthy and has a good family.

However, often men and women with birthmarks on their navels are pretty selfish.

Birthmarks on the Shoulders

People with birthmarks on their shoulders are very strong, but on their way of life, they face lots of problems.

A birthmark on the right shoulder is a sign of a very calm and intellectual person who is very lucky in business.

A birthmark on the left shoulder is a sign of a successful person. But this success is related to work and business while their romantic life is not so happy. As a rule, such people are considered real debaters, defending their position in life.

Birthmarks on the Head

If a birthmark is hidden in the hair and has the appearance of a cross, it speaks of major troubles.

A birthmark under the hair of a different form suggests that its owner is able to manipulate people.

If birthmarks are hidden behind the hair, it is a sign of very smart and successful people. Often they become excellent teachers, write books, get involved in spirituality and esotericism.

Birthmarks on the temples is a sign of sensitive people. A person with a birthmark on his/her left temple is talented, but can often have headaches, so he has a bad memory and confused speech. A birthmark on the right temple predicts a hard life.

People with moles on the temples are recommended to hide their birthmarks from other people’s eyes because they are karmic signs given from above. People with marks on the temples can be mediums, healers, predict the future.

Birthmarks Under Arms

Women who have a birthmark under the left arm usually successfully marry a good and wealthy man. They also have pretty good careers. Usually, such women have a very good character.

Men with a birthmark under the left arm are soft, but they are great husbands and fathers. They are good at managing money and always help their friends. But sometimes their openness and inability to say “no” can be used against them and turn their lives into trouble.

A woman with a birthmark under the right arm is very strong and this quality often scares away men. Therefore such a woman usually is not too happy in her personal life.

A man with a birthmark under the right arm is very stubborn, smart, brave, wealthy, but in romantic life is not too happy.

Birthmarks on the Buttocks

Mole image

If a woman has a birthmark on her right buttock then such a woman is very frivolous but incredibly cheerful and sociable. Very often such women choose their friends for the sake of their interests, and therefore rarely find real friends.

A birthmark on the upper part of a woman’s buttock is a sign of a woman that tends to waste money, and their passionate relationships rarely lead to the wedding.

Birthmarks on the lower part of a woman’s right buttock are a sign of a lazy, greedy, and selfish person. Usually, it’s not easy to see the true face of such a woman because they skillfully hide their shortcomings, posing as lovely persons prone to self-sacrifice.

If a woman has a birthmark on the top of her left buttock then it’s a good sign. These ladies are faithful, hardworking, kind, and loving. They make great wives.

Women with birthmarks on the lower parts of their left buttocks are very smart. They successfully build their careers. However, they are not very lucky in their romantic relationships.

Men with birthmarks on the upper part of their right buttocks are considered lazy, cunning, and unreliable husbands. These men are at great risk of going to prison.

Men with birthmarks on the bottom part of their right buttocks are nice men, caring husbands, great friends.

A man with a birthmark on his left buttock has a powerful charisma. He fascinates people. Such a man knows how to make good money and be a good husband.

Birthmarks on the Legs and Feet

Men with birthmarks above their knees are creative and intelligent. However, if the birthmark is small then such men can be alcoholics.

Women with birthmarks above their knees are mysterious, very silent, very attractive. However, they need to monitor their psychological state.

If a birthmark on the leg is closer to the groin then these people are very hardworking, love the stability, and therefore always save money and think about tomorrow.

People with birthmarks on their hips from behind are very lucky and cheerful.

A birthmark on men’s left feet on the right indicates a smart and joyful person.

A birthmark on women’s left feet on the right is a sign of a woman’s impermanence.

Birthmarks on the left feet on the left is a sign of rich and wise men and sad and serious women.

A birthmark on the right foot indicates women’s loyalty and care and men’s resourcefulness.

Birthmarks on the toes are the signs of problems with health.

Bottom Line

Though our birthmarks can tell us a lot about our fate we should always remember that everything is in our hands! Knowing birthmark location meanings, empowers you to know and understand your strong and weak sides. So if you decide to take control over your life you can always change your behavior and thus your destiny.


