Everyone Should Know Their Kua Number! Here Is Why

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Do you feel unlucky in certain spheres of life? Does your sleep provide you with good rest? Do you wonder why you can’t attract “the right” partner for a relationship? Do you feel like it’s hard to attract money or success? All this and much more is in the sphere of “competence” of the Kua number. If you want to make your life better but don’t know what to start with, consider organizing your everyday life according to your personal Kua number.

The Kua number is called the number of fate. It allows you to determine its compatibility with your own home or workplace. When you know your Kua number and apply it correctly, you can quickly and effectively adjust the overall “picture” of the house in accordance with the personal auspicious and inauspicious directions.

Kua Number In Feng Shui

In Feng Shui, the Kua number indicates your personal energy. We can say that the Kua number is your personal Feng Shui, which allows you to determine individual auspicious and inauspicious directions. What does that mean?

Different directions, depending on where they are directed, have different energy characteristics. For someone, a certain direction can be beneficial, bring good luck in business, promote health and success. And it may not suit another person at all.

The Kua Number formula is one of the most powerful of the compass Feng Shui formulas. It shows you how to find your best and worst directions using a compass. From then on, it is only a matter of taking some time to check your sleeping, sitting, and facing directions while you sleep, eat, work, talk, sit, meet somebody, give a presentation, etc. Making this small effort is all that is needed to get the most out of your auspicious directions.

Once you get into the habit of checking your personal directions, your life will never be the same again. Good Feng Shui will always assist you wherever you go and whatever you do.

Find Out Your Kua Number

There is a special formula for calculating the Kua Number. But I decided to simplify the calculating process for you so I came up with the table below that simply shows your Kua number based on the date of your birth. All you need to do is find the year of your birth in the table and then in the two last columns, you will see the Kua number for men and women.

Kua Number Table

Find Out What Group You Belong To

According to the Kua formula, everyone belongs to either the East or West group. These two groups are in conflict with each other. It means that West group people will suffer if they are facing or are located in East group directions. And East group people are similarly affected if they are facing or are located in West group directions. So it’s very important to find out from your Kua number whether you belong to the East or West group.

East group people have Kua 1, 3, 4, and 9.

West group people have Kua 2, 5, 6, 7, and 8.

East group auspicious directions are East, Southeast, South, and North. But these directions are considered inauspicious for West group.

West group auspicious directions are West, Southwest, Northeast, and Northwest. But these directions are considered inauspicious for East group.

The Four Lucky And Unlucky Directions

Now that you know your Kua number you can find what your good and bad directions are. Just find your Kua number in the table below and you will find your good and bad directions.

auspicious and inauspicious directions table

Now you know your good and bad directions. But what do they mean exactly? Let’s find out!

As you can see every person has four good directions. Each of them brings a different kind of auspicious luck. The explanation below describes each of the lucky directions in details.

Wealth Direction

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This direction is considered to be your most auspicious direction. Wealth, success, and prosperity luck come to you from this direction. Ideally, it’s good if this direction corresponds to the entrance of your house or apartment building. This direction promises excellent Feng Shui luck and a life filled with great abundance and happiness. Make sure to face this direction when you’re working, negotiating a deal, having a job interview, or giving a presentation. It’s also good if you position your bed so that you sleep with your head pointed to this direction, and eat facing this direction as well.

Health Direction

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This is the second auspicious direction you can tap in to. This direction brings your best health and longevity. It is especially potent to utilize this direction if one is ill or generally in a poor health. The best way to do this is to orientate your cooler or kettle so that the energy that enters the appliance comes from this direction. You should also face your health direction when you eat.

Love Direction

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If you’re looking for a soulmate, romantic relationship or family harmony, your love direction is the best direction to use for the entrance into your bedroom or living room. It brings a wonderful relationship, marriage, family and, descendants luck. The love direction always has connotations of romance that leads to marriage. Facing your love direction promotes goodwill, tolerance and harmonious relationships. If you’re looking for serious relationship or you’re already married and want to have harmony in your family, then this is the direction that is the best to tap.

Sleep with your head pointed towards this direction if you want to find a soulmate or if your life is lacking in romance and love.

