How To Charge Crystals: 8 Most Effective Ways

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If you constantly use your crystals, you establish a special connection with them, adjusting them to your personal energy. In order to keep your crystals from energy loss and make them effective healing and manifesting tools, you need to periodically charge them. In this article, I want to share with you different ways how to charge crystals!

When To Charge Crystals?

Crystals should be charged during the waxing moon, between the new moon and the full moon. During this time, the natural energy increases in proportion to the moonlight. Before charging your crystal, carry it in your pocket to strengthen the connection between the crystal and your own energy.

Dedication To The Highest Good

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Before you start charging your crystals it’s very important to perform the ceremony of dedication of the crystal to the highest good of all. But before that, it is necessary to cleanse the crystal to purify its energy. To learn more about different ways to cleanse your crystals read my article: “How To Cleanse Crystals: 8 Most Effective Ways”.

How To Perform The Ceremony Of The Dedication?

First of all, clearly state your intention. To do this, hold the crystal in the palm of your right hand. Mentally imagine that the crystal envelops a bright light. Say loudly, “This crystal is used to obtain the highest good. It is filled only with love and light.”

After that, I usually leave the crystal under the rays of the Sun and the Moonlight (if it’s possible). But if you are limited in time, you can immediately go to the second step that is to charge the crystal itself.

#1 How To Charge Crystals With Intention?

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Sitting comfortably, hold the crystal in your right hand. Focus on the energy that you’re giving to the crystals, and direct it into it. Do not forget that your intention should include not only your personal goals but also the highest good of all living beings. Please make sure that you have positive energy and that you are not overwhelmed by feelings of anger and hatred.

You should ask the crystal for permission to work together for the greater good. Concentrate your mind on sending the energy to the crystal and keep sending it until you feel its flow into the crystal. You will feel with your gut when the charging is over; intuition will tell you.

You can also charge the crystal for another person. For example, if your friend is seriously ill, then you can charge the crystal with positive healing energy and give it to your friend. Ask the crystal to bring him/her good health, and then give it to your friend.

#2 How To Charge Crystals With Reiki?

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If you are a Reiki practitioner you can use Reiki to charge your crystals.

To charge your crystals with Reiki, simply hold them between your palms and charge them with Reiki energy. While doing this, focus on the intention you’re putting into your crystal.

You can then pass the crystals to people in need of healing and they can use these crystals for self-healing or wear them as jewelry.

#3 How To Charge Crystals With Sound?

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You can use Tibetan singing bowls sound for activation your crystals’ energy. All you need to do is just to create sound around your crystals. Your crystals will absorb the sound vibrations and will be charged.

#4 How To Charge Crystals With The Four Elements?

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You can charge your crystal with the energy of the four elements: water, fire, air, earth.

To do this, you can take a handful of dirt, a small amount of running water, incense or use the smoke from a lighted match, as well as fire from it.

Pour the dirt on the crystal three times, at the same time saying: “I give you the Power of the earth.”

Then three times sprinkle your crystal with water, saying: “I give you the Power of water.”

Carry the crystal over the smoke three times, saying: “I give you the Power of air.”

Carry your crystal through the fire, saying: “I give you the power of fire.”

After that, take the crystal in your hand and say 3 times: “I align you with myself.” Once everything is done, the crystal can be applied in practice.

#5 How To Charge Crystals With The Moonlight?

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Any crystal can be astrally charged with the Moonlight. Usually, we charge crystals with the Moonlight when we want to increase our psychic abilities and intuition.

Method 1

To do this, say your intention for 3 times and then simply place your crystal under the light of the full Moon. Make sure that your crystal reflects the Moonlight.

Method 2

If it’s possible (depending on the crystal type) you can fill a bowl with water and put it outside so the water can reflect the Moonlight. After that, say your intention for 3 times and then put your crystals into the water for a couple of hours. And then take them out and leave to dry.

#6 How To Charge Crystals With The Sun?

If the type of your crystal allows you to do so then you can charge it with the Solar energy. Usually, we charge crystals with the Solar energy when we need to get help and support in self-confidence, improve our health, increase our motivation and attract success.

To do this, simply say your intention for 3 times and place your crystal on the windowsill or outdoors in the sunshine for a few hours.

#7 How To Charge Crystals For Increasing Inner Power?

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If you want to increase your inner power, get rid of negativity and stress, and ground yourself, then the best way to charge your crystals is by using Earth energy.

To do this, simply say your intention for 3 times and then bury your crystal in the ground for a few hours.

#8 How To Charge Crystals For Increasing Your Communication And Networking Abilities?

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If you want to get support and help in communication, networking, studying, and understanding, then the best way to charge it is to use incense.

To do this, simple fumigate your crystals with incense and saying your intention while doing this.


Once you’ve charged your crystal, keep it out of reach of others. Try using it at least twice a day. The more you use it, the stronger your intention will become. Remember that crystals are very sensitive to the environment and can absorb other people’s negative energy. Therefore, don’t forget to regularly cleanse them. Then they will work at full strength, using their full potential. Treat your crystals with gratitude and love.