Spiritual Empath: 10 Signs You Could Be One



Spiritual empath image

Picture this: Your daughter spends a lot of time away from her peers, preferring to play with her imaginary friend instead. Or, your son says he talks to his late grandma every night when he goes to bed. What can you make of this? If this child is a highly sensitive person (HSP), chances are, you are raising a spiritual empath. The same applies to adult empaths who have unique abilities to connect to the world of the spirit.

What Is a Spiritual Empath?

A spiritual empath is a highly sensitive person who senses an angel, spirit guide, or any other spiritual being nearby. And, these spiritual beings can channel their messages to the physical realm using words or actions by this spiritual empath.

However, as an empath, this heightened sensation and interaction with the world of the spirit can be overwhelming. So, discover if you are a spiritual empath by examining the following tell-tale signs: –

The Signs of a Typical Spiritual Empath

Empathic Narcissist Image

#1: Is a Compassionate Person

A spiritual empath has profound feelings towards others, especially those in need. In turn, they find it easy to connect to both people and spiritual beings. They show kindness to all, including animals and nature.

#2: Has an Approachable Personality

Do your friends, family members, and colleagues find it easy to share their problems with you? For example, do you find yourself soothing a crying child in an airplane? Or, are you always mediating quarrels amongst your peers at school? It could be that, as a spiritual empath, you have a welcoming aura around you. Hence, those near you feel calm and trust you with their deepest fears.

#3: Hates Conflict

Do you give in to arguments for the sake of making peace? If so, you could be a spiritual empath. See, spiritual empaths are in-born peacemakers. They avoid heated arguments at all costs, even if it means losing something in the process.

#4: Feels Like an Emotional Sponge

If you find yourself aware of what others are feeling to the point of experiencing their pain, joy, anxiety, or worry, you could be a spiritual empath. Here, you absorb the negative and positive energies in your surroundings without uttering any words.

#5: Has Their Intuition Always on Point

A spiritual empath is in tune with what is happening in the immediate surroundings. In turn, they rely on how they feel about different situations to make decisions. For example, the spiritual empath may have a gut feeling that going to the shopping mall today is not a good idea. Only to switch on the news and find out there is a blizzard coming that way.

#6: Can Sense New Vibes Right Away

Do you walk into a room and feel a rush of new energy entering or leaving it? It gets complicated when you are in a crowded place because, you get bombarded with all these conflicting energies, hence, draining your mind.

#7: Treasures Their ‘Me Time’

Note that a spiritual empath has little control over what negative or positive energies to absorb. Hence, this empath feels at peace when away from the crowds, conflicting energies, or any disturbances.

#8: Is an Introverted Person

Spiritual empaths like to reflect on all the emotions and thoughts for the day. They do this by isolating themselves from the crowds, spending quiet time to think things through. In turn, they take longer to make up their minds about everything. And, they express their emotions through poetry rather than verbal conversations.

#9: Feels Exhausted in Public Places

If you are a spiritual empath, you find commuter trains, airports, shopping malls, and other crowded public areas draining. Here, negative energies from all around you get you anxious, to the point of getting sick.

#10:  Wants to End Human Suffering

Spiritual empaths sense when negative events are about to happen. For example, their intuition kicks in when a child is about to fall and hurt themselves at the poolside. And, they may notice a serious illness by looking at a pimple or a mild skin discoloration. In response, spiritual empaths try all they can to prevent or end this suffering.

Coping Mechanisms for a Spiritual Empath

Meditation guide image

If you suspect that you are a spiritual empath, practice coping habits that protect your mental health. These are day-to-day routines that keep you in control of when to open or close those channels of communication with the spirit world.

Here are some quick tips to get you started: –

#1: Practice Self-Awareness

If you suspect that you are a spiritual empath, take time to understand yourself. Practice self-awareness to know your surroundings and identify what triggers feelings of depression and anxiety. Likewise, set healthy boundaries that ensure you only deal with situations that you can handle.