Tapping the love direction is also good for mothers who are having a hard time understanding their kids. If you want your children to be easier to look after, have them sleep with their heads pointed to their love directions.

Personal Growth Direction

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This direction brings an excellent education luck as well as personal development luck. Face this direction when you need help with thinking more clearly or when you are doing any kind of writing work. For example, when I’m working on writing my books or articles for the magazine I always make sure that I’m facing my personal growth direction.

This direction is the best facing direction for executives and managers when seated at their desks at work.

Personal growth direction is also perfect for students to face.

When you’re practicing your meditations, visualizations, yoga, chanting mantras or affirmations, it’s also good to face your personal growth direction.

Try to enhance your lucky directions and to face them whenever it’s possible.

As you could see from the chart above you also have four unlucky directions. Each of these bad directions brings different kinds of inauspicious luck. Let’s find out what each of these bad directions brings.

Bad Luck Direction

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This is the least bad of the four unlucky directions which brings mild bad luck. It leads to misfortune, accidents, and illnesses. When you’re facing your bad luck direction you are under the risk of being blamed when something goes wrong.

Five Ghosts Direction

fears image

This is the second mildest of the four bad directions. If the main door of your house faces this direction, you could have trouble keeping your employees or working well with others. Your house can suffer from burglary or fire, and your youngest child could get hurt. In addition, five ghosts direction brings troublesome people into your life who will cause a lot of problems.

Six Killings Direction

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This direction can cause grievous harm to your family and to your business. Facing this direction attracts legal problems in business, family members will constantly fall ill and it could even bring death. This direction is called “six killings” because if you face this direction six types of misfortune will befall you (illness, death, loss of wealth, loss of good name, loss of descendants).

Total Loss Direction

Total Loss Direction Image

This is the very worst direction for you! It attracts a total loss. If you are the head of the family and your main door is facing your total loss direction, it can cause death to the entire family and the end of your family name. In addition, you can lose your wealth, and everything in your life will tend to go wrong. Your family members will suffer from regular and persistent health problems. Moreover, it can cause bankruptcy. Avoid this direction at all costs!!

People Compatibility By Kua Number

There are some successful combinations of numbers in Feng Shui. To some extent, this affects marriage.

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If you and your partner have Kua numbers 1 and 6, then your marriage will bring wealth.

Spouses with Kua numbers 2 and 7 have all chances for a very happy life together and harmonious relationship to old age.

People with Kua 3 and 8 will never be bored with each other, they will have a very passionate relationship.

The couple with Kua 4 and 9 will go through life hand in hand, together achieving great fame and true recognition.

There is also another approach to choosing a partner. People from the Eastern group makes sense to create a family with people from their group, and representatives of the Western group – with their own. According to this principle, it is much easier to achieve a common harmonious Feng Shui, since the good directions of the partners will be the same.

However, the Kua number does not indicate the character traits of a person. So in Feng Shui, there is no such thing as the compatibility of people in the Kua number in matters of love, marriage or business relationships!

How To Apply The Knowledge Of Your Kua Number To Your Life?

Kua Numbers door image

First of all, consider such things as the direction of the front door to the house, the entrance to the bedroom and the headboard. These are important things that affect good Feng Shui.

But if you find the headboard facing your personal unfortunate direction, don’t rush to panic!

Personal favorable and unfavorable directions have a cumulative effect. They gain more power only when applied several times.

For example, if the headboard of your bed faces your good direction, while the door to the bedroom also faces a good direction, and in addition, the door to the apartment or house faces your personal good direction – then it is very good, and you get the most benefit.

If the bed is directed in your inauspicious direction, but the door to the bedroom itself looks in a good direction, it smoothes the negative effect, and will not create big trouble.

In general, try to stick to the directions that are good for your Kua number, avoid the bad ones – and then you will notice how your life will start to change for the better!

The Bottom Line

The knowledge about your Kua number reveals many clues you can use increase your good luck and personalize your Feng Shui. This is what makes it such valuable knowledge. Now, knowing your good and bad directions, you can enhance your personal Feng Shui anywhere.