Boost Your Abundance And Business Luck With This Lakshmi Mantra

Lakshmi mantra image

Do you need help with building your business? Do you want abundance, success, happiness, and love? Then you should turn to the Lakshmi mantra!

In this article, I want to talk about Lakshmi, her mantras, and their miraculous power. I will share with you my favorite Lakshmi mantras and give you instructions on how to practice them. With my tips given in this article, you will start attracting abundance, happiness, love, and success, thereby changing your life for the better.

Introduction To The Lakshmi Energy

Eastern culture and philosophy has always attracted attention with a peculiar approach to self-improvement of a person, knowledge of himself and the world around him. In Hinduism, for self-knowledge, a deeper perception of the world and feeling as a part of the Universe people usually read mantras. Lakshmi mantra has a special power of cosmic energy, which brings favorable changes.

Lakshmi, often called Shri, is the eldest wife of Vishnu, one of the triad deities in Hinduism. People turn to this Goddess of abundance in an effort to bring happiness, well-being, wealth, luck, and glory to their lives. The Goddess also represents motherhood, purity of spirit, love and universal balance. Hinduism adherents believe that Lakshmi can help to get rid of a continuous cycle of rebirth.

One of the legends tells about the appearance of Lakshmi from the waters of the pristine ocean, which began to turn into milk. The Goddess appeared to the world on the Lotus flower, which serves as a symbol of wealth and purity. Holding the Lotus flower in her hands, she became the Eternal ruler of all beings.

Lakshmi Images

Often in the images, Lakshmi is a beautiful woman with four hands and large dark eyes. She has golden skin, dressed in a beautiful Sari, sitting on a Lotus pink. The four Lakshmi hands represent her desire to bring such gifts to people as:

In the two hands she usually holds Lotuses, and the lower palms shower the world with golden coins, which symbolize abundance.

Sometimes you can also see Lakshmi images with eight hands or two-handed.

If you see the image of two-handed Lakshmi, then she usually holds a coconut and a Lotus flower in her hands, and she is standing near Vishnu, or sitting on the lap of her husband.

In Buddhist and Hindu temples, there are elephants on Lakshmi images, which symbolize glory and grandeur. These wise animals stand on both sides of the goddess, generously watering her with water from pitchers.

Lakshmi Mantras

Lakshmi mantra helps to get rich spiritually and materially. There are several variations of Lakshmi mantra that you can use for achieving different purposes. Here are my favorite and most powerful Lakshmi Mantras:

1. Om Hreem Shreem Lakshmi Bhyo Namaha

This is the main Lakshmi Mantra. I recommend you to start your Lakshmi mantra practice with this one.

Chanting this mantra brings abundance, and has a positive effect on your finances.

2. Om Lakshmi Vigan Shree Kamala Dharigan Svaha

This Mantra brings prosperity and success.

To fulfill your secret desires, chant this mantra in the morning when you wake up for 30 days in a row.

3. Om Shrim Hrim Klim Maha Lakshmi Namaha

Chanting this Lakshmi mantra will protect you from external negative manifestations on your way to success, and it will bring you confidence in your abilities.

4. Om Shreem Maha Lakshmiyei Namaha

This mantra allows you to purify your karma. This mantra also helps you to focus on business studying and contributes to success in creativity.

5. Om Hreem Kshim Shreem Shri Lakshmi Nrisinhaye Namaha

It is a very powerful mantra for those who need to heal a broken heart and the heart chakra Anahata.

6. Om Hreem Shreem Shreem Shreem Shreem Shreem Shreem Shreem Lakshmi Mam Grahe Dhanam Puraye Puraye Chintaye Duraye Duraye Svaha

This Lakshmi mantra attracts a successful career and business. Read this mantra for a thirty-day period, and watch how your business will go steadily uphill.


In this article, I introduced you with 7 powerful Lakshmi mantras. You should chant each of them for 108 times. Start practicing your Lakshmi mantra chanting with the very first one. Practice it for 30 days (108 times a day). When you feel the effect of its actions, you can practice the next one. This is how, step by step, you can practice all of them. And don’t forget to tell your gratitude to Lakshmi!