#2: Channel Your Emotions Towards Positive Activities

Did you know that spiritual empaths become spiritual teachers and professional mediums, helping others through their unique gift? So, if you have a child who shows signs of a spiritual empath, nurture these abilities.

#3: Meditate Daily

Daily meditation helps in cleansing negative energies. Likewise, it is a grounding technique that assists spiritual empaths on how to manage their thought processes. That way, they have control over how they react to others.

#4: Crystal Healing

Crystal healing taps into the healing powers of Mother Nature. For example, wearing a Rose Quartz bracelet can ground, soothe, and heal the heart chakra. Likewise, Black Tourmaline redirects negative energies away from you, grounds and calms you, and helps in activating the root chakra.

#5: Support System

Who do you run to when you feel overwhelmed? Ideally, a spiritual empath should have a supportive family and circle of friends with their best interest at heart. Likewise, seek professional help if you are going through depression or anxiety.


If you are a sensitive person who often connects to the spirit world, you could be a spiritual empath. Instead of suppressing your vivid dreams or thoughts, use them to help those in need around you. Still, adjust your lifestyle to cope with the overwhelming energies coming your way.

Take our 2-min quiz to find out what type of empath you are (CLICK HERE).

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Mercury Retrograde In Libra: How Will It Affect Us?



Mercury Retrograde In Libra Image

This fall’s Mercury retrograde happens from September 27th to October 18th. In this article, I will share with you some important information about this period and some tips on how to make Mercury retrograde in Libra a harmonious and peaceful time for you.

What Is Mercury Retrograde?

Retrograde is a special type of movement of the planet, when from the Earth it seems to us that it’s going backward, although the planet simply changes direction relative to the Sun. All planets periodically become retrograde. For some, it happens every few months or every few years. But Mercury is usually the record holder in this “marathon”: a retrograde period occurs on average 3-4 times a year.

Mercury is the only planet whose retrograde effect is felt by most people on Earth. It is believed that during the retrograde period, Mercury has a detrimental effect on people, but if you properly use the energy of this period, you can benefit from it.

Mercury is the planet of contacts, contracts, information, intellectual activity, communication, and commerce. It is associated with travel and transport, negotiations, training, and signing documents. Mercury is responsible for memory, speech, oratory, logic, and intelligence. Therefore, its retrograde movement may negatively affect all the above.

You may feel this retrograde period in different ways, here are some of its effects:

  • exposed secrets;
  • arisen scandals;
  • frequent anxiety;
  • gatherings are prone to turning into gossiping;
  • restlessness;
  • misunderstandings within relationships;
  • delays;
  • obstacles;
  • mistakes, etc.

Mercury Retrograde In Libra

zodiac signs image

Mercury goes retrograde in the lunar mansion of Chitra nakshatra from September 27th, starting in the sign of Libra and then back into Virgo by October 2nd, before turning direct on October 18th.

Chitra nakshatra is the Mars-ruled nakshatra that is also known as “the star of opportunity”. This nakshatra is marked by the bright star Spica, venerated throughout many ancient world cultures. Its luminance earned it the title ‘stunning pearl’ – suspended in heaven. Like the hidden wealth of gemstone, Chitra is adept at revealing hidden beauty, coaxing the dull and ordinary into revealing their splendor. Like a pearl, its shell must be opened to reveal its beauty. Therefore, Chitra is said to rule over all acts of transformation and to reflect the world of Maya and delusions, which must be overcome. Chitra is one of the most mystical nakshatras of all, giving spiritual depth with sudden flashes of insight.

Those working on creative ideas (especially related to writing or arts) are going to be supported by the energy of Chitra nakshatra. A small message may turn into a fully-formed article or even a book. Studying a new subject may lead you all the way into a new specialty. Chitra nakshatra will give you discipline and original thought in your research and will give you the inspiration to re-think and edit your writing and get it all down in a smooth and presentable form. This nakshatra encourages us to think bigger and bolder and find new ways to make the world a more beautiful place.

