15 Amazing Crystals For Luck And Good Fortune

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Luck depends primarily on the internal mood and energy of the person as well as the surrounding environment. Everyone knows that crystals are able to influence our energy and thus help us to attract our desired results. Crystals for luck is a great tool that we can use to improve the quality of our lives. Each crystal has its own unique vibrations and qualities that can enhance the energy of certain areas of our lives.

In this article, we want to share with you 15 of the most powerful crystals for luck you can use to improve your life. Also, we will give you a quick guide on how to choose the right crystal according to your zodiac sign.

#1 Carnelian

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This stone belongs to the Fire element thus it attracts luck with its heat. Carnelian will help bring matters to an end, to successfully complete the projects, to stabilize the flow of money, and to remove dishonest partners from your life.

#2 Garnet

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Garnet will attract good luck indirectly. This crystal increases sexual energy, therefore, it helps in love affairs. By increasing your sexuality, attractiveness, and magnetism for other people it awakens their desire to interact with you. It turns out that you will be more attractive in the eyes of other people and therefore you will build great relationships with them and luck will surely come to you.

#3 Labradorite

Labradorite stone image

It is a beautiful crystal that brings luck, good fortune, synchronicity, and serendipity due to its high vibration.

If you feel like you’re ‘stuck’ in life and need to get things flowing again then you should definitely get this powerful crystal. In addition to other properties, it also brings clarity for making decisions and helps to dispell negativity. Moreover, it protects from making bad decisions.

You can also use Labrodarite as a helpful tool for lucid dreaming. Put a piece of Labradorite under your pillow to help with remembering your dreams.

#4 Citrine

Citrine image

Citrine brings optimism and attracts positive energy. This beautiful crystal helps to attract new connections with other people. It will also help you get out of difficult and confusing situations.

Citrine raises energy, vitality, activates creativity, increases self-esteem and gives confidence.

Moreover, it increases concentration, so it is a reliable assistant in making complex decisions.

Not only does Citrine’s vibration bring wealth and prosperity, but it also teaches us to understand how to attract it. So, if you want to attract money luck to your business, Citrine is a great crystal to choose.

It is believed that the effect of citrine will increase if it is encrusted in a ring and worn on the ring finger of the left hand.

#5 Emerald

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Emerald has the power to re-educate a person, put him/her on the path of truth. It does not like people who are capable of lying. Usually, when such people start wearing emerald it shows their true faces to others very quickly! This crystal reveals the truth, so if you’re going to wear it – be ready for that!

At the same time, emerald can be a great ally and helper in difficult matters. If you are an honest person with good intentions this stone will bring you good luck and harmony.

Emerald dispels melancholy and gives longevity. It is a powerful crystal for boosting your intuition. It is believed that meditation on the emerald gives rise to strength and inspiration.

#6 Chrysolite

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It is a mineral of businessmen and people engaged in the field of finance.

It is recommended to carry it to business meetings, to have it with you during partner negotiations and transactions for large sums.

Chrysolite will not only help successful people but also those who are experiencing material difficulties and have already given up. If you make this stone your talisman, cash flow will be opened up for you and your business will grow.

#7 Chrysoprase

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This is a very powerful crystal that brings good luck even in the most difficult situations.

It is a well-known fact that Alexander the Great always carried chrysoprase stone with him in battles.

Always pay attention to chrysoprase’s color! If you are in danger, the mineral darkens noticeably. In such cases, feel free to cancel the meeting or wait for the investment injections. It warns you that there is a danger.

It is recommended to wear chrysoprase in the form of a ring, jewelry made of beads, pendants, and bracelets.

#8 Jade

Jade Image

The Chinese consider this stone sacred. According to mages, it helps not only to raise money but also attracts radical changes for the better.

The owners of the talismans with jade stone discover new qualities of their personalities.

Jade helps to attract good events and situations and make life joyful.

A person who carries a jade talisman feels confident even in difficult moments of life.

Moreover, Jade attracts new successful relationships in personal life and business.

#9 Rhodonite

Rhodonite image

This powerful stone awakens hidden potential, sharpens intuition, activates vitality. It facilitates the cash flows on the subtle planes.

The owner of the talisman with rhodonite often receives favorable offers from partners, has a high chance to win the lottery, and to receive a rich inheritance.

#10 Chrysoberyl

Chrysoberyl image

This is one of the most powerful money crystals. It attracts wealth to those who are engaged in trade and other commercial activities.

Chrysoberyl helps its owner to predict danger and protects him/her from troubles connected with material losses. At the same time, with the help of chrysoberyl, cash flows get adjusted on subtle plans. Thus it becomes easy to attract wealth and prosperity.

#11 Malachite

Malachite Image

Malachite is a powerful crystal for attracting luck and good fortune.

Moreover, Malachite protects from misfortune, which is just as important as good luck!

This beautiful green crystal brings success to the business, attracts fame, prosperity, wealth, abundance, and the right people to you.

If you’re going to job interviews make sure to take a piece of malachite with you. It will increase your chances of success!

#12 Green Aventurine

Aventurine image

Green Aventurine is also called ‘a stone of opportunity’. It is one of the luckiest crystals. It is very popular among people who like gambling due to its ‘winning’ energy. It’s not surprising at all since its name came from the Latin ‘Avetura’ which means ‘chance’.

This powerful crystal attracts wealth, good fortune, and luck, as well as stabilizing financial situations.

If you want to boost your finances or good fortune in new ventures, Green Aventurine is the crystal for you.

#13 Amazonite

amazonite image

This crystal will help your dreams come true and bring good fortune to any financial venture.

Amazonite gives courage in achieving your goals and empowers you to make your dreams come true.

#14 Moldavite

This beautiful stone has been used since the Stone Age as a spiritual talisman for good luck, fertility, and protection. It has an extremely high vibration that opens and cleanses all chakras whilst attracting abundance, luck, and good fortune.

#15 Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz Double Heart Image

If you are looking for a crystal that can attract luck in your love life or want to improve the existing relationship, then Rose Quartz crystal should be a great choice.

This beautiful crystal is associated with Venus and has high energetic vibration that attracts love and romantic relationship.

Crystals For Luck Depending on Your Zodiac Sign


For Aries, it is recommended to wear bracelets made of diamonds, rubies, and garnet, which should be worn on the left wrist.


The best crystals for luck for Tauruses are emerald, turquoise, and sapphire. Wear them in any tint variations and any pieces of jewelry.


For Geminis, it is recommended to wear jewelry made of aquamarine and agate.


Moonstone and pearls of any color, framed with silver, will help Cancers attract money luck.


For Leos, astrologers recommend any natural stones of yellow color, as well as ruby and diamonds.


Jade rings are the best luck activator for Virgos.


Rings with natural lapis lazuli will help Libras to attract luck and good fortune.


Coral and malachite will attract luck to Scorpios.


The best crystals for wealth luck for Sagittariuses are chrysolite, topaz, and amethyst.


Malachite, onyx, and ruby will help Capricorns to activate luck and attract good fortune.


For Aquarius, astrologers recommend wearing jewelry with garnet to attract good luck.


Amethyst and pink pearls are the best good luck activators for Pisces.

The Bottom Line

Crystals for luck is a wonderful tool to bring more luck into your life. Use our recommendations when making a decision on what crystal to get. But also don’t forget to listen to your intuition. If you feel like a certain crystal is ‘calling’ you then that should be your choice.