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Spiritual Narcissist: 8 Signs You Could Be Dealing With One



Spiritual Narcissist Image

Often we associate people who observe their spirituality with a sense of love, compassion and care for humanity. However, did you notice that some spiritual people are quite manipulative and selfish? If you met a person like this you could be dealing with a spiritual narcissist!

Who are spiritual narcissists? What do they do? Should you be cautious when you are near one? And, what are the tell-tale signs that you are interacting with a spiritual narcissist? Check out this quick guide!

Who Is Spiritual Narcissist?

Spiritual narcissists are people who use their devoutness to build themselves, even as they destroy those around them. Such manipulators include moral leaders and their followers who command a lot of respect from the masses. Hence, they take something that you believe in, corrupt it, and justify their awkward behavior.

If you are not conscious of such people, they can cause pain and harm to you as they seek their final goals of self-elevation. Sadly, even ex-victims of spiritual narcissists can turn out to be this way if they do not deal with their past scars completely.

Are Spiritual Narcissists Dangerous?

Narcissistic Abuse Image

Yes, spiritual narcissists are predatory, hence dangerous. They present themselves as these harmless persons ready to help others, only to turn and harm their targets. These people use love to hook you to their beliefs.

They also use spiritual jargon that you can relate to when recruiting their victims. A spiritual narcissist will make you think that you have a special gift or that you are their soul mate when in real sense they are grooming you for the abuse. Therefore, unless you know what to look for, it’s not always easy to spot one.

So How Do Spiritual Narcissists Mask Their Identity?

They Twist Facts to Suit Their Arguments

Have you ever you met someone who always backs his/her desires with only those spiritual facts that suit him/her? Then, you could be dealing with a spiritual narcissist. Such persons will purposely omit those facts that don’t advance their course.

They will also use their spiritual beliefs as an excuse to justify their cruel acts. For example, he/she may deny you the chance to visit your relatives or mix with the outside world, saying that he/she wants you to get closer to a divine being. Therefore, it is always wise to keep yourself informed of all the details of the situation before engaging such people.

They Preach Water and Drink Wine

Narcissists Image

A spiritual narcissist’s actions may never match what he/she promotes in public. Specifically, such persons are never warm. For example, he/she may urge you to be peaceful and loving to others but may have a particular person that he/she hates intensely. Despite what he/she hints to believe, he/she will tackle anyone blocking his/her aims.

These people also fear to be seen as weak or wanting before others. Therefore, when pushed to admitting a mistake, they react aggressively with half-truths, never accepting to be in the wrong. Anyone dealing with such a person needs to compare what this person says against what they practices.

They Only Listen in Their Favor

The spiritual narcissist rarely listens to other people’s views. Instead, they want to be loudest in a talk and interrupt others as they talk. In addition, they hear selectively to what is in agreement with their reasoning.

Such people also hate those that oppose their point of view. They will try as much as possible to put you down into submission, even if it means attacking you at a personal level.

Signs You Could Be Dealing with a Spiritual Narcissist

They Have No Empathy

Whereas spiritual narcissists may recognize themselves as empaths, they lack empathy. How can you tell?

Well, such people can be smart and delusional. They know how to manage their image to reflect a sensible, friendly person while carefully hiding their real self. Since they are delusional, they sway the unsuspecting eye.

Still, with time, rumors about sex and corruption, for example, may start to surface. These so-called empaths prove to be responsible for these scandals.

They Always Talk About Their Achievements

narcissist talk image

Do you know anyone who can’t have a chat without telling you all about their upcoming book, baby shower, a grand wedding, or other successes? You could be dealing with a spiritual narcissist. They seize every opportunity to promote themselves.

Since these people have a religious form of superiority, they will further tell you how those achievements can benefit you if you follow their commands. The victim ends up in confusion as he/she sees this person with spiritual gifts and talents. They want to show you how superior they are over the rest of the people.

The Hijack Conversations

Usually, spiritual narcissists have a great urge to be on top of conversations. Therefore, anytime they see others chatting, or arguing they may offer to mediate but talk about their ideas instead. Hence, they end up shifting a talk towards themselves as they aim to be the center of the debate.

They Maintain a Circle of Cheerleaders

narcissistic leader image

Like any other dictator, spiritual narcissists shine amidst people who cheer them on. Hence, they prefer keeping a circle of friends or followers who accept everything they say without challenging it.