As it reverses back into Virgo, Mercury joins dynamic Mars and gives you an assertive voice in the debate, along with the ability to campaign. This coming-together peaks on October 10th, in Hasta nakshatra.

Hasta nakshatra is the Moon-ruled nakshatra that is symbolized by an open hand. This nakshatra brings business success and charm, but an eventual fall from favor. Hasta nakshatra gives people a strong desire to coerce, heal, and trick. It also increases the mercantile qualities of people. Under the influence of this nakshatra, people will experience highs and lows, like every day there is a new challenge, and every turn of the page brings something new and unexpected. However, Hasta nakshatra also gives people a highly adaptive nature and an opportunity to turn a potential setback into an opportunity, reaping benefits from the most unlikely places.

Though you may be under pressure to give an answer or make a decision, keep your patience and wait for the right time to do it. Don’t make any important decisions during this time, especially related to finances and health. Wait until this period pass and you can see more clearly what people’s agenda is.

Don’t be afraid to defer judgment, even if an offer appears too good to miss. You see, details usually emerge after the end of a retrograde period that you couldn’t possibly have known at the outset.

Mercury also receives the influence of expansive Jupiter after October 2nd. At this point, your thinking takes on a broader and more optimistic tone which will help you to express even an uncomfortable truth in a positive way.

As you can see, this is a pretty positive retrograde because Mercury feels good in Libra. Then it goes in Virgo where it’s exalted.

This Mercury retrograde is good for listening, reflecting, repairing relationships, solving past problems with miscommunication, reaching out to others, and reconnecting.

The Dos During Mercury Retrograde

Mercury Retrograde 2021 Image

So, in the period of Mercury retrograde in Libra, the following actions will be favorable:-

#1: Finish things

If you want something new to happen in your life, make room for it, finish things before moving forward. Think about how many things you need to finish, delegate, or get rid of before you can move on and bring new relationships, abundance, and wealth into your life. This period is perfect for finishing old relationships, getting rid of toxic people, sorting out your feelings and emotions. You can also quit your old job.

#2: Deal with unfinished and running projects and documents

You can finish the article, or finish the book you’re working on. It is good to restore order, throw away all unnecessary papers, archives, and media.

#3: Meet with friends

This is a good time to meet with friends and family members you haven’t seen in a long time. If you had some miscommunication problems in the past, it’s time to solve them. Reaching out and reconnecting with people you haven’t been talking to for a while is very beneficial during this time.

#4: Analyze your mental attitudes

Pay attention to how your thoughts and attitude shape your reality. Think about – what thoughts you can let go of to improve your life? Are there any mental programs, blocks, or stereotypes that prevent you from reaching your goals? Well, now it’s the perfect time to let them go.

#5: Engage in spiritual practice

This is the time when we all need to focus more on our spiritual journey. Meditate, purify and calm your mind, chant mantras, pray and work with positive affirmations.

The Don’ts During Mercury Retrograde

During periods of retrograde, all Mercurian affairs develop slowly, there is often confusion, the risk of mistakes increases. New projects are slowed down, transport, and mail services are disrupted. It is more difficult to study and engage in intellectual work, to conduct negotiations. During such periods, equipment breaks down more often, and communication operators have problems with their work. Therefore, take note of what is still better not to do in this period to avoid trouble:-

#1: Making purchases

Especially it is better not to make any big purchases, because later you may be disappointed. For example, you may find hidden defects in the things you buy.

#2: Signing contracts, making transactions, opening a business, and starting a project

During Mercury retrograde, there is a very high probability of making mistakes. Therefore, it’s not recommended to sign contracts, make transactions, open a business, or start a new project during this period.

#3: Getting a new job

Those getting new jobs during the retrograde period are usually disappointed with their jobs later. You may not be satisfied with the conditions, some additional information may open some disadvantages or difficulties the job has, etc.

#4: Making important decisions

Later you most likely will regret such decisions. They may bring you more trouble than satisfaction.

