Spiritual Narcissist: 8 Signs You Could Be Dealing With One

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Often we associate people who observe their spirituality with a sense of love, compassion and care for humanity. However, did you notice that some spiritual people are quite manipulative and selfish? If you met a person like this you could be dealing with a spiritual narcissist!

Who are spiritual narcissists? What do they do? Should you be cautious when you are near one? And, what are the tell-tale signs that you are interacting with a spiritual narcissist? Check out this quick guide!

Who Is Spiritual Narcissist?

Spiritual narcissists are people who use their devoutness to build themselves, even as they destroy those around them. Such manipulators include moral leaders and their followers who command a lot of respect from the masses. Hence, they take something that you believe in, corrupt it, and justify their awkward behavior.

If you are not conscious of such people, they can cause pain and harm to you as they seek their final goals of self-elevation. Sadly, even ex-victims of spiritual narcissists can turn out to be this way if they do not deal with their past scars completely.

Are Spiritual Narcissists Dangerous?

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Yes, spiritual narcissists are predatory, hence dangerous. They present themselves as these harmless persons ready to help others, only to turn and harm their targets. These people use love to hook you to their beliefs.

They also use spiritual jargon that you can relate to when recruiting their victims. A spiritual narcissist will make you think that you have a special gift or that you are their soul mate when in real sense they are grooming you for the abuse. Therefore, unless you know what to look for, it’s not always easy to spot one.

So How Do Spiritual Narcissists Mask Their Identity?

They Twist Facts to Suit Their Arguments

Have you ever you met someone who always backs his/her desires with only those spiritual facts that suit him/her? Then, you could be dealing with a spiritual narcissist. Such persons will purposely omit those facts that don’t advance their course.

They will also use their spiritual beliefs as an excuse to justify their cruel acts. For example, he/she may deny you the chance to visit your relatives or mix with the outside world, saying that he/she wants you to get closer to a divine being. Therefore, it is always wise to keep yourself informed of all the details of the situation before engaging such people.

They Preach Water and Drink Wine

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A spiritual narcissist’s actions may never match what he/she promotes in public. Specifically, such persons are never warm. For example, he/she may urge you to be peaceful and loving to others but may have a particular person that he/she hates intensely. Despite what he/she hints to believe, he/she will tackle anyone blocking his/her aims.

These people also fear to be seen as weak or wanting before others. Therefore, when pushed to admitting a mistake, they react aggressively with half-truths, never accepting to be in the wrong. Anyone dealing with such a person needs to compare what this person says against what they practices.

They Only Listen in Their Favor

The spiritual narcissist rarely listens to other people’s views. Instead, they want to be loudest in a talk and interrupt others as they talk. In addition, they hear selectively to what is in agreement with their reasoning.

Such people also hate those that oppose their point of view. They will try as much as possible to put you down into submission, even if it means attacking you at a personal level.

Signs You Could Be Dealing with a Spiritual Narcissist

They Have No Empathy

Whereas spiritual narcissists may recognize themselves as empaths, they lack empathy. How can you tell?

Well, such people can be smart and delusional. They know how to manage their image to reflect a sensible, friendly person while carefully hiding their real self. Since they are delusional, they sway the unsuspecting eye.

Still, with time, rumors about sex and corruption, for example, may start to surface. These so-called empaths prove to be responsible for these scandals.

They Always Talk About Their Achievements

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Do you know anyone who can’t have a chat without telling you all about their upcoming book, baby shower, a grand wedding, or other successes? You could be dealing with a spiritual narcissist. They seize every opportunity to promote themselves.

Since these people have a religious form of superiority, they will further tell you how those achievements can benefit you if you follow their commands. The victim ends up in confusion as he/she sees this person with spiritual gifts and talents. They want to show you how superior they are over the rest of the people.

The Hijack Conversations

Usually, spiritual narcissists have a great urge to be on top of conversations. Therefore, anytime they see others chatting, or arguing they may offer to mediate but talk about their ideas instead. Hence, they end up shifting a talk towards themselves as they aim to be the center of the debate.

They Maintain a Circle of Cheerleaders

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Like any other dictator, spiritual narcissists shine amidst people who cheer them on. Hence, they prefer keeping a circle of friends or followers who accept everything they say without challenging it.

Besides, they copy what their leader does. This way, they declare their leader’s actions to possible victims.

Their Spiritual Beliefs Come Second

A spiritual narcissist is a type of a secret narcissist that preys upon the weaknesses of the spiritual seekers. However, despite parodying great regard for a higher being, spiritual narcissists are selfish. They neglect their beliefs and instead carry themselves with pride. Despite the usual thought, these persons are not their brother’s keepers.  


Spiritual people looking for recognition or belonging are easy targets for a spiritual narcissist. Luckily, there are common signs that you can look out for to identify a spiritual narcissist. These characters pretend to be kind, empathic, or considerate. However, with time, they will want to control every aspect of your life. Furthermore, they twist and use spiritual facts to justify their actions. Use this guide to pick out such characters so that you can stay safe.