Besides, they copy what their leader does. This way, they declare their leader’s actions to possible victims.

Their Spiritual Beliefs Come Second

A spiritual narcissist is a type of a secret narcissist that preys upon the weaknesses of the spiritual seekers. However, despite parodying great regard for a higher being, spiritual narcissists are selfish. They neglect their beliefs and instead carry themselves with pride. Despite the usual thought, these persons are not their brother’s keepers.  


Spiritual people looking for recognition or belonging are easy targets for a spiritual narcissist. Luckily, there are common signs that you can look out for to identify a spiritual narcissist. These characters pretend to be kind, empathic, or considerate. However, with time, they will want to control every aspect of your life. Furthermore, they twist and use spiritual facts to justify their actions. Use this guide to pick out such characters so that you can stay safe.

Katya Ki is the Founder of SOLANCHA Magazine, a Metaphysical Expert, a Reiki Master, and Human Rights Attorney. She has been studying Eastern metaphysics, cosmology, and esotericism for almost 20 years now. And she's still discovering new knowledge, which is hidden in ancient teachings. During her pilgrimage to the monastery of Saint Catherine in Egypt, she discovered the SOLANCHA System. This is how the SOLANCHA journey started!

Inspirational quotes

60 Manifestation Quotes to Inspire You to Become a Creator Of Your Reality



60 manifestation quotes image

Whether we are aware of it or not we manifest our reality constantly. The frequency of our thoughts that we scroll through in our minds builds the reality that resonates with that frequency. And that reality can be positive and joyful or negative and miserable depending on the vibration of our thoughts. Therefore, it is essential to become more mindful and start choosing your thoughts more carefully. You manifest what you constantly think about! In this article, we want to share with you 60 manifestation quotes that will inspire you to be more mindful of what you’re thinking!

Here it is – our collection of 60 inspirational manifestation quotes!

60 Manifestation Quotes


Manifestation quote Image

“Your whole life is a manifestation of the thoughts that go on in your head.” – Lisa Nichols


“Everything you want is out there waiting for you to ask. Everything you want also wants you. But you have to take action to get it.” – Jack Canfield


“It’s our intention. Our intention is everything. Nothing happens on this planet without it. Not one single thing has ever been accomplished without intention.” – Jim Carrey


“If you can dream it, you can do it.” – Walt Disney


“Think the thought until you believe it, and once you believe it, it is.” – Abraham Hicks


“You manifest what you believe, not what you want.” – Sonia Ricotti


“Thoughts become things. If you see it in your mind, you will hold it in your hand.” – Bob Proctor


Gary Zukav quote Image

“Every intention sets energy into motion, whether you are conscious of it or not.” – Gary Zukav


“What you radiate outward in your thoughts, feelings, mental pictures and words, you attract into your life.” – Catherine Ponder


“To live your greatest life, you must first become a leader within yourself. Take charge of your life, begin attracting and manifesting all that you desire in life.” – Sonia Ricotti


“Your thoughts are the architects of your destiny.” – David McKay


“Every single second is an opportunity to change your life because in any moment you can change the way you feel.” – Rhonda Byrne


“Your mind is a powerful magnet that will attract to you the things you identify yourself with. If you have sad thoughts, you will attract tragedies. If you are a good man, you will attract the company of good people.” – Alfredo Karras


“Ask for what you want and be prepared to get it.” – Maya Angelou


Michael Losier quote Image

“I attract to my life whatever I give my attention, energy, and focus to, whether positive or negative.” – Michael Losier


“Cherish your visions and your dreams as they are the children of your soul, the blueprints of your ultimate achievements.” – Napoleon Hill


“Whether you think you can or can’t, either way, you are right.” – Henry Ford


“Be thankful for what you have, you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never ever have enough.” – Oprah Winfrey


“When you are truly clear about what you want, the whole universe stands on tiptoe waiting to assist you in miraculous and amazing ways to manifest your dream or intention.” – Constance Arnold


“When you visualize, then you materialize. If you’ve been there in the mind, you’ll go there in the body.” – Dr. Denis Waitley


“Eliminate all doubt and replace it with the full expectation that you will receive what you are asking for.” – Rhona Byrne


Brian Tracy manifestation quote image

“You are a living magnet. What you attract into your life is in harmony with your dominant thoughts.” – Brian Tracy