#5: Starting a training or course

If you start a training or take a course during the retrograde period, the study may appear to be more difficult than you expected or the knowledge gained may not be useful.

#6: Making big purchases

Anything you buy during Mercury retrograde has a chance to disappoint you in some way. Don’t buy real estate, cars, or anything that requires big money being paid. Most likely, such purchases will not be useful, or will be unnecessary in the future, or will break down.

#7: Borrowing money

If you borrow money during Mercury retrograde, it may be difficult to pay this money back.

#8: Starting a new relationship

Relationships started during the retrograde period will not be long-lasting and will not become serious.

#9: Moving, buying real estate, signing the rent

Any operations with real estate will face delays and obstacles. Therefore, it’s better to postpone moving, buying real estate, or signing the rent.

Spiritual Practices

Here are some spiritual tools that will help you make this Mercury retrograde in Libra a good period for you.

#1: Mercury Mantra

To neutralize the negative influence of Mercury retrograde on your life, chant the Mercury mantra 108 times daily:

Om Namo Bhagvate Vasudevaya Namah

Chanting this powerful mantra gives:

  • invincible self-confidence;
  • astonishing concentration power;
  • laudable intelligence;
  • commendable communication;
  • business skills;
  • calmness and peace;
  • wisdom;
  • knowledge;
  • enlightenment.

#2: Gemstones

To pacify the effect of Mercury retrograde, you can wear gemstones throughout this period.

Emerald is Mercury’s primary gem! It is the closest in representing Mercury through its crystalline structure that helps distribute Mercury’s cosmic rays that the planet emanates. Wearing emerald can help balance the influence of the planet and re-establish balance and harmony in your energetic field and mitigate difficulties cause by the retrograde period.

Jade can be used as a valid substitute for an emerald when working with Mercury gems.

Peridot can be used to strengthen relationships and connections. This stone pacifies retrograde Mercury and balances your life. It can be worn for health in general and to increase wealth and happiness in life.

Aventurine is connected to Mercury and is known as a lucky stone. It is great for overall health and well-being. Aventurine can be used to regulate pitta dosha in Ayurveda and is connected to Anahata Chakra.

emerald image

#3: Yantra

Mercury Yantra (also called Buddha Yantra) helps to decrease the negative impacts of Mercury. This yantra also:

  • helps to boost intellect;
  • improves studying abilities;
  • helps in personal development;
  • improves memory;
  • helps to develop oratory and communicative abilities;
  • attracts success;
  • improves the financial situation, etc.

Display the Buddha Yantra in the North sector of your house and chant the Mercury mantra 108 times while looking in the center of the Yantra. Perform this practice daily or, at least, every Wednesday.

Mercury Yantra Image

The Bottom Line

Mercury retrograde in Libra is part of the natural cycle intended to be a time of reflecting and re-doing things that need our attention. This is the time to slow down, reflect, and listen to our voice within. In our fast-paced world, it can feel like a punishment but, truthfully, it can be a blessing. Mercury retrograde offers us a beautiful opportunity to tidy up, chill out, and get crystal clear on exactly what we need to do to further align with our highest purpose.

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Inspirational quotes

Spiritual Warrior Quotes: 40 Deep Sayings to Inspire Your Spiritual Journey



spiritual warrior quotes image

There are many interpretations and definitions for the term “Spiritual Warrior”. In the Buddhist tradition, a spiritual warrior is someone who longs to attain complete spiritual realization and who combats the universal enemy: self-ignorance, the ultimate source of suffering according to Buddhist philosophy. Others believe that a spiritual warrior is someone who has the courage to walk a path that not many have walked before, who chooses to live up to their true Spiritual Nature, becoming a catalyst for the evolution of consciousness. In this article, we have collected 40 spiritual warrior quotes that express different views on what a spiritual warrior is. May these quotes inspire you to stay committed to your spiritual path, personal evolution, and the journey of self-realization.

40 Spiritual Warrior Quotes


“To be a spiritual warrior means to develop a special kind of courage, one that is innately intelligent, gentle, and fearless. Spiritual warriors can still be frightened, but even so, they are courageous enough to taste suffering, to relate clearly to their fundamental fear, and to draw out without evasion the lessons from difficulties.” ~ Sogyal Rinpoche


“Only as a warrior can one withstand the path of knowledge. A warrior cannot complain or regret anything. His life is an endless challenge, and challenges cannot possibly be good or bad. Challenges are simply challenges.” ~ Carlos Castaneda


“The warrior of light knows the importance of intuition. In the midst of battle, he does not have time to think of the enemy’s blows, and so he uses his instinct and obeys his angel. in times of peace, he deciphers the signs that God sends him. People say, “He’s mad.” Or, “He lives in a fantasy world.” Or even, “How can he possibly believe in such illogical things?” But the warrior knows that intuition is God’s alphabet and he continues listening to the wind and talking to the stars.” ~ Paulo Coelho


“To be a spiritual warrior, one must have a broken heart; without a broken heart and the sense of tenderness and vulnerability, your warriorship is untrustworthy.” ~ Chogyam Trungpa


“Intent is not a thought, or an object, or a wish. Intent is what can make a man succeed when his thoughts tell him that he is defeated. It operates in spite of the warrior’s indulgence. Intent is what makes him invulnerable. Intent is what sends a shaman through a wall, through space, to infinity.” ~ Carlos Castaneda


“The things that can restore us have to get in, too. This is what the wisdom of an open heart is all about. All the spiritual traditions speak of this but I love the Tibetan tradition: “A spiritual warrior always has a crack in his heart because that is how the mysteries can get in.” ~ Mark Nepo


“He who conquers himself is the mightiest warrior.” ~ Confucius


“The spirit of a warrior is not geared to indulging and complaining, nor is it geared to winning or losing. The spirit of a warrior is geared only to struggle, and every struggle is a warrior’s last battle on earth. Thus the outcome matters very little to him. In his last battle on earth, a warrior lets his spirit flow free and clear. And as he wages his battle, knowing that his intent is impeccable, a warrior laughs and laughs.” ~ Carlos Castaneda


“Warriors of light are not perfect. Their beauty lies in accepting this fact and still desiring to grow and to learn.” ~ Paulo Coelho

Spiritual Warrior Quotes

spiritual warrior quote castaneda image

”The basic difference between an ordinary man and a warrior is that a warrior takes everything as a challenge while an ordinary man takes everything as a blessing or a curse.” ~ Carlos Castaneda


“The spiritual warrior hides from nothing. We jump into the fire, we dive into the ocean. We become the sea.” ~ Charlotte Sophia Kasl


“To be a warrior is not a simple matter of wishing to be one. It is rather an endless struggle that will go on to the very last moment of our lives. Nobody is born a warrior, in exactly the same way that nobody is born an average man. We make ourselves into one or the other.” ~ Carlos Castaneda


“The strongest of us are those that are spiritually strong, and a spiritual warrior is one of vulnerability.” ~ Chogyam Trungpa


“The hardest thing in the world is to assume the mood of a warrior. It is of no use to be sad and complain and feel justified in doing so, believing that someone is always doing something to us. Nobody is doing anything to anybody, much less to a warrior.” ~ Carlos Castaneda


“We warriors of light must be prepared to have patience in difficult times and to know that the Universe is conspiring in our favor, even though we may not understand how.” ~ Paulo Coelho


“The real Art of Peace is not to sacrifice a single one of your warriors to defeat an enemy. Vanquish your foes by always keeping yourself in a safe and unassailable position; then no one will suffer any losses. The Way of a Warrior, the Art of Politics, is to stop trouble before it starts. It consists in defeating your adversaries spiritually by making them realize the folly of their actions. The Way of a Warrior is to establish harmony.” ~ Morihei Ueshiba


“A rule of thumb for a warrior is that he makes his decisions so carefully that nothing that may happen as a result of them can surprise him, much less drain his power.” ~ Carlos Castaneda


“Courage, above all things, is the first quality of a warrior.” ~ Carl von Clausewitz