“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.” – Henry David Thoreau


“Fully inhale your dream and completely exhale manifestation of it.” ― T.F. Hodge


“Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.” – Albert Einstein


“Most people are thinking about what they don’t want, and they’re wondering why it shows up over and over again.” – John Assaraf


“Whatever we plant in our subconscious mind and nourish with repetition and emotion will one day become a reality.” – Earl Nightingale


“If you have a dream, keep it. But write it down and take appropriate actions to see it manifest.” ― T.F. Hodge


“It’s really important that you feel good. Because this feeling good is what goes out as a signal into the universe and starts to attract more of itself to you. So the more you can feel good, the more you will attract the things that help you feel good and that will keep bringing you up higher and higher.” – Joe Vitale


James Allen quote image

“A person is only limited by the thoughts that he chooses.” – James Allen


“Making a dream into reality begins with what you have, not with what you are waiting on.” ― T.F. Hodge


“Whatever you hold in your mind on a consistent basis is exactly what you will experience in your life.” – Tony Robbins


“Our thoughts, our feelings, our dreams, our ideas are physical in the universe. That if we dream something, if we picture something, it adds a physical thrust towards realization that we can put into the universe.” – Will Smith


“Everyone visualizes whether he knows it or not. Visualizing is the great secret of success.” – Genevieve Behrend


“Whatever you create in your life you must first create in your imagination.” – Tycho Photiou


“Happy people produce. Bored people consume.” ― Stephen Richards


best manifestation quotes image

“Reality is a projection of your thoughts or the things you habitually think about.” ― Stephen Richards


“What we do internally affects the world around us and the world around us affects our inner world. With this notion, nothing is separate, and our inner and outer worlds are intricately tied to one another.”
― Mat Auryn


“The life you want is a manifestation of self-realization.” – Bryant McGill


“By choosing your thoughts, and by selecting which emotional currents you will release and which you will reinforce, you determine the quality of your Light. You determine the effects that you will have upon others and the nature of the experiences of your life.” – Gary Zukav


“I am in the perfect place, in the perfect time, at the perfect frequency and am worthy to receive”
― Daniel Mangena


“Man, alone, has the power to transform his thoughts into physical reality; man, alone, can dream and make his dreams come true.” – Napoleon Hill


“To bring anything into your life, imagine that it’s already there.” – Richard Bach


quotes on manifesting dreams image

“What surrounds us is what is within us.” ― T.F. Hodge


“Some people believe they are lucky, and in their belief, become so. Others believe that when good things come to them, it was mere chance, but are grateful, just the same. Either way, it is the expectation of those good things that sets the process of mind power in motion.” ― Stephen Richards


“Experiencing life with your whole heart will not only bring more of what you desire but often it will surpass what you could have imagined!” ― Heidi Reagan


“Before you can live anything, in what you are calling physical manifestation – you have to have conjured it in vibrational form. You have to have imagined it before it can become a reality. Everything that you are living here in this physical body, you have imagined the essence of it before you are living it.” – Abraham Hicks


“Our thoughts and prayers have so much power. If people realised this, they would be much more careful where they let their thoughts drift.” ― Donna Goddard


“If you never try, you’ll never know. You are what you manifest.” ― Germany Kent


“Once you begin to change the way you think, you will begin to inspire innovation that will help you to manifest greatness in your life.”
― Germany Kent


inner beauty quote image

“It’s only after you’ve found what you want inside of you that you can find it outside of you.”
― Cory Groshek


“I will see it when I believe it.” — Wayne Dyer


“Your life is the manifestation of your dream; it is an art. And you can change your life any time you aren’t enjoying the dream.” – Don Miguel Ruiz


“Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors for you where there were only walls.” — Joseph Campbell


“The amount of time it takes you to get from where you are to where you want to be is only the amount of time it takes you to change the vibration within you. Instant manifestation could be yours if you could instantly change the vibration.” – Abraham Hicks


”You create your thoughts, your thoughts create your intentions, and your intentions create your reality.” – Wayne Dyer


“Thoughts are causes and conditions are effects.” — Charles Francis Haanel


inspirational manifestation quotes image

“You are the author of your life. If you don’t like how it goes, write it differently.” – Iva Kenaz


“Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it. Begin it now.”
– Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe


“The best way to overcome undesirable or negative thoughts and feelings is to cultivate the positive ones.” — William Walker Atkinson

We hope you are inspired by these manifestation quotes as much as we are!

Please feel free to share our collection of manifestation quotes on your Social media to inspire and motivate others!

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Important Astrological Events In August 2020



Astrological Events In August 2020 Image

After a relaxing July when all attention was focused on rest and recuperation, we move into a new period where our perception of life will change. In this article, I will share with you the important astrological events in August 2020, and give a detailed description of the transits of the planets and recommendations for a harmonious life.

Astrological Events In August 2020

Mercury Transit In Cancer (August 2nd)

Mercury image

The Vedic legend says that Mercury is the offspring of Jupiter and Moon, hence it has the characteristics of both of these planets. Mercury is the key significator of our communication skills, analytical abilities, and intellect. So it is a key planet for Lawyers, sales professionals, artists, and scientists. 

This year, the Mercury transit in Cancer will take place on August 2, 2020, and will remain in this position till August 17th, 2020.

Until August 17th, Mercury as the principle of speech will allow you to feed others with positive emotions through speech and give a sense of security, comfort, and belonging to the community.

This period is favorable for the development of communication skills with family and close friends. Communication is imbued with the qualities of sensuality and care. During this time people’s judgments will be traditional, conservative, and based on received emotions. It is going to be difficult to abstract your mind from emotions.

Recommendations for this period (August 2nd – August 17th):

  • Watch your emotions;
  • Try to perceive situations in life, using logic and objectivity;
  • Do not get stuck in feelings of resentment and sacrifice, and try to find options for the development of your own consciousness;
  • Invest your time in studying and learning foreign languages.

Mars Transit In Aries (August 16th)

Planet Mars Image

Mars as a principle of action in our minds becomes very powerful. In August 2020, it brings a lot of fire energy to our consciousness, so it is important to use this power correctly. Fire is the element that has the power to transform our consciousness. Thanks to the fire element, we can help, save, feed, but we can also burn, injure, and kill. Therefore, this period should be lived consciously and compassionately.

Recommendations for this period:

  • work on overcoming your fears;
  • strive to take a leadership position;
  • take responsibility;
  • do sports and yoga;
  • develop perseverance, determination, and drive;
  • work on developing diplomatic qualities;
  • use the power of Mars for good purposes to realize your desires and ambitions.

Sun Transit In Leo (August 16th)

Cosmic Sun Image

On August 16th the Sun transit in Leo will take place, and it will stay in this position till September 16th 2020.

The sun is a symbol of the soul, the inner center of each person. In the sky, the Sun is the center of the solar system. And this transit of the Sun in Leo is especially important because it will make you think about the purpose of your soul and your life mission.

Recommendations for this period:

  • develop your inner power;
  • learn to take a central position and act with a sense of responsibility to other people;
  • work on developing your unique qualities;
  • learn to value the past because it is the key to today’s resources;
  • develop communication abilities;
  • respect traditions and the law;
  • take care of others;
  • do charity work;
  • pay tithe;
  • take care of your family members and friends;
  • show respect to your deceased relatives, even if you didn’t know them.

In Conclusion

As you can see, there are three important astrological events in August 2020 that need to be considered when planning your month.

We can conclude that the General mood of the month is a call to action. If you have a ready-made plan to implement your ideas, then this is a great time to declare yourself. If you are moving with the flow of life and you do not have outstanding ambitions, show the strength of your personality within your family – take care of your elders, and support the traditions of your ancestors. In general, this is a good time to increase your physical activity, start working out more, practice yoga, and strengthen your spirit.

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Understanding the Emotional Empath and Ways to Cope With This Personality Trait



Emotional empath Image

Are you an emotional empath? Did you know that your vivid look at your surrounding is an asset that the rest of the universe demands? However, unless you learn to be compassionate without being drained, this personality trait will pose a serious challenge to your mental health.

See empaths have their lives revolving around sensitivity to other people’s feelings or the environment. But, unlike other empaths, the emotional empaths face the highest-burden of emotional exhaustion. They will absorb the fears, pains, and anxieties of other people to the point of harming themselves.

So how can you live a healthy lifestyle when you have this personality trait? Let’s discuss your options below.

Who is An Emotional Empath?

An emotional empath is anyone who will pick on the emotions and sorrows of others and own them. This involuntary emotional reaction makes the empath to crave to be with those in a celebratory mood and those in need alike.