Spiritual Warrior Quotes

spiritual warriors image

”Personal history must be constantly renewed by telling parents, relatives, and friends everything one does. On the other hand, for the warrior who has no personal history, no explanations are needed; nobody is angry or disillusioned with his acts. And above all, no one pins him down with their thoughts and their expectations.” ~ Carlos Castaneda


“A warrior of light knows that in the silence of his heart he will hear an order that will guide him.” ~ Paulo Coelho


“Each Warrior wants to leave the mark of his will, his signature, on important acts he touches. This is not the voice of ego but of the human spirit, rising up and declaring that it has something to contribute to the solution of the hardest problems, no matter how vexing!” ~ Pat Riley


“One has to beckon the spiritual warrior inside oneself whenever it is deemed necessary for the task at hand. Courage is the fuel. Healing is the direction. Forgiveness is the balm. Love is the atmosphere Divine.” ~ Donna Goddard


“To open deeply, as genuine spiritual life requires, we need tremendous courage and strength, a kind of warrior spirit.” ~ Jack Kornfield


“Whenever a warrior decides to do something, he must go all the way, but he must take responsibility for what he does. No matter what he does, he must know first why he is doing it, and then he must proceed with his actions without having doubts or remorse about them.” ~ Carlos Castaneda


“Warriors of light frequently ask themselves what they are doing here. Very often they believe their lives have no meaning. That is why they are warriors of light. Because they make mistakes. Because they ask questions. Because they continue to look for a meaning. And, in the end, they will find it.” ~ Paulo Coelho


“Foster and polish the warrior spirit while serving in the world; illuminate the path according to your inner light.” ~ Morihei Ueshiba


“You have to grow from the inside out. None can teach you, none can make you spiritual. There is no other teacher but your own soul.” ~ Swami Vivekananda

warrior of light quote paulo coelho image

”In order to have faith in his own path, he does not need to prove that someone else’s path is wrong.” ~ Paulo Coelho


“A warrior considers himself already dead, so there is nothing to lose. The worst has already happened to him, therefore he’s clear and calm; judging him by his acts or by his words, one would never suspect that he has witnessed everything.” ~ Carlos Castaneda


Empaths did not come into this world to be victims, we came to be warriors. Be brave. Stay strong. We need all hands on deck.” ~ Anthon St. Maarten


“The Warrior of the Light is a believer. Because he believes in miracles, miracles begin to happen. Because he is sure that his thoughts can change his life, his life begins to change. Because he is certain that he will find love, love appears.” ~ Paulo Coelho


“The successful warrior is the average man, with laser-like focus.” ~ Bruce Lee


“Feeling important makes one heavy, clumsy, and vain. To be a warrior one needs to be light and fluid.” ~ Carlos Castaneda


“Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls; the most massive characters are seared with scars.” ~ Kahlil Gibran


“Warriors do not win victories by beating their heads against walls, but by overtaking the walls. Warriors jump over walls; they don’t demolish them.” ~ Carlos Castaneda


“Yesterday’s pain is the Warrior of the Light’s strength.” ~ Paulo Coelho


“Be a Warrior, not a Worrier.”


“Untroubled, scornful, outrageous – that is how wisdom wants us to be: she is a woman and never loves anyone but a warrior.” ~ Friedrich Nietzsche


“Weapons may be carried by creatures who are evil, dishonest, violent, or lazy. The true warrior is good, gentle, and honest. His bravery comes from within himself; he learns to conquer his own fears and misdeeds.” ~ Brian Jacques


“The most beautiful people we have known are those who have known defeat, known suffering, known struggle, known loss, and have found their way out of the depths. These persons have an appreciation, a sensitivity, and an understanding of life that fills them with compassion, gentleness, and a deep loving concern. Beautiful people do not just happen.” ~ Elisabeth Kübler-Ross

We hope you are inspired by these spiritual warrior quotes as much as we are!

Please feel free to share our collection of spiritual warrior quotes on your Social media to inspire others!

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