For example, they will celebrate a friend’s promotion with such excitement you’d think the management miswrote the name on the promotion letter. And, when the empath has a friend who is grieving the loss of a loved one, they will have an emotional crisis due to this overwhelming and stressful event.

This roller coaster of extreme emotional reactions to others is exhausting.  With time, the emotional empath loses their ability to manage such distressing emotions. What happens next is an emotional burnout that makes the individual indifferent to life. It is the exact opposite of the all caring person they ought to be.

Tell Tale Signs of an Emotional Empath

signs of emotional empaths image

Emotional empaths need to set clear boundaries in their social interactions. It includes picking friends, careers, and home locations that are conducive to their mental health. But, they must also understand who they are and what social interactions are safe for them.

If you suspect that you are an emotional empath, confirm that you are indeed one before devising coping strategies to leading a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle.

Here are the three most common signs of emotional empaths:

#1: Emotions Are Too Contagious

When you smile, laugh, frown, nod, or sigh to mimic the other person’s facial expressions, do you feel like their emotions catch up on you with the least effort from you? For example, when you frown back at someone, does it trigger unexplained sadness in you? That is a typical reaction from an emotional empath.

#2: Inability To Differentiate Their Emotions From Those Of Others

When an emotional empath mimics a smile while in a face-to-face conversation with another, they get happy. Only that the individual can never tell whether this happiness is due to events happening in their life at that moment, or, it is purely an empathy-related response. The same case applies when they see someone crying, and they begin to sob, or someone anxious, and they start feeling uneasy.

#3: Holidays and Memorials Are Some  Of The Worst Days Of the Year

Holidays such as the popular Black Friday bring joy to many shopping lovers. But, for emotional empaths, they would rather have this day scrapped off the calendar.  The shopping experience leaves them frantic, physically drained, and emotionally exhausted. It is the mixed feelings of impatience, frazzle, stress, and worry from shoppers competing to get the best deals that are too much to bear.

The Advantage of Being an Emotional Empath

Jobs for emotional empaths image

Emotional empaths’ extreme empathy is a welcome gift to humanity. When they take up professions like nursing, teaching, or veterinary medicine, fulfilling their job tasks comes naturally to them. The teacher will get a sense of satisfaction knowing they took part in building a child’s career. Likewise, it is fulfilling when empath nurses help a patient to recover from a near-death experience.

Emotional empaths can also express their feelings through art, music, and architecture. They see the beauty in the rather ordinary routines. In turn, they can use their personalities to aid healing in others, restore calm, and give a voice to the voiceless in society.

The Challenges

On the downside, these three common challenges face emotional empaths: 

#1: Easy Targets to Energy Vampires

Emotional empaths are at high risk of emotional exhaustion from narcissists and energy vampires in their social circles. These persons can manipulate the empath’s deep connection with them and use it for their selfish gain.

#2: Negative Emotions are More Contagious

Studies on Emotional Contagion (EC) indicate that we are more drawn to negative emotions than positive ones. And, emotional empaths are no different.

#3: The Emotional Sponge

An emotional empath can never choose what emotion they will absorb next. For as long as the person interacts with the outside world, their emotional wellbeing remains bombarded.

Self-Care Tips for the Emotional Empath

self-care tips for empaths image

Finally, here are some self-care measures that emotional empaths can use: –

#1: Self-Awareness

Self-awareness is about knowing how other people’s emotions are affecting your state of mind. Then, make a conscious effort to surround yourself with positive persons. Likewise, take time to study friends and partners before settling into long term relationships. It will give you time to identify and avoid having unhealthy relationships with narcissists or energy vampires.

Also, pick careers that are conducive to your emotional state. You don’t want to be surrounded by disgruntled coworkers, a noisy work environment, or customers that leave you feeling drained.

#2: Practice Emotional Hygiene

Emotional hygiene involves:

  1. Taking note of the instances when you feel an emotional burnout
  2. Cutting yourself some slack – be compassionate to yourself first
  3. Letting go of a past bad experience
  4. Looking at failure as a learning experience towards success


Controlling and regulating emotions is particularly hard for emotional empaths, more so, when they begin to express feelings for others or an incident. Yet, these persons can take steps to retain their control before they hit an empathy shut down. It is more about appreciating what makes them tick, coming up with adequate boundaries to safeguard themselves, and having coping strategies to get them back to their regular self especially when things get out of hand once in a while. However, for emotional empaths, an emotional burnout is almost inevitable.

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